Data is the New Gold: Welcome to the Age of the
Digital Data Rush.

We live in times where data has become a priceless resource that gives you valuable insights into your business. Provided you have the right tools. Data analytics solutions from NetApp are powerful tools for turning your data collections into true treasure troves.

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Data, Data, Data. With the digital transformation becoming increasingly important, data is a key factor in determining the success of your company.

Companies who are able to recognize changes and trends early on and adapt accordingly will achieve long-term success in the digital transformation shift. Data management platforms help you optimize your data in the cloud or your own data center.

Our new whitepaper explains how you can take advantage of your data and ensure your company’s success with Data Analytics.

Use data management to gain insight collected by different devices

Data Management

The key for every successful IoT project is a holistic data concept. This is also confirmed by 81% of the participants of a recent IDC study. Through a reliable data management system you can get valuable insights into your business – internally and externally.

The Challenge

Make Decisions Faster or with More Forethought? How About Both?

Essential for decision-makers. Profitable for IT.

No business decisions without prior analysis. And no analysis without the corresponding basis of data. Use the power of NetApp data analytics solutions to optimally prepare for strategic company decisions – faster, more reliably and with greater confidence.

The systematic evaluation of sales history, complaints and service requests alone can deliver powerful information to sustainably optimize existing processes and offers. And that is just the beginning. The more details you know about customer desires, market forces and trends, the greater your competitive advantage. We can help! With a data management platform that is profitable for everyone.

Essential for decision-makers. Profitable for IT.

Do you know that situation? Colleagues from different departments need a solution – preferably yesterday. And if your IT department cannot deliver fast enough, your colleagues simply pull the needed software or resource from the cloud. The result: The importance of the IT department is decreasing.

Today numerous projects involving digital transformations are initiated by departments like sales or marketing, very often without the awareness of the IT department. With platforms for data management that are useful throughout the company, the IT department is winning back its status as a strategic driver of innovation.

The flow of data in the Internet of Things (IoT)


Data is key for every IoT project. With the help of data, critical decisions are made, new services are developed, existing processes optimized and so much more.

With more than 25 years of experience in data management, NetApp has developed its own five-phase model that visualizes the flow of data in IoT projects and solves special challenges of data management. The phases are defined as collect, transport, store, analyze and archive. This concept is the foundation of Data Fabric, the data management strategy developed by NetApp.



As the name suggests, this is the step of data collection from various sources. The collected data is either already transportable or can be made transportable with retrofitting-mechanisms. Within this step, we also use methods like ‘Rapid Reaction’ or ‘Fog Data Services’.



This is the step of the secure and reliable transport of data for example from the shop to the data center. Switching, Routing, Wireless, and Firewall Technologies are only a few of the many aspects that need to be considered here. Furthermore the selection of the right protocol that matches individual requirements (for example MQTT) is an important factor within this step.



Here we are talking about the storage of your data depending on specific use cases and on the basis of various technologies. Choose between classical storage methods for structured data and new storage concepts for high-capacity, unstructured data. NoSQL and Hadoop are only two of the many possibilities that fall into new storage concepts.



Analyze includes the prognostic analyses of data – for example with SAP HANA, SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics or Hadoop – as well as the connection of the outcome with the ERP system. Within this step high capacity and performance are absolutely crucial. Converged Infrastructures like FlexPod from NetApp and Cisco deliver both, modularly and without any risk.



Archive stands for cost efficient, long term archiving of data. Essential component is the rule-based, automatic data-classification. Alongside tiering it enables an automatic deletion of data after expiry of the legal retention time. The outsourcing of data, for example in a Cloud, is also part of this step.


As Individual as Your Industry: Data Analytics Solutions in Practice

Practical examples

Regardless of your company’s industry, data analytics generates valuable competitive advantages throughout all areas of your operations. Normally all data you need already exists. It just needs to be properly analyzed; product and service innovation can follow.

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Together with our partners, we can develop very customized solutions for your data needs and guide you through the 5 phases of data flow. NetApp is a market leader in software defined storage, Flash, converged infrastructure, public and private cloud.

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