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Welcome to the 2001 Group Website

The 2001 Group is an inter-university postgraduate community in French Studies in the South and the Midlands. It provides a forum for collaborative work, in-house publishing, ideas and teaching exchange for research students and staff in French Studies. In addition, we host the University Teaching Database.

"The 2001 Group is now Reseau-F. Publications of the 2001 Group are still available on this site, but for all materials from 2012 onwards, please go to: Reseau-F"


2001 Group News: January, 2011


The proceedings of our last study day at Warwick in 2010, Histoire(s), have just been published in Issue 5 of the 2001 Group e-journal (see Publications). Also included are two papers from the study day at QMUL in 2009 on the topic of Environnement







The 2001 Group Website contains details of our activities, Study Day programmes, past publications, and resources for postgraduate students. Please follow the links below or on the left of your screen for further details.



  • Click here to view the contents of our French Studies e-journal and details of other in-house publications.


  • Click here to access our pages on research methods for postgraduates.




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