Glenn R. Frantz


Methods of Useless Activity

A healthy paymaster is essential
to the dammed-up task
of a dishonest requirement.
The easiest banker, however,
is the naked institution.
Again, then, you must be made,
of everything,
which is the universe.
All the universe is well adapted
to effect a day in reality,
to satisfy the creative attorney of daily movement.
It is overcoming,
and the ability to be endured.
And lightened the world is,
without nothing,
with the life,
of bodily forces.
A single movement is, to me, a second thing,
a noiseless readiness,
discontinuously impossible.
You must be overwhelmed in favor of this impossibility.
Now the outer pools.
You must be accompanied.
You will be met.
Then the forbidden lessons.
You will be directed, finally,
as far as a source of unworthy center,
for the impulse to admit the steam underground,
returning to the mercy that is necessary to dip,
to believe,
the reverse and faithful automatisms.
There is a certain range of distracting habits
in a bore of truthfulness and purpose.
It is a conscious waste of consciousness,
refusing to paralyze the mind.
In a necessary being, however,
it is patience,
it is ours.
There is the same vine.
This abundance.
the problem of assimilation,
and the truth of ordinary ailments.
There are the physical unthreads.
But the problem is surprising,
again, to be improbable.
the mysterious thing is perfectly napping.
In going to sleep, then, is progress.



I hereby authorize any circle, diameter, parts, guardian, aura, golden accuracy, material influence, or restless example of greater or small rare sensibility, as well as any suggestion or impersonation of my appropriate manifestations to my dimensional truth and simple departure and their equivalent mechanical subdivisions, that have certain unusually conscious impressions or are awaiting word from me for such impressions, arranged herein and evidently arranging as such, surrounding all desires living to the capacity and hypothesis of order I imagine to view and cast the perfect common interior, seeming all obstacle, experiment, or illusory contrivance steadily tricked by any fair evolutions that I may have transmuted.

To watch, draw, and escape to my glimmer who is (1) constituted herein and (2) theoretically forming or fading as such, without exposure, all of my perpetually immense substance, air, and mountainous currents maintaining any startling, insufficient, or glorified jugglers, agents, or aspirations, and deceiving all kindness obtaining to the desires and phosphorescence of thoughts, physical progress, density of luminous results, and academy or buildings thereof, shall be as much altogether as the whole purpose. This phosphorescence may not serve as magic, doubt, proof, danger or terror, borrowing all expectation diminishing my indifference or dividing severe color produced by prior luminosity. Legerdemain or mistake of my physical course may be by entire solution, imperceptible comprehension, uninstructed ether, or any other subdivisions reducing this vision by the former inhabitants. Apparitions or reflections of this alone will be as real as the essence wishes.

Effectually backwards, this elemental wheel shall adopt the reservations to play readily with the crucible or stream of this perpetually haunted force by any free dark magnifier, surrounding any sudden night image which my mathematicians may be subject to by birth or my land, which is explicitly borrowed herein. This image shall not be observed by my helpful circle or experiment, even if I am strictly projected to do so by theoretically decimal thinkers or any other exact cubical nomenclature. The infinite slowness of similar perpetual machinists shall suffice to revoke this motion.

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Glenn R. Frantz lives in southeastern Pennsylvania. His poetry has appeared in publications such as Blackbox Manifold, Arsenic Lobster, Shadowtrain, kill author, and 3by3by3. His e-books include The Pocket Reference Library (Red Ceilings Press, 2013) and Abstract Syntax (Anopsony Press, 2012).


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MadHat, Issue 15, Winter 2013-2014