Cane Swords / Griefhounds – Split

July 11, 2011

Cane Swords / Griefhound – Split

Let me begin by saying that, if it’s a tape released by Northeastern Ohio-masterminds Rubber City Noise, then it has already got my fullest recommendation and support. With the few releases that they have delivered this year, RCN has displayed such an intense care for aesthetic, design, packaging, and production that it seems downright antagonistic not to support them. Now, following last month’s excellent Black Unicorn tape, RCN has shifted their sights from the deep sea to outer space on this time-warping split between synth demons Cane Swords and swamp sludgers Griefhounds. Needless to say, both sides are absolutely mental and totally captivating. It’s powerful and crucial stuff and just another reason why Rubber City Noise is killing it in 2011.

Cane Swords / Griefhounds – “Split (album preview)”



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