Today we are pleased to announce the release of Cnchi v0.10 as the new stable version of our installer. As always, we put great effort into squashing bugs and improving code quality. One other area of focus during this development cycle was making Cnchi more reliable. To that end, Cnchi’s download module received what basically amounts to a total rewrite.

Previously, Cnchi did not detect errors until after all packages had been downloaded. That meant (depending on your connection speed) you could potentially wait an hour, two, or more just to find out that Cnchi can’t continue. Obviously, that sucks; which is why Cnchi now detects errors with downloads as they occur and will immediately let the user know if the installation cannot be completed.

Another notable change is better error detection and tracking thanks to Bugsnag. Anytime Cnchi encounters an error (whether it’s fatal or not), it will send an incident report to Bugsnag. This will allow us to respond to problems much more quickly than we could have ever done with prior versions. Just in case you are wondering, no personal and/or otherwise user identifiable information is included in the reports that Cnchi sends to Bugsnag. We respect your privacy 🙂

Before I get to the stats, I wanted to give special thanks to the following individuals for their contributions during this development cycle:

  • Ramon Buldó
  • Dušan Kazik
  • Wyn

Without further ado, here are the stats:

Days of Development


Files Changed

Amazing Installer

See this post for a complete list of changes in v0.10.

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