UPDATE: 6/25/18
THeyre at it again. They killed poor Old Lycos exactly like they killed Old Yeller, except in this case they gave him the rabies on purpose.

Now the new email will be BOGO47000@YAHOO.COM because this time it will be 1000 times more powerful and IMMUNE TO RABIES FOR GOOD!

UPDATE: 1/19/16
Supposedly it's another 10th anniversary of somthingorother.

And being that we're celebrating 10 years of no content this update shall therefore contain no content. Yay.

Hmm, no, still not insulting enough. Here's another stick figure camel.

UPDATE: 3/25/15

More Lyle updates? isn't everyone sick of those? Too bad. LYLE 1.11.

Now that Lyle has fancy scanlines he can finally be beautiful. You'd think every indie dev would add this to their games but they're probably busy with nonsense such as "developing new games" or something silly like that.

In addition, Lyle now avaliable w/ full Russian translation by Xitilon.HD408 and SaintHeiser.

In extra addisions you can now download the source file if you want to make a mod or see how indie games was done in 2005.

May as well throw in the rest of the old schoolwork too:
1998 1999 pt1 1999 pt2 2000 2001-2002