We Offer Comprehensive Foreign Manpower Recruiting & Staffing Services for Our Clients from Overseas. Manpower Agency in Sri Lanka Approved by Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (License No. 901). Established in the Year 1993.

We present you unmatched manpower and staffing solutions from Sri Lanka, a unique employment agency. We are adept in understanding your needs to which our recruitment strategies are customized to offer you a personalized service.


An Award Winning Foreign Employment Agency from Sri Lanka.

We work towards engaging, spotting and discovering talents that’s going to take your business to the next level, the people who are going to make significant contributions to your organization in terms of growth, culture and reliability.

Customized recruitment strategies of ours has hugely contributed towards many successful recruitment campaigns of our clients, as we believe that our clients differs from each other in their respective sector, industry, region and culture; and hence our recruitment generalists and consultants are at work to create that perfect-fit recruitment drive to spot right-fit people for your organization.

We source top talents from a large pool of candidates and evaluate their suitability and the ability to settle in with their job as well as their ability to integrate with the company’s culture and traditions hence minimizing the factors that may negatively affect their performance.

You Deserve the Best Manpower Agency

We provide you with endless possibilities and unique, yet highly successful recruitment solutions. We are professionals in eliminating guess work; we select the right person for the right position. We look for the drive, synergy and beliefs in the right people in addition to their education, skills and experience. We look for the determination to succeed in them.

We are your talent scouts, we are going to spot the talents and present them to you. Leave the talent scouting to the professionals. We are going to provide you with endless possibilities for successful recruitment.

If you are in search of Recruitment Companies in Sri Lanka for successful sourcing & recruitment, look no further. Reach to us now! 

Trusted Clientele Built around 25 Years of Reliability, Honesty & Integrity.

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An Award Winning Manpower Recruitment & Staffing Agency in Sri Lanka | Established in 1993 | License #901.
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