The Biotex Group

The Biotex is a fast growing international Lab and Research center, founded in  the year 2000 with extraordinary potential, for the exploration of diseases and development of therapies, that may change the life and  future of many suffering people.

Our lab research and treatment policies and procedures have centered on international standards of philosophy and ethics, with excellent dependable service designed to meet the needs of the individual care and treatment. This unique personalized approach makes it easy for individual consultation, interpretation, deep analysis, education and selection of apt treatment, which are not readily available through other large commercial establishments.

The Experts from Biotex Groups participate in extensive International meetings and conferences, to update and maintain the  proficiency and quality in researches and laboratory dealings. This will provide valuable educational information regarding the developments, applications, and ethical issues surrounding new theories and inventions

The Mission of team Biotex is to explore, understand, and translate the promise of new theories and developments into effective clinical therapies and treatments.

With the electric movements in investigations and exploration of the diseases and its solutions, the Biotex Group is on the accelerated journey to become the leader in the lab management and medical research.


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