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Antergos is free to use so it doesn’t generate any revenue nor does it have any sort of direct income. The entire project is funded by donations. Antergos receives donations from its users and other members of the open source community.

How are donated funds used?

Donated funds are used to finance the needs of the project including, but not limited to, hosting/server costs, equipment,  and funding the work of the people behind it. You can donate any amount you want. The team behind Antergos will appreciate all donations as they will help bring this wonderful project to the same level of quality as that of the much larger, top-tier projects.

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Elegant Themes

If you are in the market for WordPress themes and/or plugins, there’s no better value than an Elegant Themes Membership! If you use one of the following links to become an ET Member, a percentage of your purchase will be given to Antergos.

SAVE 10% on the Elegant Themes Lifetime Plan
SAVE 10% on the Elegant Themes Developer Plan
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Step up from shared hosting into your own VPS from Linode. Antergos receives a spiff for referrals once the account has been active for 90 days.

VPS Plans start at $5/mo. Get yours today!

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