C++ ABI Rebuild

All packages which provide any C++ binaries have been switched over to the new ABI. While the old C++ ABI is still available, it is recommended that you rebuild all non-repo C++ packages (those you have installed from the AUR) so that they will have the new ABI.

Attn Cinnamon Users

Due to a packaging change in python2-pexpect-4.0.1-1, Cinnamon’s Settings Panel will not run. The issue can be resolved by installing python2-ptyprocess. The new dependency will be installed automatically once the cinnamon package is updated, so no action is required unless you don’t want to wait for the cinnamon package to be updated.

Attention Cinnamon Users!

GNOME 3.16 was released in Extra earlier today. If you have not installed the updates already, please hold off on doing so until further notice.  If you have already installed the updates you can try the following to resolve it. 1. Downgrade **clutter** and...

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