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Welcome to the Jungle Book Collection.

These pages will show part of the large collection of items based on stories of "The Jungle Books". Not to sell them, but to give an overview of what is made in all the years since Rudyard Kipling wrote his original stories.
With every item there is a small picture and a brief description and (when available) a link to the place where I found it on the Internet. Most of the time you can find larger images and more information about the object when you follow that link.
Extra information, suggestions and corrections are very welcome.

Rudyard Kipling   Junglebook Movie 1942   Jungle Book Movie 1967
1894Rudyard Kipling published "The Jungle Book",
1895Rudyard Kipling published "The Second Jungle Book",
1942Alexander Korda directed the film "The Jungle Book",
1967(October 18) Disney released their 19th Animated Masterpiece "The Jungle Book",
2000(May 21) Marc started these pages :)
2016(January 31) Last changes.

I like to thank Alta Vista, Google, Yahoo and eBay for helping me to find all these things on the Internet, Lee M. for all the information and scans he did send to me, Giros Vaulanis for helping me to translate information from Russian, and my family and friends for all their support.

Random items...

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Last update: Sunday January 31, 2016