Spined soldier bug: Podisus maculiventris. A predatory and beneficial stink bug.Spined soldier bug: Podisus maculiventris, a predatory and beneficial stink bug. (Photo Marlin E. Rice)

This website is primarily concerned with pests and pest complexes in soybean and their management. In this website we are focused on soybean insect pests of the north central region of the United States. Chiefly we are interested in insects and their role in the pest-host-environment interaction and how these interactions can be managed for the benefit of soybean growers. Our goal is to provide detailed information in a concise and easy-to-use package. This website will continue to evolve as more information is added.

How to use this website
The menu on the left under the heading, "Browse pest by:" is to help guide you through this website. Point and click on a menu item to explore it further. Additionally, an index will appear above as you navigate through the site to help guide you. Browsing by soybean growth stage or injury type will take you to a collection of interactive "fact books" for pests that are relevant for the selected growth stage or injury. Alternatively, you can browse by insect common name or scientific name.

Important terms are linked to a glossary. These terms are indicated by a green font and underline (e.g., frons). Placing your cursor over the highlighted term reveals the term's definition. Additionally, clicking on the term takes you to the glossary page.

Literature is cited where appropriate and is linked to a "References" page. The references are listed in a table with column headings of "Year", "Author", "Title", and "Keywords". Clicking on a column heading will sort the glossary (in ascending or descending order) by that column.

This website was created by Jeff Bradshaw, Erin Hodgson, Marlin Rice, John VanDyk, and Derek Adams<.

This website was partially supported with funding from the North Central IPM Center.