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Areas of Practice

Family Law

One of the most trying events in a personís life can be a divorce or an issue with parental rights and responsibilities.

We bring experience, knowledge and understanding, coupled with the support you need during this difficult time, and use these tools to provide you with high quality, effective representation where your interests are always our top priority.

From the decision to file for divorce through a final hearing, we will assist you with establishing parental rights and responsibilities (if applicable), alimony, debt allocation, property division and understanding your responsibilities, obligations and rights under your decree.

We also offer assistance with domestic violence restraining orders, which unfortunately, all too often precede or accompany the filing for divorce or the termination of a relationship.

We will provide you with aggressive and fair representation in all aspects of family law.

Criminal Defense

It is never anyoneís intention to commit a criminal offense or serious motor vehicle violation (i.e. DWI) and land themselves in the middle of the legal system with no understanding of the process. The unfortunate reality is that good people make bad decisions and need assistance in dealing with the fallout from those decisions. We offer competent assistance from the time of arrest through disposition of your matter in motor vehicle violations, misdemeanors and felony level offenses.


It sometimes becomes necessary to intervene and become the legal guardian of a child that is not your own, whether the child is a grandchild, a niece or nephew, a neighborís child or a friendís child. If a child is in jeopardy of harm and/or is not being properly cared for, the Probate Courts of New Hampshire in certain circumstances will allow you to petition to become a legal guardian giving you all of the rights and responsibilities of a parent to ensure a childís safety and well-being.

We will help you through the process, beginning with the filing of the petition, attendance at hearings, filing required reports (updates to the Court), establishing visitation with birth parents, if possible, and if applicable, the appointment of a Guardian ad Litem to assist in scheduling visitation and determining if the parent(s) are willing and/or able to parent their children.

If you are looking to adopt a child, or petition for the termination of a birth parentís parental rights, we will help you with that too. We have experience in all facets of probate law as it relates to families and/or children.


Personal Injury

Meet with us and get the information that you need right from the beginning in a FREE consultation. Don't let the insurance companies confuse and bully you. We are available when it's convenient for you. We even have evening and weekend appointments available.

When an injury occurs and its not by any fault of your own, things can become difficult and expensive very quickly. With the help of a properly trained attorney the stresses, confusion and expenses of a serious injury can be dealt with swiftly and effectively.

We can help you to deal with damage to your vehicle and personal property, medical bills, loss of wages and other debts that build up due to unexpected injury. These matters require swift action and aggressive steps.

Don't let the insurance companies highly trained lawyers take advantage of your losses due to someone else's careless behavior. We can help get the money that you deserve, quickly and in a friendly, comfortable environment.