WordPress has become addicted to more, more, MORE—and users pay the price for this largesse! (Free software, eh?)

So many of us are out here on the fringes, just tryin' to simplify things.

But WordPress keeps pushing us all in the other, more complicated direction.


I don't like it. Let's talk about it.

WordPress, WordCamps, and the GPL (with a side of Gutenberg):

Is Gutenberg violating a fundamental principle of good system design?

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Let’s talk about WordPress, WordCamps, the GPL, and Gutenberg...

By now, you probably know Thesis has included Golden Ratio Typography since 2013—that's why your text looks so darn good!

Here's the deal, though:

We know you don't use Thesis for EVERY project...


But you also gotta have that GRT goodness...

So whaddya do?

Friends, you open up the all-new Golden Ratio Typography Calculator and let 'er rip.

• SEE your text formatting before adding it to your project

• APPLY GRT in one step by copying the *responsive GRT CSS loadout* to your CSS workflow

Stop reinventing the wheel on each project. Use the GRT Calculator and never write CSS for text formatting ever again!

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Chris Pearson

Some of you may recall my original Golden Ratio Typography Calculator, which I released in late 2011.

Until now, most people have not been able to use GRT effec...tively unless they were also using Thesis, my Theme software for WordPress.

But today, all of that changes with the release of the all-new Golden Ratio Typography Calculator!

YOU can use the Golden Ratio Typography Calculator as the basis for ALL your designs. They don't have to run on Thesis or even on WordPress.

Simply copy the responsive GRT CSS loadout and paste it into your CSS. Leave the heavy lifting to the Calculator, and never write text formatting CSS again!

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I’ve been blown away by the quality and performance of the Thesis + Focus environment. I encourage p...eople to take a good look at what Chris is doing.

And so (& I earn nothing from this) I am happy to pay the $100 / year for his engineered and aesthetically pleasing solution to web complexities.
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