Your new favorite Linux distribution awaits. Are you ready?

Antergos is available to everyone for free. You can download it and make as many copies as you want. All you have to do is download the iso image, burn it on a CD/DVD or write it to a USB, and enjoy.

The Live Install Image allows you to try a fully functional Antergos environment without making any changes to the current state of your system. When you are ready, you can create a permanent place for Antergos on your system using our GUI installer. You can install Antergos along side your existing operating system(s) or on its own, you decide.

Antergos Installation Media

Choose the image that’s right for you!

Antergos Live ISO

^Our default install media.
^A fully functional GNOME Live Desktop Environment.
^Test drive Antergos without making any changes to your system.

Antergos Minimal ISO

^Smaller file size saves bandwidth and improves download time.
^Great for slow connections.
^Best option for older, less powerful hardware.

Both Install Images Include:

Easy to Use GUI Installer

Desktops To Choose From


What You Need To Know:

The recommended method of running the installation media is to create bootable USB media. You can view detailed instructions on how to create a bootable USB drive that is compatible with our installation images on our Wiki (linked below).

If you are not familiar with Arch Linux based install media, we urge you to review the wiki article to ensure you do not experience any problems.

HOW TO: Create a working Live USB

After reviewing the wiki, you can access the download links using the tabs  above.

Antergos Live ISO

Download ISO Download Torrent
File Details

Antergos Minimal ISO

Download ISO Download Torrent
File Details

Antergos Testing Images

We periodically generate images for development and testing purposes. These images will contain the latest package versions and the latest Cnchi Installer code from our development repo. Feel free to check them out if you like. Just keep in mind that these images are not intended for production use as there will be breakage from time to time during periods of active development.

Access Build Server

Antergos Community Editions

UNOFFICIAL editions, built by our users and not by the Antergos Team.

Antergos Community Editions

Download Tip

If everyone who downloaded Antergos donated $2, it would fund the full-time development and maintenance of the project. Please give us a tip and help Antergos flourish!

If you’d like to become an Antergos partner please contact us.

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