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Yep DA banned me for daring to speak out against ANTIFA, Islam and AOC's bullshit of Concentration Camps on the border, yeah really.

I am thankful they did this because this confirms everything i knew about Deviant Art in the last few years, it has become a Leftist shithole much like Tumblr.

Here's proof of Deviant Art banning me for wrong think.



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Yeah the Admins banned my comment calling out Islam, yeah totally not biased amrite?


Would result in so much butthurt that the admins themselves banned me for wrong think because i trampled on their three sacred cows, ANTIFA, AOC supporters and Islam.



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Literally, in 2 weeks, my inbox was spammed with almost a pageful of flagging and spamming from salty SJW faggots who couldn't handle my criticisms of Islam and ANTIFA as well as AOC so they conspired to fuck my channel and get me banned.

They literally flood the page of my notes with mass flagging which lead to my suspension from DA for a week and evenutally the bann from DA you see here.



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But tha'ts not the part that really bothers me, the part that bothers me is how DA has literally erased me from exisetence with only a handful of accounts and comments remaining. Literally out of the hundreds of journals i've made,  none exist anymore and out of the many things i've commented on, i only have 20 results when you search my name.

Unsuprisingly everything in my Devations was nuked from existence with nothing surrrviing as expetected from a ban, however all my jorunals were Thanos snapped from existence as well

Thank goodness i backed them up before hand.

Anyways  it's one thing for DA to balatantly censor my journals., it's another to have  DA ltierally engage in outright auhtoririzaiton remvoal of my entire progress on the site.

thankfully they suck at running their site, Ironically i can access stash more easily thank when i wasn't banned, i still can't post anything to be frank


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But my shit is still all backed up thanks to idiot admins,despite their attempts to censor me entirely.


But here's some edivence they banned me for wrongthink on DA  as More proof DA banned me for wrognthink, they cesnored comments i made on LordCamelot   regarding sony and SJW censorship.


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Hell even comments calling out the Far Right directly have been set to spam.



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They banned my comment talking about Boruto, guess admins love Boruto or are they salty and petty that they banned me compeltely because they can't handle critcism



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Yeah even on banned account s like Fu Rieji, my comments are censored

I really must've pisssed off the admins big time to get them this butthurt



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Could it be that i straight up called them out on censorsing my Journal commenting on Empirograce's ban from DA for WrongthinkWhile straight up covering up Pedophiles  and not banning their accounts while banning crtics of Pedophiles?



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Coudl it be i criticized  Ecilpse being 1984 stryle censorship proven when just merely commenting and attempting to make a jounral targeting DA's hypocrisy and Admins, they shut down my Stash acess one hour later?

Funny how DA proved me right that they've sold the fuck out and become MoralFag Art because that's exactly what they've been for the last few years, banning people for wrongthink rather than breaking the TOS!



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Now  DA has scrubbed my entire history, all my journals and even most of my comments away from history.  Deviant Art is literally scared of people calling out their shittty Eclipse changes 



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Literally the reason SJW's banned me and got me banned was because i dare make a joke about AOC


You know the same Neo Liberal Larping as a Socalist who endorses the Estbalshiment while trashing the same Estbalhsiment and says retarded shit and is bascially one giant Right Wing Campagin Ad?



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Yet merely crictzing her and her stupid insulting words is enough to get DA  to close and hide comments of my calcuaitons, because Math is too hard for an average leftist.



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Hell even post having nothing to do with poltics such as this one with Yamamoto vs  B.




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Or  Erza blocking bullets .  Has completely scrubbed my comments from existence because i dare to have a different opinon on ANTIFA,Immrgiration and Islam from the DA Admins.



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Or  comments about Irene younger was scrubbed from the interent as well, i guess commenting on Strong Indepedent women is wrongthink according to DA.




Yet defending Islamic countries oppresion of women is totally woke.

Only a few posts i made surrived the purge



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For example this one  commenting on the latest Fairy Tail episode.


LOL i can actually put things ins tash despite being banned


I put freaking porn here my bois

This is what i oposted on DA despite being banned

what incompetence morons


But to anyone in DA getting this from my proxies or friends sharing this, know this.

Message From DeviantArt Staff 
from devart
to IreneBelserion69
A member of staff is concerned about the behavior which you showed in this comment…;
We are contacting you today because we have found that your behavior here is becoming unacceptably abusive.
We do recognize that people tend to be rude on the Internet and we do allow for a certain level of rudeness and blunt commentary to happen but what we have noticed in this case is that you are beginning to take it too far.

Deviant Art Considers crtcisim of ANITFA as "Rude commentary"



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Yes the admins actually banned me saying that we should defend ourselves against ANTIFA violence and claim it's "rude" to defend oursleves from violent thugs.. Because  a terrorist orgainzsiton that endorses and encoruages violence on DevianT Art,Laughs about drinking White Male Tears,And spams Conserative and moderate Deviant Art User pages are just A Okay according to Deviant Art, totally nothing rude about ANTIFA's constant harrasment, death threats and calls to violence against people 



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But if you mock ANTIFA, and point out the fact that the worst mass shooter in American History was an ANTIFA member endorsed by ANTIFA themselves, that's a bannable offensive.



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Bpouns points if you troll ANTIFA calling them crackers, Snow Niggers and whiter than the KKk given the overwhemlingly majority of them are white males and would be at the very bottom of their own regressive stack 

A member of staff is concerned about the behavior which you showed in this comment…;
We are contacting you today because we have found that your comment found here is considered to be an example of "page flooding".
"Page flooding" comments are not acceptable and if you continue to make comments of this nature you be suspended by our staff due to your efforts at deliberately disrupting the proper layout of the page.
Please take the time to settle down and reevaluate why you are here.



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Also remember that  calling out crtics of Islam is "Page Flooding, because how dare you point out that Islam is the most violent reilgion in the wolrd today.

Nevermind the same person i was aurging with flooded my page

And some ANTIFAG furry not long ago literally spammed my page for calling out Islam.

As well as some furfag who spammed images of a defaced Ben Shaprio and a pig shitting with a Turmp hat on, wonder if they got suspended or banned. I doubt it.


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Nevermind Islam floods the streets with gay blood.



And remember crticism of AOC is outright bannable


Because criticizing this dumbass on claiming Cauilflower is Racist is now wrongthink according to DA.




Or critictzing that AOC is a racist for adopting a phony black accent to pander to black voters is racist.

Or could it be that i called DA out on it's bullshit not just recently but their past hypocrisies as well documented below


DA Admins are now bribing DA users....I want to address this issue everyone... As you all know DA has suspended a user that goes by the name quasi-omnia for 
But after that she was unbanned and apologize to her. But needs to be addressed...
Yes from thoses comments you were reading are bribes... I can't believe that the DA Admins would do something like this... Why would they bribe someone who was speaking out, and letting her voice be heard. This is just bull...



I want to address this issue everyone... As you all know DA has suspended a user that goes by the name @quasi-omnia for  

Dear DA Staff (update 9/5)before you read this this is in regards to a ticket i put in.
the ticket was about me gifting a membership to someone who was then banned for being to young right after.
i feel like i have not gotten was i payed for as i haven't.
i'm out $5 because DA can not freeze the core membership and it will just have to run out.
the last reply i got was this:
Hello CreativeCorpse,
We do apologize for any frustration, however if a member is banned their CORE, whether personally purchased or gifted, remains in effect until expiry and cannot be redacted or refunded. 
Chargeback disputes are grounds for the immediate revocation of purchase and premium content privileges across any and all accounts held by the same member. 
Kind Regards,
Customer Care Specialist
DeviantArt, Inc.i am within my rights as a paying customer to dispute a charge if i feel i didn't get my moneys worth.
i have disputed it on paypal.
you might be thinking its only $5 surely this member wouldn't risk not bein

But after that she was unbanned and apologize to her. But needs to be addressed...…
Yes from thoses comments you were reading are bribes... I can't believe that the DA Admins would do something like this... Why would they bribe someone who was speaking out, and letting her voice be heard. This is just bull...


The Corruption of dA Staff! Please share!  A shared version of the original journal made by :Iconcomradesch:
It seems to be so, that several moderators are not enforcing the rules even-hamdedly among all users, and only help those whom they are friends with. Clearly, this is unacceptable. Please share if you think something should be done about this sloppy conduct.
Abuse Links:………
<a href="" target="_blank">

The Corruption of dA Staff! Please share!

  A shared version of the original journal made by :iconcomradesch:

It seems to be so, that several moderators are not enforcing the rules even-hamdedly among all users, and only help those whom they are friends with. Clearly, this is unacceptable. Please share if you think something should be done about this sloppy conduct.


Abuse Links:………………………………………………………………

Do something about this corruption on our site !

#Justice4Deviants" data-embed-type="deviation" data-embed-url=""; style="vertical-align: baseline; max-width: 100%; height: auto; width: auto; display: inline-block; margin: 0px 1px;">#Justice4DeviantsPlease not that while law enforcement has full rights to the information I have conpiled, I will not be involving myself in any lawsuits.
Check out this conversation:
You all have probably heard the story of how the Deviantart staff took months to get rid of a vocal, dangerous pedophile, right? (Fun fact, the pedophile is back and the staff is doing nothing to stop him from preying on young girls: That story has stood out to many because of the severity of the offense, but how many of you have been walked over by the staff over less-severe issues such as art theft, block evasion, slander, libel, hate art, etc.? How many of you have reported death threats and the staff ignored you? How many of you have reported such issues, and the staff ignored you and/or brushed you off, perhaps even pinning the blame on you? Hav





Please not that while law enforcement has full rights to the information I have conpiled, I will not be involving myself in any lawsuits.

Check out this conversation:…

You all have probably heard the story of how the Deviantart staff took months to get rid of a vocal, dangerous pedophile, right? (Fun fact, the pedophile is back and the staff is doing nothing to stop him from preying on young girls:…) That story has stood out to many because of the severity of the offense, but how many of you have been walked over by the staff over less-severe issues such as art theft, block evasion, slander, libel, hate art, etc.? How many of you have reported death threats and the staff ignored you? How many of you have reported such issues, and the staff ignored you and/or brushed you off, perhaps even pinning the blame on you? Have you ever reported a block evasion and been told that you "provoked" the offender? Has someone ever written libel about you, named you by name, provided a link to your account, turned your own friends against you, and the staff still let them do it? Have you ever reported a death threat and been told to just block the offender, even if you had already blocked them? Or what about the staff's making it harder to report art theft? The DA staff's help system is nearly useless, and they have no interest in maintaining community integrity. These issues are not just "petty complaints," as my stalkers are claiming them to be. Some of these issues involve copyright infringement/theft, death and rape threats, and very serious harassment and libel. The fact that there are already people fighting against this journal only goes to prove its validity. The only people who should be worried by this journal are those who break the rules. Everyone else will only benefit from it.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We are the staff's customers, and we have the right to demand protection from those who would abuse and/or break the rules. When the staff makes a rule, they must enforce it, no matter what. It is their job to enforce the rules, and lately, they have not been doing their job. It is unprofessional to let biases, partiality, and laziness get in the way of doing your job.

Today, I'm collecting a list of abuse report tickets that have gone ignored by the Deviantart staff. If you have any to add to the list, or if you know of a situation that may be relevant to this, please note them to me. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

To add your ticket to the list, I must have:

  • The number of the ticket.
  • A screenshot(s) of the correspondence between you and the staff member so I can see that it is a true story.
  • Your specific grievance with how the staff did not address the situation.
  • Please let me know if you want to remain anonymous for this journal! I will not be able to keep you anonymous for the petition, but for the journal, it's fine.

I will be adding all the tickets to a Word document (in case the staff deletes this journal). The file will contain all the stories, usernames of members involved, and ticket numbers so that anyone looking into this can verify that the stories are true. 

This collection of testamonies serves as proof of the staff's negligence and is free for anyone to use or link to in order to bring justice. Please note that while law enforcement has full rights to this information should they ever need it, I will not be involving myself in any lawsuits.

Deviantart Terms of Service:…
Deviantart Etiquette Policy:…



Current list of grievances: 28

Add yours to the list! These complaints are NOT all from me, contrary to what the naysayers out there are saying.


#795301 from Reitanna-Seishin: (harassment, libel, slander, Prohibited Commentary, etc.) Reitanna-Seishin reported a user who had been posting slander and libel about her and her friends, as well as stealing and uploading her artwork. The staff’s solution was to just “block the user,” even though Reitanna had literally just told the staff that she had already blocked the offender. Here is yet another case of the staff turning a blind eye to serious harassment, stalking, and slander.

#880666: A sexist Deviantart member makes open death threats against abortive women, prefers to kill children rather than allow them to live with autism, approves of marital rape, insists that a “slut’s” testimony should not be considered legal in court, that a rapist’s jail time should be shortened if his victim wore less clothing at the time of rape, believes that a “slut” saying no to sex is not a valid no, etc. All of this he posted on Deviantart. The Deviantart staff member who addressed the ticket brushed it off, saying that the victim themselves must submit the ticket in order for it to be considered, even though the woman who submitted it was in fact a victim. In this case, the staff member either did not read the ticket, or they simply ignored it out of laziness. Either way, he did NOT do his job.

#834381: An extreme, hurtful, and aggressive homophobe has been going around bashing random people from all walks of life who do not agree with her, even to the point of borderline death threats. When her hate-filled deviations and comments were reported, the staff merely warned the reporter to not look at her page and to not make any public comments about her. In reporter’s words:  Once more, warning in advance [that] I already used the Block tool didn't persuade the same staff member to take any action against that homophobe either. I was even discouraged from making public comments about said deviant. They seriously would rather look at my online activity over that homophobe's? It's like they intend to shield the abusive deviants while criticizing the rule-abiding deviants who report them.”

#424884 from Pupavegan: Reported an obsessive stalker for hacking my account and deleting it with over 10,000 followers, all of my art etc. The hacker admitted to be responsible, and posted screenshots of my private messages with friends openly on her page. I also reported her in this ticket for serious death threats against my family and myself and publicly requesting people to "finish me off" (and there actually came people at my doorstep because of hacker publishing my hacked address via my DA private messages). This person became completely obsessed with my private life as well, and because she didn't know anything about me, she posted libel and slander and completely made up versions of my life and opinions on DA. She dedicated an entire DA journal to my life and wrote several stories in which me and my friends were killed by her and her friends. I never posted anything on her page, ever, and her only motivation to try to destroy me was the popularity of my animal works. It eventually got out of hand when she became too obsessed, and ended up in a lawsuit, which I won. Yet despite the tonnes of evidence and court order, DA didn't do anything about my hacker/stalker. I re-sent my report and they asked me again for the court report and other evidence, and after that I never heard from them again. They just marked my ticket as "solved" without replying. I find this very rude and unprofessional, because Tumblr, Twitter and other websites did delete my stalker from their community instantly after receiving the court order.

#854518: Reported sexually explicit comment detail assumptions about victim's unmentionables, and various other abuse. The staff member completely disregarded the ticket, despite the sexually inappropriate details, the deviant's malicious intention, not even fearing staff's action, and just gave another copypasta about the block button. The victim even requested NOT to be assigned to this incompetent staff member but got assigned to him anyway when filing 2 abuse reports.


#829368 from snowpuff77: snowpuff77 reported a member for extremely homophobic posts and deviations, as well as bashing and harassing people of other sexualities. In her ticket, she explained that she had already blocked the man, and she also provided numerous links to deviations and comments (to many different people) of his containing such themes. Instead of taking any action to even warn the homophobic man, the DeviantArt staff member simply told her to block him. When she told him she already had blocked him, the DA staff member just told her to not look at the offending member’s page, as if that would somehow make him stop harassing other people all over the site.

#730343 from Reitanna-Seishin: (art theft) Reitanna-Seishin reported a deviant(s) who had uploaded several pieces of art that belonged to artists off of DA. Instead of disciplining the art thief, however, the DA staff member turned on Reitanna and told her she was spamming them when in fact she was asking a very legitimate question: “How are we supposed to contact artists off of DA, and how can an artist off of DA file a Takedown Notice?” If the staff had a legitimate answer, it was their duty to tell her. However, they just kept closing her ticket without a response.

#809825 from CrimsonFALKE: (Block evasion) A member uses an alternative account to continue harassing CrimsonFALKE. The staff callously brushes it off and says that he “provoked” it.

#790346: (Block evasion) A member uses a second account to continue posting comments on another member's page after they had been blocked. The staff attempts to justify the harasser's actions and does not address the issue, claiming they were "provoked."

#759081 from Reitanna-Seishin: (spam) Reitanna-Seishin reported a spam comment that she and many others had received on their pages. The DA staff has very clear rules about spam (FAQ #938: Can I report someone who is posting chain mail?), and yet they allowed the spammer to continue using DA as a place to post their spam and chain mail.

#764897: (Block evasion) After being blocked, a member uses their friend's account to continue commenting on another member's page. The staff attempts to justify their actions and does not address the issue, claiming they were "provoked."

From Unicornarama#821558 (allowing a member to break the same rule twice): I had previously reported a member for posting screenshots that were not allowed on DeviantArt, so the staff told the offending member to remove them. The offending member then chose to blame their own actions on me, claiming that I was “hiding the evidence,” and posted archived pages of the rule-breaking screenshots. Only a troll can break the rules and blame it on their victim. Anyhow, the staff merged an unrelated ticket into the next report and only addressed the unrelated ticket, completely ignoring the blatant rule-breaking with the screenshots/archived pages.

#766581: (Block evasion) A member whom had been blocked asks a friend of the member who blocked them (who is unaware of the situation) to send their victim a note. The staff attempts to justify their actions and does not address the issue, claiming they were "provoked."

#800406 from Reitanna-Seishin: (allowing underage people to use the website, ignoring it when the reporter offers to get evidence) Reitanna-Seishin found an underage person using Deviantart and offered to go find evidence, but the staff completely ignored her offer to get evidence and instead said “we cannot verify your information.” Reitanna had literally just said she could provide evidence, but no, the staff ignored her.

#801924: (Block evasion) After being blocked, a member uses their friends’ accounts to continue sending notes. When the issue was reported, THE STAFF DID NOT REPLY AT ALL. They simply marked the ticket as “solved,” did not reply, and took NO ACTION WHATSOEVER.

#770311 from Reitanna-Seishin: (Stalking, harassment) Reitanna-Seishin was harassed on and off of DA for a long time. Finally, her stalker began stealing Reitanna’s artwork and uploading it as their own. Reitanna reported the user for stalking, harassment, as well as art theft, but the DA staff member only addressed the art theft issue, and completely ignored EVERYTHING else.

#784674: (Block evasion) After being blocked, a member uses a second account of hers to continue writing comments on their victim's page. She then taunts her victim, saying that even if the new account is blocked, she still has "lots more" accounts. The staff attempts to justify their actions and does not address the issue, claiming the harasser was "provoked."

#751368: (Block evasion) After being blocked, a member has their friend (someone the victim did not know of at the time) send her a note. The staff completely ignored the situation, telling the victim to block the offenders, even though she had already blocked them both. When she told this to the staff, they did not respond. They simply marked the ticket as “solved” without any explanation for their actions (or lack of them.)

#760068 (Slander and libel) A member writes a slanderous journal about another member that is filled with flat-out lies, skewed truths, etc., and also contains their victim's username and links to their account. The journal also says the victim block-evaded, when in fact the victim was not blocked until AFTER everything went down. You can't call block-evasion if you haven't blocked the person you're accusing of evading your block. The journal is a clear violation of Deviantart’s “Prohibited Commentary” rules, and yet the staff allowed the journal to remain active. 

#820452 from Azure-Lugia5: (Using loopholes to allow art theft) Azure-Lugia5 reported a member who had stolen their artwork along with several other peoples’. Instead of banning the theif, the staff member simply demanded that Azure-Lugia5 file “takedown notices” for all of his stolen artwork. Azure didn’t even know if his stolen pieces had been taken down to hide the evidence, but the staff member ignored his questions.

#812991: (ignoring evidence): A member reported a folder consisting of nothing but hate art against them, but the staff said the folder did not target them specifically, even though it literally SAID THEIR USERNAME IN BIG, BOLD LETTERS RIGHT AT THE TOP. The victim posted the link THREE TIMES for the staff to look at, and the staff ignored it each time and kept closing the ticket without an explanation or response of any kind.

#778688: (Block evasion, stalking) A member whom their victim had blocked several months earlier sends an e-mail to their e-mail address (even though it is clearly explained that it is to be used for business purposes only), requesting that she join a phony Facebook group. Undoubtedly the stalker was hoping to get her location, where she works, her legal name, profile photos, phone numbers, etc. When reported to the DA staff, the staff simply said that they “cannot take actions regarding actions done outside of deviantart” and that the victim should “contact law enforcement.” The staff literally told her that the cops should be called on this girl, and they still allowed her to roam free! Not to mention that it was also the same girl they had told her in ticket #758912 to contact them if she ever tried to contact her again.

#779856: (Slander and libel, prohibited commentary) The same member who had previously been reported for a hate journal also posted a hate art deviation about her victim. In the description, she provides usernames and links to accounts, as well as calls her victim immature names and foul language. In the comments, she and her friends made sick jokes about sacrificing animals. The staff told the victim the deviation did “not require administrative action,” even though the deviation was in clear violation of the “Prohibited Commentary” rules.

#785931: (Release of personal information) A member publishes the name of someone's place of work, along with their username so that people could identify them. When the victim reported the situation to the staff, this is word-for-word what they told them (merged into #779856):
“it continues to be impossible to specifically locate you with that general information [the name of your place of work] being coupled with your legal name or a photograph of your likeness.”
This is more a case of the staff themselves breaking the law. If someone said “this is their name, this is where they work, and here is a photo of them,” of course they would be able to specifically locate them!  That goes without even thinking! The staff should be protecting us from people who would release our personal information, not giving them free reign!

#798245: (Block evasion, threats sent by notes) After she discovered that a conversation she had been having with a member on here was actually someone allowing a blocked member to speak through them (the same member who had block evaded in tickets #758912 and #778688), this young woman blocked them and reported the note. Later that day, she received a note from a friend of the girl she just blocked, which contained a message written by the girl she had blocked for assisting a block evasion. The note contained several threats and demands that she never write about a certain topic ever again. The staff attempts to justify their actions and does not address the issues, claiming the harassers were "provoked."

#813269: (Violation of “Prohibited Commentary”) A member wrote a comment that told another member to “go to hell.” Even though the victim had already blocked the person and she did not have authority to hide the comment (it was not on one of her pages), all the staff told her to do was “block them and hide the comment.”

#806676 from Reitanna-Seishin: (death threats, bullying, harassment, etc.) A specific admin deliberately ignores my ticket, which remained open for nearly two months. No other admin was aware of this ticket until much later. The reported user in question was harassing artists by collecting their art in a "cringe compilation." This is where they would showcase "terrible" art, tell the artists that they are filthy cancer and should die or kill themselves. I was not specifically targeted, but the user was upsetting one of my friends. I found all of the evidence I needed against this guy, and no one even looked at it. The user was taken down by someone ELSE'S report ticket.

#815243: (Threat of physical harm) A girl on here submits  a drawing that depicts her “fursona” of a girl she hates being gutted by wolves. A good death threat is one that only the victim recognizes. She claims the drawing is not about her victim, but it very clearly is. The horse being killed is the EXACT SAME character as the one in her hate comic about her victim. She claims she was just experimenting with drawing a "realistic hunting scene," but the scene she created is extremely unrealistic, and in some very fishy ways: First, why a horse? Wolves rarely hunt horses because, as she is well aware, they don't share common territory. Second, why the potato? She openly admits that she knows horses don't eat potatoes. The staff brushed it off.

#815244: (Violation of “Prohibited Commentary”) A girl draws some hate art of several other members. It is clearly hate art and drama-related, but the staff ignores it, even though their Etiquette Policy says that “hate propaganda is met with zero tolerance.”

Hope all of you read this because this proves that DA is beyond corrupt at this point and favors those who kiss the Admins ass the most.

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which is not limited to 

incitement to riot 
or imminent lawless action
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Hence why ANTIFA gets off  scot-free for inciting violence against  Deviant Art users right of Karl Marx.

Grind down white pride by Jejejeje823

#aaaaaa"> Jejejeje823


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 gluehead Sockpuppet account 2
 redskinhead95 Sockpuppet account 3
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 6panzer6maiden6 (Former) Nazi Sockpuppet account
 vokul-konahrik Former Neutral Sockpuppet account, now more of the same
 velkor88 Nazi Sockpuppet account
 ellie-ellie-ellie Here he's pretending to be a young girl. How cute.
 cockrocha A bit of a curious one here, same views, different style
 alcoholicdickhead More of the same
 DOOMEDALIVE More of the fucking same
 A-RED-BASTARD Seriously now? Does he need all of these fucking identical accounts?
 STAB--CITY When typing like an adult just ain't ragefag enough
 ANTI-SYSTEM You can tell he's just getting lazy now
 ISHOOTCHILDREN He knows he can't hide it so he hopes if he makes enough the sheer numbers might confuse people
 I0bootsandbraces0I By this point it seems he's obsessive-compulsive about it
 Adolf-shitler And another one to Isaiah's growing collection
 Jagdpanzer-38 Another, only a month old, same preachy reverse racist BS
 Agarchrist This one's just lazy
 Jejejeje823 (Though he removed many of his videos revealing his obviously male voice when he decided to pose as a female)… Isaiah Skullcrusher (account owned by Je's sock account sootyjared)

































Can casually violate use of profile terms of services and make Alt Accounts to harras online users of DA for wrongthink.

Why The-Conquerors Was BannedFriends, sisters and brothers of Counter-Jihad, The-Conquerors has asked me to post this journal here to inform you of the situation.
The-Conquerors was reported by a now-banned user called awezomedoe, who accused The-Conquerors of racism while throwing homophobic slurs at him. He also impersonated staff and tried to silence opposition multiple times. awezomedoe has since been banned in reprisal, but the problem isn't over yet.
The-Conquerors has tried to appeal to the staff to be unbanned, as awezomedoe's evidence for The-Conqueror's supposed racism was faulty and awezomedoe threw homophobia at him. However, the staff did not listen, and like the corrupt bastards they are, denied his appeal. Also, there is evidence against The-Conquerors being racist, as he has called out racists such as :iconaryansoldier88: and numerous others. He has stated that all ideas must be challenged, and everyone has freedom of speech- And yet, he remains banned for a false reason.
I implore you to sign the

 How  DA casually allowed an actual Neo Nazi skinhead homophobe to bully a Deviant Artist for being gay and banned the person who was being bullied all because he was too far to the right for DA  even though the person in question was a gay man.

How  Deviant Art despite being called"Deviant Art' has zero-tolerance for sexual RP's between consenting adults as they gave the shaft for daring to rp a gangbang RP with Erza Scarlet doing a whole bar.

Yet allow degenerate shit like Babyfur and Dapier fur which is far closer to legitimate criminal behavior.

How  DA  calims it's  combatting predators  and sex offenders that prey on children yet  did nothing for nearly  5 years against 

I mean DA literally allowed a FUCKING PEDOPHILE to sexually roleplay his 5-11-year-old rape victim for many years before he was offically brought to jail, the infamous Nick Bates or Pedo Poop bates.


Meanwhile, the Admins are busy shutting down  forums that goes against Group Think  as    has been a  victim of DA admin bullying and censorship as of late

Where you have Leftist cowards literally advocating that those who speak against them to be banned.

So yes inciting violence is  A-Okay as long as you're a leftist.

DA seems cool with Pedophilia and Bestitiaty  regardless of politcial  Affiliation as seen with the Far Right lunatic   having violated their terms of service and gets only a slap on the wrist for making pedophile fan fiction

Bullying Homosexuals and minorites is A-Okay as long as you  bully the right people who voiliate the Admins wrongthink.

You can post a shit ton of blood and gore but don't you dare type out in public Erza taking 3 dicks in her ass.

You can have Underage furries doing degenerate shit but lord forbids you make  Erza do an entire bar.

The  DA Admins are SJW bullies and cowards trying to slowly purge out anyone who goes against their ideological orthodoxy. They're gay, faggot ass, cracker ass, Pedo ass ideology that claims to be fighting for the "mamairgziled" yet no sooner a maraginziled person shows wrongthink, is ready to let actual Neo-Nazi thugs bully them around and whistles pretending to see nothing wrong there.

Meanwhile, they have actual Nazi pages and groups that they suspiciously do nothing about despite being supposedly against them, btw this isn't  a call for censorship, this pointing out the hypocrisy of DA who is quick to censor Conservatives for "RACISM" yet they leave the actual Alt-Right and Neo-Nazis untouched, almost as if they need these groups to justify their censorship agenda. After all, if you get rid of all the Neo-Nazis like you claim you want, you have no excuse to attack those who aren't Nazis right?

call to action.we need to stop letting pricks like these drag us done and abuse us, :icon345rv5: and :iconedenianprince: are vultures picking on the weak, this is shown by  just block them and ignore them, report the harassment to the admins and ignore them they are only looking for reactions to pick clean and to continue their campaign of abuse.  
:iconsootyjared: :iconredskinhead95: :iconjejejeje823:

But let's spend our time using ANTIFA alt accounts to collude with Jihadists to take down a person of color calling out their bullshit. 

The preview of the 2016 GF winnerLooks like Chirssy Pinto is at it again, this time she's now spamming my page with pure childish insults. Honestly there's i little need to say about this, just look at the butthurt for the lulz. I mean she spammed over 55 messages all within the spam of one hour  prior to her alt account being shut down for good. Hell i was still making this journal in response before she got the plug pulled.
345rv5eatsdick 51 minutes ago
I find disgusting all your racism against red necks and bigotry against people who do incest. You want people to treat homosexuals nicely, but then you totally act like a racist bigot against other sexual minorities? You are even stating to be against 2 homosexual cousins who are inlove and wants to marry. You a


A Jihadist who  spews casually racist, Anti Semtic and bigotted attacks on gays and minorites who aren't Arabs.

:icon345rv5eatsdick:#89a08e; border-radius:5px">


345rv5eatsdick 1 hour ago  New Deviant

u are giving me shit and i am throwing it back. u faggot fairry butt muncher.  i find it funny u demand tolerance when u be bigot on zoosexuals u fucking fairy HIV positive butt nigger. u get butthurt, thats why u are here with vocal diarrhea . guess the daily drilling makes your haemorroids hurt thats why ur a bitch. oh ur so clever. Not.  haha. and u have proof i am Muslim, u pedophobic generate faggot fucking poofy little butt nigger loving bitch.  take a nice big shit from ur boytoys ass u fucking fairy shit head HIV postivie trololol. u cant even insult me properly. is ur mouth attaxched to an asshole like the Human centipeded, u gayass centipeded. 


:icon345rv5eatsdick:#d1d1d1; border-radius:6px; padding:8px">


#ebebeb">345rv5eatsdick 54 minutes ago  New Deviant

#ebebeb">Niggers think rules and laws do not apply them. They can do whatever they want and when confronted by authority, they chimp out. "I didnt do nuffins"





:icon345rv5eatsdick:#89a08e; border-radius:5px">


345rv5eatsdick 2 hours ago  New Deviant

wtf licking an old man's butt? is that ur idea of a pasttime? u homos are beyond sick, dont bring out ur own habits on here, there could be children reading this and gays and lesbians should get beat up if thats the only way to make them stop being faggots

Some which outright were violating various DA policies by using derogatory nametags for her profile name merely to harass and bully the former DA  user 345rv5 for calling er out on her bullshit.

Yeah, this peice of shit got away with ban evasion and is completely off Scott free for flaming  a former DA user with targeted harassment, racism, sexism and homophobia.

:iconninareese14:#89a08e; border-radius:5px">

@ninareese14 Aug 7, 2015 

so true, the golden fedora is nothing more than an asshole's excuse to bully people. And 345rv5 is an islamaphobic free speech hating idiot. He clearly has the common sense of a retard. Half of his journals sound like they were written by a mental patient.

And  resides as   on Deviant Art today

And funny how all these ANTIFA alt accounts literally colluded with a far-right Muslim Jihadist to do so  

Looks like we have a ban evader hereSeriously, i can't get a moment's peace here !I honestly wasn't going to make a journal at this moment given i've been busy trying to get back what i lost in my old computer and looking for jobs again and wanted to relax during the 4th of July weekend but  it seems i  got a huge thorn on my side that needs to get  rid of because she's abusing the report system using alt accounts despite admitting to ban evasion.
 :Iconninareese1:  is   actually:iconchrissypinto:  ,  a  extreme homophobic, bigotted bitch who got rightfully banned not only for her hate speech but for her abuse of DA reporting polices. While i'm strongly against banning any form of free speech , i think a limit should be  when you outright advocate killing homosexuals and Chirrsy has long crossed that line.

As i covered in my last journal about this stupid bitch, she's a  mixture of John McIntosh and Pat Robesrton
While i personally didn

Who also committed ban evasion multiple times.

And refers to black people as Niggers while making homophobic insults. 

This is beyond cowardly Jejeje!Seriously, just when i though Jejeje couldn't stoop any lower, he goes and does something like this. He's now using his alt accounts to frame me and for Death threats and Doxxing. Man Jejeje, this is just utterly loathsome of you! First you broke ceasefire agreements, then you fake suicide attempts to try to shut me up and now while i'm offgaurd, you are now trying to bring forth the law against me
redskinhead95 18 minutes ago  New Deviant
need to speak to you about :iconedenianprince: :icon345rv5: and the laws they are breaking.

By laws you mean your feelings ? There is no laws against hurting your feelings Jejeje! I love how an Anarchist like you is suddenly trying to bring criminal charges agains

Yet the "ANIT FASCISTS"  are all the more willing to collude with this racist who called a black man a Nigger.

Then again we already know ANTIFA is a racist hate group like the Nazis they claim to fight against.


:icon345rv5:#d1d1d1; border-radius:6px; padding:8px">


#ebebeb">345rv5 Apr 20, 2015  Hobbyist#ebebeb">You mean the suffering Palestinians suffer under Hamas and Palestinian Authority and the surrounding Arab States, i agree with you.They're doing just fine in Israel. 

#a7b5b4; padding-top:4px">#ebebeb">Request closed temporarily

Reply:iconchrissypinto:#89a08e; border-radius:5px">

ChrissyPinto Apr 21, 2015

so when did either build a wall to forbid travel and movement of medicine. Yes, and I hope u are black, cause if u do get shot, it is tottally ur fault for supporting pregnant baby mamas, thug life and being a general dick. It is sad when blacks blame the good police force for shooting hoodlums. 

Fore merely disagreeing with her on Palestine 

But yeah this is DA in a nutshell, they side with anyone ANTIFA,SJW's and Peodhile fucks don't like and protect them while erasing everyone out who shows even the slightest opposition to SJW ideology be it Conservative or even Communists.



Anyways now that i covered that, time for my shoutouts and farewells from the site.

Special shoutout to :Iconepicvictory2025: :Iconjax1776: :Icongalvaemperor: :Iconepicvictory2025: :Iconthormemeson: Iconbrendan1903: :Icontheunholyborn: :Icontitanxecutor: :iconparadigm-shifting: :Iconkermitthefrog223456: :Iconfujin777:  :Iconlaprezchequeenvara: :Iconlordcamelot2018: :Icon/zero234587: :Iconghostraptor1917:  :Iconsoulessone12: :iconaaggresss: :Iconstephdumas: :Iconhttmusefan: :Iconleotron25:  :Iconkeyblademagicdan: :Icononlytheghosts: :Iconsilverstarapple: :Iconsephiroth12285: :Iconknightofneptune: :Iconabei34:   :Iconsilverbeastlaguz:  :Iconcin-harrow:  :Iconnicrobase:  :Iconthetale-of-rabiah:  :iconkajm:  :Iconskullcrucher:  :Iconskullcrucher:  :Iconrobotnik14:  :Iconragazz: :iconstingeucliffe7777:  :iconmrshoneydew: Iconsatanicmam: and shout out to :Iconmattx125:   thanks for the support everyone


You can find me here on these sites (Makesure to archive the link in case DA won't  resigter it using  this



And this is for my NSFW Hentai accounts

My Discord is  Erza#2497

My email is


Whoever copies this onto Deviant Art, i would have these icons enbaled for you, Also FUCK YOU DA!



Type caption for image (optional)


Also speical thanks to   or this truibe post for me  you can find below.

I miss my friend irene berstain on deviantart :(
by Megamanexe21
Fan Art / Digital Art / Other©2019 Megamanexe21
Where do you go and i didnt get chance to know her tumbler and wanted her respect thread where erza is small planet level+

And to anwser your quesiton :Iconmegamanexe21:  i will make that  post  after the pinic tommroow, i need some rest (Makesure to archive the link in case DA won't resigter it using this

You can find me here


And on Discord as   Erza#2497


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PS :  I remeber a cetrain Devianttart saying this about my account.



Girl-called-Lola May 6, 2019

:icon345rv5: is back as :iconirenebelserion69:





Yep i  was 345rv5 all the time, so not only did i prove Deviant Art was a irredemable cesspool of incompetence, hypocirsy, moralfaggotry  and neoptism right now, i proved it 4 years ago when ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter and even the far right colluded together to shut down my  DA account then. I only hoped on the site again to contact with old firends but with Eclipse, i'm better off banned than on the site  so thanks DA, you're so stupid that you don't even recongize that someone outright  evaded your ban for almost 2 years, how stupid are you admins?



Type caption for image (optional)


And before you erase 345rv5's history, one i got it archived all on New Tumblr bitch and two this would be baltant proof of your cowardice and corruption  and three  i have  a backup NewTUmblr account and backup Minds and Gab account where i can make other posts on.

All my alt accounts on different sites so you can't do shit to me even if you get those banned SJW's, i would just speard everywhere but  you can keep your shithole DA site, i'm not going to make another account on a site  that doesn't even allow me to crtctize it's Admins.

Anyways a shoutout to my old firends on DA under my 345rv5 account

:iconsigurdhosenfeld: :Icondak-rommel: Iconbrentcherry: Iconalicedattebayo: :Iconarccrimsonhart:  :Iconblamethe1st:  :icongogeta1089: :Icondeltausa:  :Iconhotgum:  :Icontoyonda:  :Iconkyrios375: :Iconvogoshinki: :Iconliquid-sun:  :Iconluigitheyurikaiser:  :Iconoopink-ninjaoo:  :Iconcolumbiansfr: :Iconshnoogums5060: Iconkingfury76: :Iconsilverplatine: :Iconatheosemano:  :iconmortalshinobi:  :Iconthehylianhaunter:  :Iconkahunasniper:

Speical thanks to  :Iconstephdumas: for acrhving and sharing my jorunals on DA,  archive my Irene Belserion 69 shit from my new tumblr, minds and arrift account

And a special shoutout to :Iconfuckshiru: thanks for the journal , anyone a fan of mines,please check out his post decicated to me,  sorry i never got to tell you in notes i was still here, i thought you left the site. Anways we cool nigga.

I also have reddit threards achrving my own posts

Along with Space Battle forums commenting on them.

As well as Comic Vine

Speical thanks to Vs Battle Wiki for using my calc as Acceptable for the bleach calcs

And the world wide web of my type searches.

BTW if you guys want back that infromaiton, i got my New Tumblr account and Artrift achrvies.


So in other words.









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