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I’m Alexandra.
Sex coach & erotic hypnotherapist for individuals and couples.

It is my purpose on earth to liberate people to unleash their radiant sexuality in their own empowered and authentic way.


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Do you know what sex and air have in common? (without them we stop living and breathing) Would you like to learn more about what brings you more sexual confidence, pleasure and satisfaction? Are you interested in improving your sexual abilities, techniques and becoming more sexually alive to liberate your thoughts and desires?

Sex coaching can help you understand your sexual desires, needs, fantasies and gain more confidence so that you can express them to become a magnet for life.

Do you wonder if your sexual desires, fantasies and thoughts are normal? Do you feel alone? Do you feel like you don’t have the support or know where and how to start discovering your sexual needs? Do you fear judgement? Do you have shame and guilt around your sexual desires?

Sex coaching combined with erotic hypnosis can help you find, resolve and remove these subconscious or social fears, so you can start living with increased pleasure, libido, stamina and juicy moments. Our session will boost the way you are able to receive, express and evolve into sexual pleasure, play and overall live a much more satisfactory sex life.

Great sex is our basic human need and birthright. Just like air and food. We need to nourish and breath in deeply to BE ALIVE. Craving more?

How Does Erotic Hypnosis Work?

Erotic Hypnosis aims to replace the negative associations one has with sex and sexual activity with positive and empowered ones. Hypnosis places the person in a deeply relaxed state ( called hypnotic state) so that the subconscious mind becomes more receptive to new ideas and suggestions. In this way, guilt, resentment, and self-consciousness are replaced with positive suggestions and feelings of confidence, empowerment, and sexual arousal.

In this deep state of relaxation, you can focus on what types of sexual activity you find stimulating and learn how to trigger those thoughts at the right moments to reach orgasm wherever you want.

It becomes possible to learn more about your body and develop the confidence to also teach your partner about your body.

Erotic hypnosis breaks down the barriers caused by inhibitions and lets people explore their sensuality completely.

What exactly will happen during our session? Any hypnosis program begins teaching you to relax.

Once we established this relaxing stage. You will be directed by my voice and this will lead you through the process of overcoming stress, fears, limiting beliefs or lack of confidence. These are all obstacles to satisfying sexual performance and ability to be present while having sex.

Erotic hypnosis is for you, if….

  • You want to experience enhanced orgasms; delayed orgasms; multiple orgasms; denied orgasms.
  • You want to bring out your true feminine diva.
  • You want to return to the child-like dependency and helplessness of an adult baby.
  • You need a hypnotic spanking? or Simply curious…

I offer something to cater for most of your fantasies.


You will find a session application form HERE that you should complete diligently.

Miss Alexandra

is a certified life-coach, hypnotherapist and somatic bodyworker, specialising in the sexually open and adventurous kind to liberate and bring more sexual aliveness into your life. She helps people to discover, connect and experience sexuality and bring more bliss into everyday life. 

She was born in Hungary – lived in 4 continents, visited over 100 countries in a need to explore, play and seek for more aliveness, passion, love and lust. 

More About Me


is to help people to claim and liberate sexual desires and gain access to a more orgasmic freedom-based lifestyle.

My Coaching Can Help You ( and your relationship)

  • Understand your sexual desires, needs and fantasies
  • Address some sexual fears, blocks and ‘what if’s’
  • Explore and try new sexual experiences fearlessly
  • Learn to liberate and communicate openly about your needs
  • Accept your own body, needs, desires without judgment
  • Understand your own sexuality and how you are when you are in a relationship
  • Coping with change, unwanted sexual desires, gender issues, guilt…
  • Guidance in how to connect with like-minded sexual people, find communities or events




I love helping people discover connect and express their sexuality and bring that powerful energy into their life. I enjoy teaching individuals and couples how to experience, communicate openly about the good, the bad and the naughty desires, so that they can connect on a deeper more intimate and sexual level. 


Currently available in Budapest*

*I’m available for in-person coaching and hypnosis in Hungary
(but not limited – have a passport to travel to YOU)

I’m also available for photo/video shootings, presenting or being a hostess at parties and events.



Via phone or video call vs. email support

No time to meet in person? No worries.

All you need is a smartphone or PC with webcam, internet connection and we can meet 3D in the comfort of you home.

Feeling shy? Better express yourself in writing than talking? Email or WhatsApp can be the solution for you!



All packages start with 20 minutes of discovery (aka mini coaching) call where we explore and discuss your personal needs and desired outcomes for our work. Depending on the complexity of the sexual desire or problem. I will advise you the required number of sessions. Once we agreed we will set the times and dive deep into coaching and hypnotherapy to enhance your sexual outcomes.

* (The initial consultation fee will be deducted from your final booking. This is essential to protect my precious time, filter and avoid timewasters so in our coaching time I can direct all attention and care to your needs! Thank you for understanding!)

Pay As You Go

It’s a one-off personal or online 75 minutes sex coaching or erotic hypnosis session with me.

Recommended if:

  • Curious to try erotic hypnosis and submission or
  • Have one small sexual desire, fantasy, issue and no-one to discuss it with.

I’m here to support and liberate you!


Breakthrough Package

It’s when you know you know you ready for BREAKTHROUGH and START LIVING.

It’s a transformational experience of 4 x 60 minutes coaching and hypnotherapy tailor-made or to your individual needs to fast-track your life and sexual enhancement so that you can become more confident and reach your desired outcome.

Recommended if:

  • You know what do you want, just don’t know how to achieve it alone
  • You know what do you need, but fear of change or limiting yourself
  • You know you can, but don’t know how to start
  • You know it’s time to Embrace Your Sexuality, but you keep putting it off.

Total Immersion Package

It’s my signature package where we will be working closely together 90 days!

It’s included 4 x 2 hours private coaching & tailor-made erotic hypnosis script to reach your desired outcome!

Plus on top of all that you will have Email or WhatsApp support between sessions and I will assign you real-life exercises to support your transformation process and push your boundaries to grow and embrace the new YOU!



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