Jews and Anti-Semites Torn on Stephen Miller

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 26, 2018

I remember when Bannon was fired and Huffington Post ran that bizarre “goy bye!” headline.

A bunch of Jewish publications were coming out and announcing, proudly, that the Jew Stephen Miller, another top White House advisor, would be a much better representative of “Trump’s nationalist wing.”

They didn’t say “because he’s a Jew,” but that was the underlying message.

In fact, unlike the other two main Jews associated with Trump – Larry Kudlow and Jay Sekulow, both of whom are converts to Christianity – he is a practicing Jew.

Still, Jews are constantly denouncing Miller as a race traitor, because he’s so staunchly against all forms of non-white immigration. In fact, much of Trump’s policy maneuvering appears to come from him. It has all these tricky, Jewish seeming elements to it.

Furthermore, he’s not even pushing a Jewish foreign policy agenda. You don’t hear this guy talking about Israel or Iran or any of that. He is exclusively focused on stopping brown people from entering America – and getting the ones that are already here out.

Recently, with this whole fake crying baby TIME Magazine hoax drama, his own family denounced him, and the Jewish Daily Forward said Jews as a whole needed to disown him as a race traitor.

However, there are others who would rather keep the Stephen Miller road open.

A weird event recently happened on CNN.

Daily Beast:

In an apparent attempt to demonstrate objectivity and civility, CNN host Kate Bolduan on Monday defended perhaps the most demonized member of the Trump administration.

Bolduan was speaking with prominent immigration attorney David Leopold, when he said, “I have no doubt that this administration, Donald Trump, who advised by a white nationalist, Stephen Miller in the White House.” At that moment, she cut him off.

“I don’t know if you want to go as far as—I mean, let’s not—I just did an entire segment about civility here,” Bolduan told him. “I don’t know if you want to call Stephen Miller a white nationalist.”

Leopold responded, “It’s not an uncivil thing, I would argue that it’s a fact.”

Bolduan insisted that “honestly,” she “had not seen that” and wanted to know where her guest was getting such a fact.

“Well, look at the type of policies that we’ve seen from this administration,” Leopold replied. “Look at who’s getting targeted by this administration.”

David Leopold appears to be Jewish. I can’t confirm that.

But look at his thing. Jewish face, a lawyer pushing for mass immigration.

Kate Bolduan is an interesting case – a goy who converted to Judaism when she married one. So she wouldn’t have the instinct in her blood. And I doubt she personally consulted with her husband on this particular matter before the interview to get his Jew instinct response.

One thing is clear – other Jews in the Trump administration are not being denounced as race traitors. Presumably, Kudlow and Sekulow are by default considered race traitors for converting to Christianity, though that isn’t mentioned.

Jared Kushner is the darling of the Jewish media. I mean, the Trump administration darling. He has been portrayed as the voice of reason. Even though he appears to be quite dense, and does not appear to be doing anything other than whining about doing more for Israel.

The thing here is: Stephen Miller… actually is pushing for white nationalist policies. That doesn’t mean he is a “white nationalist.” But all of the policies he is advocating are the ones that white nationalists would be advocating in his position. Again: everything that he does is intended to stop brown people coming in while getting as many as possible out.

It is simply a fact that there is nothing I have seen this Jew do that I disagree with. I don’t know what that means, or really feel a strong need to make a determination about what that means. I’m happy with him continuing doing what he is doing, as he appears to be doing it very well.

Theoretically, Miller could be of the school of Stephen Steinlight, a Jew who argued that Jews would loose power if America became a brown country. But again, Miller doesn’t ever even mention Jewish issues. Suggesting that maybe he just genuinely does not like brown people.

That Having Been Said

“The Good Jew” is a problem concept on a number of different levels.

Firstly, if you accept that there is one good Jew, that implies that there are others. And then you are on the slippery slope of looking for good Jews.

Furthermore, though individual humans exist, and it is technically possible for a Jew to be good, just as it is possible for a negro to be Thomas Sowell, there is this thing called “regression to the mean.”

Important concept to understand.


The concept of regression comes from genetics and was popularized by Sir Francis Galton during the late 19th century with the publication of Regression towards mediocrity in hereditary stature. Galton observed that extreme characteristics (e.g., height) in parents are not passed on completely to their offspring. Rather, the characteristics in the offspring regress towards a mediocre point (a point which has since been identified as the mean). By measuring the heights of hundreds of people, he was able to quantify regression to the mean, and estimate the size of the effect. Galton wrote that, “the average regression of the offspring is a constant fraction of their respective mid-parental deviations”. This means that the difference between a child and its parents for some characteristic is proportional to its parents’ deviation from typical people in the population.

This means that even if Stephen Miller is a purely good Jew, there is virtually a 100% chance his children will be normal, evil Jews.

Because of these factors, I have always been a strict advocate of zero tolerance when it comes to the Jewish issue. But that doesn’t mean we become irate, or abandon practicality.

The Jews appear to be just as confused by this Miller situation as I am. Which is actually somewhat reassuring.

As long as he is removing brown people, this is fine. But we should always remember that a Jew will always be a Jew and a Jew can never be trusted.

They have bad blood.

Trump’s number one Jewish confidant, Michael Cohen, a lawyer who has worked with him for decades, recently betrayed him, announcing that he will be doing a show with the Jew Tom Arnold to dig up dirt on Trump with the goal of “taking him down.”

And remember: there was no evidence of Cohen doing anything to betray Trump before it came out recently that he was running a weird consulting scam, using his connection to Trump to rip off companies by claiming he had secret information. Then all the sudden he shows up with this other Jew and a plan to destroy Trump.

So that too should be a lesson. And Stephen Miller’s position should be considered in light of that strange event.

Obviously, I would prefer a completely white Trump administration.

Except Ajit Pai. He can stay.

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