Taylor Financial Planners now offers 5 different investment platforms to suit the full spectrum of clients needs and in also being able to minimise costs.

The economy is fairly flat with the sharemarket doing 2.6% for the year to 31/07/16 but one of the mid cap funds that we recommend did 26% and several small cap funds that we also recommend did over 20%.

This was offset by overseas markets that were negative over the same time period.


We remain very proactive on research and following the funds recommended to clients on research and fund allocation

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I have just changed my home loan to 4.19% variable (comparison rate 4.22%), with free loan splits & offset accounts for loan total over $250k.
Also the annual fee is waived for applications lodged by 30.9.15.

This rate ( I am told is lower than what 2 medical specialists I spoke to could get) .You are welcome to email me to see if you are