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Targetted Traffic - How can help me?

Link2Me has grown to be one of the most trusted places for webmasters to increase the trafic to their websites.
We have thousands of websites in our directory and you can be guaranteed that they are actively participating
because we automatically hide sites where the users have not logged in for a period of time.
We regularly implement new features to keep everything fair and enjoyable.
Link2Me is here to help you get targetted traffic...

And the best thing? is that it's FREE!

As you can see below we have a very active community!
 Websites in Directory59,238
 Negotiation in progress93,840

Here are just a few of the benefits of using Link2Me...

  • Increase your targeted traffic from other websites
  • Get your website noticed by the search engines quicker
  • Websites are organised by category to make it easy to find the type of websites you need
  • Familiar 'Shopping Cart' to hold websites before requests are sent
  • Have a say on which 'page' you will trade traffic
  • A quality directory - all manually verified for content and chosen category
  • Control the status of the trading process from start to finish
  • Automatic verification that links added are present and active
  • Manage as many of your websites as you like with one account
  • Trades are monitored for removal automatically to ensure everyone is playing fair
  • Lastly - It's easy to use and will make finding prospective websites enjoyable and productive
  • Read more in our FAQ...

  • is not a 'farm' or a 'free for all' page. It is a professional trading tool which enables webmasters around the world to find other webmasters who are genuinely interested in trading with other websites to generate mutual traffic.
    Are you ready to reap the benefits of increased traffic?