Intel® Software Innovator Program

Meet the Intel® Software Innovators

Below is a list of developers who are recognized as Intel® Software Innovators plus information about their areas of interest and expertise, their location, and links to their online profiles. We highly recommend these developers for speaking events, demonstrations, and project work as they have proven to be skilled at mentoring and showcasing innovative solutions to fellow developers.

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Abishek NandyAbishek Nandy

Application developer, independent developer
Kolkata, India

Developing Intel® RealSense™ applications using Processing* and Unity*, and Android* on Intel® architecture. Developing Android-based games using Project Anarchy and exploring it. Using Intel® XDK to create Android apps (Crosswalk Project framework, WebGL integrated).

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Abhishek SurAbhishek Sur

Product head, InSync Tech-Fin Solutions Ltd.
Kolkata, India

Microsoft Azure*, machine learning, and .NET

Abhishek is a software architect. Since 2011, he has been a Microsoft MVP for Microsoft Visual Studio* development and technologies, focusing on ASP.NET. He has profound theoretical insight and years of hands-on experience in different types of technologies and languages. Over the years, he has helped developers throughout the world with his experience and knowledge. He owns Kolkata Geeks, a Microsoft user group in Kolkata. Abhishek regularly organizes events to spread technology awareness.

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Achal ShahAchal Shah

Graduate research assistant, Indiana University Bloomington
Bloomington, Indiana

Achal is a master-level data science student. Currently, his area of interest is deep learning for computer vision, speech, natural language processing (NLP), and bioinformatics. He is passionate about solving real-world data science and artificial intelligence problems. He also likes to do open-source contributions. Additionally, he is currently exploring deep learning for self-driving cars.

LinkedIn, GitHub*


Adam ArdisasmitaAdam Ardisasmita

CEO, Arsanesia, Gaming Innovator
Indonesia, Jakarta/Bandung

Game development (mobile, Android*, virtual reality)

Entrepreneur, game developer, mentor, writer, blogger, gadget, tech, and community enthusiast.

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Adam Milton-BarkerAdam Milton-Barker

CEO and CTO of TechBubble Technologies Limited, Orange Fox Media development manager, and oIsCore and Artificial Intelligence Assistants founder
Alicante, Spain

Hybrid web development, IoT, artificial intelligence, biohacking

Adam is founder of TechBubble Technologies, an ecosystem that combines several aspects of technology to provide a central control panel for businesses and the home. He is involved in several areas of technology, including hybrid web development, IoT, artificial intelligence, biohacking, and brain-computer interface (BCI). Adam is not only passionate about technology, but also with helping people learn about it (he was a community teaching assistant for MIT's online computer science courses). He was a semifinalist in the IBM Global Mobile Innovators Tournament and was one of the first-place winners in the World’s Largest Arduino Maker Challenge. Recently, he was part of the team at the Intel and Microsoft hackathon at the IoT Solutions World Congress that won the Intel Experts Award for building a deep-learning neural network on an Intel® Joule™ board.

Website, Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Google+*, Developer Mesh, TechBubble, LinkedIn, Project HomeCare Embedded Recognition (H.E.R)


Adiatmo RahardiAdiatmo Rahardi

CEO Makernesia
Jakarta, Indonesia

Robotics, IoT, Arduino*

Adiatmo is the CEO of Makernesia. He founded the largest Indonesian robot-maker community (Komunitas Robot Indonesia) and cofounded the Arduino Indonesia community. Adiatmo is an IoT developer, experienced with ESP8266 Wi-Fi chip and Arduino for Intel® Galileo board.



Adrian Rosebrock Adrian Rosebrock

Author, PyImageSearch
Norwalk, Connecticut

Dr. Adrian Rosebrock is the author and creator of PyImageSearch. He graduated from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, in 2014 with a PhD in computer vision and machine learning. He is the author of two books ( Practical Python and OpenCV and Deep Learning for Computer Vision with Python) and PyImageSearch Gurus, a computer vision course.



Adrianus Yoza AprilioAdrianus Yoza Aprilio

Chief innovation officer at Dicoding
Surabaya, Indonesia

IoT, data acquisition and analytics, and machine learning

Adrianus works with learners and early adopters. He is responsible for nurturing a network of developers on the latest technology through Dicoding's online academy program. Adrianus facilitates training of trainers, and direct interaction at events with developers throughout Indonesia. He decodes ideas, discovers potential, and sparks innovation of the best products.



Agnès DuvergerAgnès Duverger

CPO, SmartNotify
Colorado and France

IoT, video games

Agnes works to help Internet of Things devices communicate with humans by sending the right message at the right time using an app or API.

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Alberto ManciniAlberto Mancini

GWT/Java* and C/C++ developer, independent developer
Firenze, Italy

Alberto is working on the profiling and optimization of augmented reality and computer vision algorithms used on their current work on x86/Android. Alberto is looking (jointly with workmate Francesca Tosi) to Intel® Perceptual Computing to let their applications offer a more real augmented reality experience.



Alejandro AlcadeAlejandro Alcade


Alejandro is a computer engineer currently studying for a master’s degree in data science. He is also a blogger.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+*, GitHub, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, Blog


Alex PorterAlex Porter

Co-owner at Underminer Studios
Austin, TX

Virtual reality, augmented reality, game development, mobile, Intel® RealSense™ technology, networking, and IoT

Alex is a partner in ownership with her husband, Timothy, in Underminer Studios. One of their latest projects is virtual reality therapy (VRT), which treats anxiety disorders and is one of the primary treatments for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Virtual reality allows the immersion of an individual into an environment that would otherwise be unsafe, unwise, or impractical for treatment.

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Alex SchusterAlex Schuster

Interactive developer, multimedia specialist
Dubuque, Iowa

Virtual reality, augmented reality visualization, game development

Alex is a developer who is focused on rapid prototyping for gaming, visualization, and stimulation using augmented reality technologies, virtual reality technologies, and more. He attempts to connect people with new technologies and ideas that are both simple and engaging. Alex developed the Tanked! arcade game, which features tanks battling on sand.

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Alexandre Garcia

Alexandre Garcia

Data scientist, VASTech
Stellenbosch, South Africa

Alexandre is a data scientist who has studied mathematics, statistics, economics, and computer science. He is concerned about details and quality, making practical decisions, and creating solid solutions based on facts and logic. He is a broad-range generalist in software engineering with a high level of expertise in machine learning, strengthened by deep learning. He enjoys spending time on deep learning articles and building deep neural networks for different applications.


Alfred Ongere

Alfred Ongere

Presales engineer, Pong Agencies Limited
Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

As an avid tech enthusiast who is passionate about using technology to provide an impact in people’s lives, Alfred is researching and testing computer vision projects.

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America LopezAmerica Lopez

Co-founder of CyberCode Twins

Civic tech, virtual reality (VR), and Internet of Things

America is on a mission to make communities safer through wearable tech and virtual reality.

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Andre CarlucciAndre Carlucci

Founder, Way2 Technology*
Florianopolis, Brazil

Andre is a Microsoft* MVP in Brazil working with Intel® RealSense™ SDK on open source projects.

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Andres MartinezAndres Martinez

Founder, baKno Games*
Key Biscayne, FL

Multiplatform game development, including Android on Intel architecture. Game development, desktop, mobile, web, and virtual reality (VR).

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Andrew Collier Andrew Collier

Data scientist, Exegetic
Durban, South Africa

Andrew is a data scientist with years of experience in academic and commercial environments. Working as an experimental physicist, he refined his skills in research, data analysis, scientific computing, writing, and presentation. This gives him a solid foundation to branch out into other fields. He is an independent data scientist working mostly with R and Python but also dabbling in a range of other technologies.


Angelo QiaoAngelo Qiao

Software engineer at DFRobot
Shanghai, China

IoT, Arduino*, Android*, Intel® Edison board, Intel® Curie™ board, Intel® Joule™ development board

Angelo is an Intel® Software Ambassador for makers. He is a software developer working on Arduino, Android, deep learning, IoT, and robots based on boards from Intel.



Anthony ChowAnthony Chow

Network engineer, Cephas Security Solutions
Los Angeles, California

Anthony is a software developer for networking equipment. He is venturing into newer technologies such as cloud and container-based NFV infrastructure used in packet processing.



Anuj DuggalAnuj Duggal

Independent developer
Karnataka, India

IoT, Android*, Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA)

Anuj is an Android developer who works with Intel® GPA performance tools and helps developers build apps on Intel® architecture. He is passionate about technology and sharing knowledge, and gives back to the community with several initiatives. He participates in Student Yatra, which enables students to start building with the latest technologies. He trained more than 2000 student developers at more than 15 colleges in the past year. In the UX Project, Anuj conducted user interface (UX) master classes for better user research, following the design sprint methodology.

He also mentors startups through Intel India Maker Lab: Startup Conclave and Demo Day, as well as programs such as Launchpad Accelerator from Google.

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Arasu BalasubramaniyanArasu Balasubramaniyan

Architect, Cookie Analytix Private Ltd.
Bangalore, India

Arasu is a polyglot, educational domain expert, and data enthusiast. He focuses on presales and delivery across platforms and domains by providing viable solution and architecting products. He has hands-on experience in designing, developing, and implementing solutions for scalable applications in the cloud. He is actively building a data science team to create an automation product with machine learning,*, Python*, scripting with PHP, Shell, Apache*, and Hortonworks* stack.



Arturo JamaicaArturo Jamaica

Independent developer

Intel® RealSense™ app developer

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Asaf ShellyAsaf Shelly

Cofounder of Engage Technologies Ltd.
Ros Ha'Ayin, Israel

Artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, cyber, drivers

Asaf is an innovator and community leader. Currently Asaf is working on innovating AI-powered IoT device connectivity.

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Aulia FaqihAulia Faqih

CEO and founder of
Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Intel® RealSense™ technology, IoT

Aulia is an Intel RealSense developer, and lecturer at UIN Sunan Kalijaga University. CEO and founder of—a place that lets you showcase, explore, learn, and share an IoT project.

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Avirup BasuAvirup Basu

IoT application developer, Prescriber360
Bangalore, India

IoT, Intel® RealSense™ apps

Avirup is an IoT and robotics enthusiast. He creates smart IoT systems and autonomous mobile robots using technologies from Intel.

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Benjamin Abraham MathewBenjamin Abraham Mathew

Director of Products and R&D, Onbyz
Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Artificial intelligence and IoT

Having joined a startup right out of college, and co-founded another one since then, Benjamin has a passion for solving problems and a penchant for designing innovative products. He works primarily on embedded software and IoT solutions with experience in C, C++, Python and Node JS, with a focus on hardware design and product development.

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Benjamin PinayaBenjamin Pinaya

Senior computer vision engineer, Kodi Live
Heverlee, Belgium

Benjamin is a mechatronics engineer with a masters degree in robotics from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). He has worked with humanoids (Atlas) and also on self-driving platforms.

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Caterina PaunCaterina Paun

UI designer and developer, Vega ECM
Portland, Oregon

Caterina is a developer and designer working on enterprise software. In her free time, she dabbles in VR and IoT. She also leads the local chapter of Women Who Code, organizing hackathons, workshops, and study nights for the community

Twitter, Website


Chris AllenChris Allen

President and co-founder, Infrared5*
Boston, MA

Live streaming, networking, Android*, IoT

Chris and his team at Infrared5 have been working on live video/audio and second screen applications for Android and the Internet of Things. They are building a soon to be released set of tools to enable developers to easily create these next generation applications.



Chris MatthieuChris Matthieu

Co-founder, Octoblu*
Tempe, AZ


Internet of Things (IoT) company based on the open-source machine-to-machine instant messaging platform.



Chris PriceChris Price

CEO, Mobile Media Ventures / iConsole*
Santa Clara, CA

Creating a high-performance future for Android, with the fastest shipping Android device and dev kit built to date.

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Chris SkaggsChris Skaggs

CEO, Code-Monkeys*
Newberg, OR

Bleeding-edge UI and UX design using Intel® RealSense™ technology.

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Christie OsarenrenChristie Osarenren

Researcher, Charterhouse Research Ltd.
London, England

IoT, deep learning, machine learning, code modernization, Intel® RealSense™ technologies, robotics, drones

After completing an academic degree in mathematics at a reputable London university, Christie has been on a roller coaster ride throughout her career. She has been involved in consulting, research, analytics, and is studying programming full time. She believes in giving back to her community, from whom she has learned so much. Christie currently works as a part-time freelancer while attending evening coding classes. She has covered new product lines, marketing, strategy, and a lot of other areas for small and medium-sized UK and overseas businesses.


Christine BiswangerChristine Biswanger

Co-founder and software developer, CleverSocial
Ingolstadt, Germany

.NET (C# / XAML), cross-platform development (HTML5, JavaScript*, TypeScript*, Node.js*, Apache Cordova*), Intel® XDK and Intel® RealSense™ technology


Claudia Zignaigo Claudia Zignaigo

Graphics programmer, Contafoe Ltd
Liverpool, UK

Claudia Zignaigo is a game developer, an author, and a speaker. She specializes in physically based shading (PBS) development, and has written a book about it. She is also interested in how introducing procedural techniques can make the art production process more flexible and efficient. Claudia uses SideFX* Houdini for procedural modeling and animation.

Blog, Book


Corey ClearyCorey Cleary

Tech lead, Travelers Insurance
Chicago, Illinois

Corey develops business solutions and leads a team of software developers at Travelers Insurance. His focus is on IoT and Web solutions.

Twitter, GitHub, Blog


Cory PotterCory Potter

Technical craftsman, CoreConduit Consulting Services
Salem, Oregon

Cory is a technical craftsman specializing in bridging the gap between electronics and software engineering. Professionally, he’s worked as an electronics engineer, a plastics fabricator, software engineer, an industrial laser technician, and, of course, a barista. He’s used his strong analytical skills to evaluate alternative solutions and approaches to problems, and then shares his knowledge with others. He’s also what you might call a tinkerer, or collector of hobbies and skills, and loves learning how to do new things.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook


Cristian Paul DragomirCristian Paul Dragomir

Co-founder of Helios
Amstelveen, Netherlands

IoT, open-source hardware, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR)

Cristian is a student at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He is interested in VR, AR, wearables, and everything related to human-computer interaction. He also has experience in printed circuit board (PCB) design, microcontroller programming, and web development.


Cristina Klippel DominiciniCristina Klippel Dominicini

Assistant professor at Federal Institute of Espírito Santo (IFES, Brazil) and PhD student at Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES, Brazil)
Vitoria, Brazil

Research in network functions virtualization (NFV), software-defined networks (SDN), and next-generation networks

Cristina is a PhD student in computer science at UFES. She has a bachelor of science in computer engineering from UFES and a master of science in electrical engineering from the University of São Paulo (USP, Brazil). In 2014, she joined the Department of Informatics at IFES as assistant professor. Her previous research experiences include Alcatel-Lucent, Microsoft Research, and Ericsson Research. Cristina's research interests include NFV, SDN, and next-generation networks. Currently, she works with Intel on the Data Plane Developer Kit, Intel® Open Network Platform, and OpenStack* technologies.

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Cyrus LumCyrus Lum

CTO, Ant Hive Games
San Jose, USA and Shanghai, China

Mixed reality and spatial mapping

Cyrus is a twenty-eight-year veteran of the games industry. His skills range from art to design to programming. His development experience includes Intel® RealSense™ technology, Google Project Tango* development kit, Microsoft HoloLens*, and Occipital Structure Sensor.

LinkedIn, Website


Daniel WhitenackDaniel Whitenack

Independent developer
Lafayette, Indiana

Data science, data engineering, machine learning, and artificial intelligence

Daniel (a data scientist with a PhD) works with Pachyderm, an open-source framework for reproducible and distributed data processing. Daniel develops innovative distributed data pipelines that include predictive models, data visualizations, and statistical analyses. He has spoken at conferences around the world (IBM Datapalooza, DevFest Siberia, GopherCon, and more). Daniel also maintains the Go kernel for Jupyter*, teaches data science and machine learning with Ardan Labs, and helps organize contributions to various open-source data science projects.

GitHub*, Twitter, LinkedIn, Website, Pachyderm Data


Daniil BudanovDaniil Budanov

Student, Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia

Robotics and embedded systems

Daniil is a computer engineering major, and a member of the RoboJackets competitive robotics team. Daniil loves to drink coffee, work on challenging problems, and help others learn awesome things about electronics.



Danny WoodallDanny Woodall

Creative director, Sixense Entertainment, Inc.*
San Francisco, CA

Using our robust proprietary development platform, our team at Sixense designs content specifically to take advantage of 3D input devices.

Twitter, Developer Mesh


David WingroveDavid Wingrove

Co-founder, Golden Hammer Software*
Boston, MA

C++-based games for Android on Intel® architecture.



Dennis StreinDennis Strein

Co-founder, AppFour*
Karlsruhe, Germany

Developer of AIDE – the Android on-device IDE*.

Google+, Developer Mesh


Devin BeckerDevin Becker

Independent developer
Sacramento, CA

Co-hosts a podcast on game design, Exploring Design on Game Developers Radio, and runs an online game design school, Ludology U. Devin is currently a lead developer at a 5th Planet Games* working on web and mobile games and writing a book on modern game development methods.

Twitter, Developer Mesh


Dinesh DaultaniDinesh Daultani

Normal, Illinois

Dinesh is a recent graduate of Illinois State University where he is focused on machine learning, deep learning, and AI. His research projects include using convolutional neural networks to analyze how news headlines and sentiment analysis can impact stock prices and stock predictions.

LinkedIn*, GitHub


Diana IlinaDiana Ilina

Independent developer, researcher
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

I always liked to invent things, create something new, or to invent a new look for the old things. I love working with cutting-edge technology, I want to introduce them into daily life. Most of us at certain stages of life show the real ingenuity. In my opinion, invention is the ability to imagine and dream, not limited to those technologies and materials that exist today.

LinkedIn*, Developer Mesh


Drew WilliamsDrew Williams

Research assistant and PhD student at Marquette University

Mobile applications, human-computer interaction (HCI), and IoT systems

Drew is a human-computer Interaction researcher currently pursuing her PhD at Marquette University. When she is not in the lab, she likes to work on fun projects with the Intel® Edison module.

LinkedIn, Website


Eskil SteenbergEskil Steenberg

Developer, Quel Solaar*
Stockholm Sweden

3D interactive installations and interfaces.

Website, Developer Mesh


Esya VolchekEsya Volchek

Founder and CTO,
Boston, MA and Irvine, CA

IoT, virtual reality, Python*, data analysis

I am the founder and engineer behind the event discovery site. I created the full-stack site and data pipeline, as well as machine learning algorithms for clustering data. I also work with Arduino*, wearables, sensors, and virtual reality. I provide mentoring to girls who are considering going into science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


Eyal Gruss Eyal Gruss

Director of AI, Flatspace
Tel Aviv, Israel

Dr. Eyal Gruss is a machine learning researcher, consultant, entrepreneur, and lecturer. Eyal earned a PhD in theoretical physics. He is also a digital artist, creating interactive installations and computer-generated art.


Fabio Angelo PelosinFabio Angelo Pelosin

CEO, Discontinuity S.r.l.
Cittadella, Italy

Artificial intelligence

As a self-taught computer scientist, Fabio works at the intersection of strategy and innovation. He's a key author of open-source projects used by companies like Google, Facebook, Uber, and Slack. Fabio helps corporations, SMEs, and local professionals to create new business opportunities. He sees software technology as one of the most radical change agents of our time.


Fabrizio Lapiello

Fabrizio Lapiello

Co-founder, 012Factory*
Caserta, Italy


My passion and my mission is to make people’s lives better. I work every day for making and creating devices, tools, and solutions to solve common problems people have in the community I live in. I help small companies to reduce errors and risk through innovative tools and IoT solutions. Two things that make me proud are my personal brand, Lapiello Solutions (an innovative ideas and projects container), and being recognized as a software innovator.

Twitter, Developer Mesh


Filipe SilvestrimFilipe Ghesla Silvestrim

Senior software developer, InnoGames GmbH
Ahrensburg, Germany

Filipe Silvestrim is a professional game developer who has worked for more than 10 years in the industry with a focus on online and mobile game development. His specialties are game architecture, game systems, tools and pipelines, and artificial intelligence.


Fensheng YangFensheng Yang

Independent developer

Android developer



Firmansyah SaftariFirmansyah Saftari

CEO, Saft7Robotics
Jakarta, Indonesia


Saftari is best known for his ability to come up with creative ideas, conceptual designs, and for his extensive hands-on experience in digital development and strategy. Active in Indonesia Robotic Ecosystem and managing Indonesia IoT Academy.

Education Robot Industry, LinkedIn, Developer Mesh


Francesca TosiFrancesca Tosi

GWT/Java/C/C++ developer, independent developer
Fermo, Italy

I'm attempting a full rewrite of the core of my own surf library using optimized Intel® libraries on Android. Jointly with my colleague Alberto Mancini, I am considering Intel® Perceptual Computing to create more real augmented reality apps.



Francisco Buitrago PavonFrancisco Buitrago Pavon

Project manager at Telefonica, Digital Solutions and Innovation group
Madrid, Spain

Android*, iOS*, Node.js*, Python*, Intel® Edison™ board

Francisco works in Telefonica's partner program lab, developing in Android, iOS*, Angular.js, Node.js*, and manages some projects. He has been an Intel® Software Innovator since December 2015.

Twitter, LinkedIn, GitHub


Frida DwiFrida Dwi Iswantoro

Studio Manager, Agate Jogja
Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Game development (mobile, Android, VR)

Frida has worked in the game industry for five years before joining Agate in 2012. He has made a lot of entertainment games and serious games, now focuses on HTML5 games using Construct 2 and creating custom controller using Arduino*.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Developer Mesh


Gaurao ChaudhariGaurao Chaudhari

Student, embedded systems, San Jose State University
San Jose, California

Embedded systems, firmware, IoT, image processing, and machine learning

As a student of embedded systems at San Jose State University, Gaurao is continuously working on embedded and firmware projects. He earned his undergraduate degree from University of Pune, India, and has a background of working in IoT projects. He won the Intel® Ultimate Coder Challenge for IoT. Gaurao worked on a couple of embedded wireless architecture projects and is looking ahead to explore that domain. He has firmware experience with Intel® Edison technology, LPC microcontrollers from NXP, and the MSP430™ low-power controller from Texas Instruments. Currently, Gaurao is working on the Jetson controller from NVIDIA for image processing and machine-learning projects using an Intel® RealSense™ camera.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Blog


George S. ChristopherGeorge S. Christopher

Co-founder and CTO, BlueInnovations, RocketXLabs, and MacAppStudio
Chennai, India

IoT, Intel® RealSense™ technology, 2-in-1 devices, wearables and Apple* ecosystem (macOS*, iOS*, tvOS* and watchOS*).

Programmer for his career of 15 years. Expertise in development of web, mobile, and desktop apps. Obsessive about process, frameworks, and automation. Lives with his wife and two boys in Chennai, India.

Developer Mesh


George van VenrooijGeorge van Venrooij

Developer, BitBunch
Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Game development, navigation software, scientific visualization, embedded software engineering.

George is an experienced C and C++ developer working on a high-performance simulation engine written in OpenCL and OpenGL.


Ghanashyam S.Ghanashyam S.

Head of technology enablement, Beahead
Private Limited*
Bangalore, India

Responsible for helping clients realize the true potential of the technology that runs their businesses. This involves technology evangelism, training and enablement, program management—basically everything that empowers the client to harness the complete potential of the technology.

LinkedIn, Developer Mesh


Gopalakrishan SubramaniGopalakrishan Subramani

Karnataka, India


Gopalakrishan is a device man. He has worked with a range of protocols: wired, wireless, serial ports, standards, and bits and bytes of protocol stacks. He also works on frames with various programming languages: C, C++, Java, C#, Python*, JavaScript*, and Lua. Gopalakrishan developed SDKs and frameworks for machine-to-machine connectivity, building applications and data acquisitions with proven patterns.

He is a cofounder of a company with over 100 employees. It specializes in industrial IoT and data acquisitions. Gopalakrishan mentors people and companies on tools and IoT technologies. He teaches developers Node.js*, Angular.js, Ionic Framework, Electron, and HTML5. Gopalakrishan enjoys working with Node.js, JavaScript framework, researching development of full stack IoT platform builds using a JavaScript called NodeSense. He speaks at mini conferences, and conducts IoT and JavaScript workshops.

Developer Mesh


Gregor BiswangerGregor Biswanger

Founder, CleverSocial*

Gregor Biswanger (Microsoft* MVP for Client App Dev and Intel® Black Belt Software Developer) is the CEO of He specializes in the area of .NET architecture, XAML, and agile processes.

LinkedIn, Developer Mesh


Gregory ChatelGregory Chatel

Gagny, France

Artificial intelligence

After getting his PhD, Gregory became interested in machine learning and particularly deep learning. He followed the massive open online courses (MOOC), and from there developed many implementations of deep-learning algorithms from research papers.


Gregory MenvielleGregory Menvielle

CEO, SmartNotify*
Colorado and France

Machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, Intel® RealSense™ technology

We help the Internet of Things communicate with humans by sending the right message at the right time. You can use our app or tap into our API to make your IoT devices be heard and talked to.

Twitter, Developer Mesh


Guy McNallyGuy McNally

Founder and principal, Uncut Video*
San Francisco, CA

Computer vision, machine learning, and audio

Provider of the essential video and audio analysis tools for the smart products of the future. The "smartience" library includes face and object detection, face recognition and foreground/background separation in images and video. This is supported by the "audiola" audio processing library for dialog detection, speaker recognition and a wide range of processing functions.

LinkedIn, Developer Mesh


Hans KratzHans Kratz

Co-founder, AppFour*
Karlsruhe, Germany

Together with my colleague Dennis Strein, I created AIDE, the Android IDE. Our apps, blog entries, and presentations target Android developers and enthusiasts interested in programming.

Twitter, Developer Mesh


Harsh VermaHarsh Verma

Vice president (Global Innovation) and head, Mobility Solutions, R Systems
Chair, ACM Sacramento Chapter
Chair, SITI Work Group at ITS World Congress
Sacramento, California

IoT, Intel® RealSense™ technology, machine learning, networking, and artificial intelligence (AI) that is particularly focused on intelligent transportation

Creating intelligent transportation systems and applications using IoT, Intel® technology, Intel® RealSense™ technology, securing the Internet of Things, State of California Cybersecurity Forum Advisory Board. On the National Academies TCRP advisory panel and Transportation Research Board.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Developer Mesh


Hillary PredkoHillary Predko

Wearable technologist, Little Dada
Toronto, Canada

Wearables, design, education, creative tech

Little Dada is a group of creative technologists. We are exploring the beauty and the folly of the moment.,


Houssem Eddine LassouedHoussem Eddine Lassoued

Senior developer, software engineering professor and researcher
Tunis, Tunisia
Android, Unity, Virtual Reality

Community manager at GDG Tunis, co-­founder of the Tunisian Android Community, Intel Software Innovator, working on Android-based virtual, augmented, and mixed reality applications, IoT, and game development.

Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, GitHub, SlideShare*


Hristo Spassimirov PaskovHristo Spassimirov Paskov

Founder and CEO, ThinkFast Mathematical Intelligence Corporations
Palo Alto, California

Machine learning

Hristo was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and grew up in Westchester, New York. He earned his bachelor of science and master of engineering in computer science at MIT, and a PhD in computer science at Stanford where he was advised by Trevor Hastie and John Mitchell. ThinkFast is based on a new, massively scalable machine learning and optimization paradigm that Hristo developed towards the end of his PhD. This paradigm substantially decreases the time necessary to develop novel machine learning models that are customized to harness important expert knowledge and qualitative properties of big data. Its efficiency allows expensive server and GPU clusters to be replaced with cheap commodity hardware. The resulting machine learning products are backed by rigorous statistical guarantees, making them suitable for real-time, mission-critical applications within defense, healthcare, finance, and commerce.


Hui DingHui Ding


Android developer



Hui YangHui Yang


Android developer



Ibnu WardyIbnu S. Wardy

CEO of GITS Indonesia
Bandung, Indonesia

IoT, Android*

I love to learn and share anything related to Android technology. I have developed hundreds of Android* apps, and specialize in Android, iOS, and Intel® XDK.

LinkedIn, GitHub


Irina TrajkovskaIrina Trajkovska

Research assistant, ICC Lab, Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Winterthur, Switzerland

Irina is an IT and telco engineer with over eight years of international research and development experience in diverse areas, including software-defined networking (SDN) and peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming in the cloud. She is also a task leader in two European research projects related to cloud, SDN, NFV, 5G, and IoT. She actively contributes to open-source projects like Netfloc* and organizes the largest SDN community in Switzerland.

LinkedIn, Twitter


Jaco BezuidenhoutJaco Bezuidenhout

CEO and founder of XRobotix (PTY) Ltd

Pretoria, South Africa

IoT, wearables, machine learning, and software solutions in the medical industry

Jaco is a creator, innovator, entrepreneur, software engineer, and maker. His company, XRobotix, is a South African-based company focused on creating innovative and scaleable solutions.

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Jacob PennockJacob Pennock

Lead developer, Livid Interactive*
San Francisco, CA

Scientist and game designer who aspires to produce ideas and make games to remind the world that technology and magic are one and the same.

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Jarred SuttonJarred Sutton

Event technology master at FIRST for Goldman Sachs
New York, New York

IoT and Arduino*

Jarred is a maker at heart who has a scientific background and an insatiable lust for new technologies. He is active in his communities, sits on the board of a 6,000 square foot makerspace, and enjoys teaching everything he knows.

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Jean-Claude CottierJean-Claude Cottier

Director, Ovogame*
Morestel, France

Indie Game Developer (using own technology) for Android on Intel architecture but also multi-platform.




Jesse BanksJesse Banks

Owner, Jopel Designs LLC.
Portland, Oregon

IoT and robotics

A lifelong tinkerer, Jesse is passionate about hardware design and fabrication. He is a pragmatic entrepreneur with experience in robotics, kinetic sculpture, and programmable LEDs.

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Jill OgleJill Ogle

Founder and CEO of Let’s Robot


Interactive design, user experience, game design, and art. Knowledge of general programming, hardware, and electronics.

I used to make video games for companies like Disney. Now I make robots. I founded Let's Robot because I wanted to make the world’s first live interactive TV show. It's been quite an adventure since then.

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Jinger ZengJinger Zeng

Co-founder, Dronesmith Techologies
Chengdu, China; Las Vegas, Nevada; New York; Silicon Valley

IoT, drones, robotics

Jinger is a cross-culture, multilingual engineer, and entrepreneur with a background in renewable energy, IoT, and robotics. She is the cofounder of Dronesmith Technologies, a US-based drone hardware and software developer, currently working on an innovator ecosystem in southwest China.

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Joey HudyJoey Hudy

Maker evangelist, Intel
Phoenix, AZ

An Intel® Software Ambassador (Intel® SA) for makers, to the maker community, featuring IoT, Intel® Galileo technology and Arduino projects.



Johnny ChanJohnny Chan

Independent developer
London, UK

Advanced analytics with IoT

Johnny is a technologist, data analyst, financial services professional, aerospace engineer, blogger, social touch/tag rugby player, hobbyist web and mobile app developer, and lover of history and science. He attended eleven hackathons over the course of eleven weeks. Johnny started his IoT journey from building mini solutions with Intel® Edison technology and delivering workshops to hobbyist developers.

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John GouldJohn Gould


John is cofounder of Black Gate Games and White Sky Technologies in Nashville, Tennessee. He is working on Platino Studio for cross-platform mobile development.

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Joshua MontgomeryJoshua Montgomery

CEO, Mycroft AI
Palo Alto, California

Joshua is a three-time entrepreneur, Air Force officer and graduate of the University of Kansas. Joshua founded Wicked Broadband—a gigabit fiber ISP in Lawrence, Kansas, and advocates for shared networks, common carriage, and net neutrality. Joshua started Mycroft AI to deploy a computer similar to the Star Trek computer in his makerspace. Mycroft AI boasts a talented team of developers and a strong open-source community.

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Jude Ben Jude Ben

Lead research engineer, ShareQube
Uyo, Nigeria

Jude is the lead deep learning research engineer at his startup, ShareQube, where he carries out research for precision agriculture with AI. He enjoys sharing his skills with others and facilitates direct interaction at events with developers in southeastern Nigeria. He believes in giving back to his community, from whom he has learned so much.


Justin LassenJustin Lassen

Producer, composer, visionary, sound designer, remixer, music technologist
Gilbert, AZ

Virtual reality, Intel® RealSense™ technology, music, game development

With 15 years of experience in the music, film, and video game industries, Justin Lassen is well versed in all aspects of the creative arts. His blend of classical technique and modern methodology has defined his success in all manner of genres. His wildly popular instrumental series, Synaesthesia, has been highly praised by everyone from CGSociety to EQ International and Playboy magazines. Likewise, his dark, symphonic masterpiece, And Now We See But Through A Glass Darkly, has seen over 100 million downloads since its release in 2003. As a remixer, Mr. Lassen has worked with artists like Madonna, Garbage, The Killers, Lady Gaga, Lenny Kravitz, Robert Miles, Nine Inch Nails, Linkin Park, Evanescence, Apocalyptica, and more. He contributed his production talents to high-profile technology firms like iZotope, Cakewalk, Intel, Sony, Konami, Interplay, and the US Department of Defense.

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Justin LinkJustin Link

Developer, co-founder, Chronosapien Interactive*
Orlando, Florida

Virtual and augmented reality, natural user interfaces

I'm an interactive media developer and I love taking new technology and pushing it to its limits to create new and unique experiences. My company was created specifically to bring innovation to consumers and get everyone working and playing with future technology.

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Justin ShenkJustin Shenk

Master student and research assistant, University of Osnabrueck, Germany
Osnabrueck, Germany

Justin develops projects with machine learning and computer vision. He previously worked as a neuroscientist in the US.

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Kamaljit ChahalKamaljit Chahal

Independent developer
Detroit, MI, USA

IoT, robotics, health

Kamaljit is an entrepreneur and engineer who is enthusiastic about solving problems and making life better using technology.

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Karthik M UKarthik M U

Independent developer
Bangalore, India

IoT, Intel® RealSense™ technology, and Android

Internet of things enthusiast and independent developer, developing industrial IoT solutions using Intel® Galileo boards, Intel® Edison boards, and other devices. Intel® RealSense™ technology, Android and Full Stack Web developer.

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Kartik IyengarKartik Iyengar

Virtusa Consulting
Karnataka, India


IoT head at Virtusa. Intel® Software Innovator, Ex-SAP Mentor. Chief strategist for IoT, MDA, AI, robotics, and AR. SMART BU. Author of book-series "Horn OK Please" #Skylab.


Katie MerrillKatie Merrill

Co-founder, Golden Hammer Software*
Boston, MA

C++-based games for Android on Intel® architecture.



Kewei ShaKewei Sha

IoT developer and educator
Houston, TX


Dr. Kewei Sha is a professor at the University of Houston at Clear Lake. He teaches an IoT course and develops many IoT applications. His focus is on building IoT systems, which include healthcare and smartphones, with a special interest in IoT security.



Konstantin PopovKonstantin Popov

CEO, Cappasity
Santa Clara, CA

Computer vision, cloud platforms, e-commerce B2B

Konstantin Popov has a 10+ years successful track of record as a video games and software company CEO. Konstantin has deep understanding of programming and technology. He brought many complex software projects from a design document to final product. Now Konstantin is in charge of 3D scanning and reconstruction technology and cloud platform development at Cappasity Inc.

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Lanyu XuLanyu Xu

Research assistant and PhD candidate, Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan

Lanyu Xu is a PhD candidate at Wayne State University. Her focus is on building IoT systems with edge-computing technology, which includes smart homes and smart vehicles.

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Lee BamberLee Bamber

CEO, The Game Creators*
Fairbourne, Gwynedd, Wales

Prototype autonomous robots using Intel® RealSense™ technology

Developer and publisher of cutting-edge game creation tools and technologies, including the cross-platform solution AppGameKit, which is optimized for the Android-X86 Project on Intel® architecture. Competition winner, blogger, and technology evangelist, creating innovative 3D and depth-aware demos using Intel® RealSense™ technology.

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Liang WangLiang Wang

Research associate, University of Cambridge
Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Liang Wang is a research associate in the computer laboratory at the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. He is also a postdoc researcher affiliated with Queens' College in Cambridge. Liang’s research interests include machine learning, distributed data processing, system and network optimization, modeling and analysis of complex networks, and so on. His current focus is on scaling up distributed analytics with novel synchronization control and framework architecture. Liang is an active contributor to many open-source projects. He likes teaching and is an associated fellow in the British Higher Education Academy.

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Liang ZhangLiang Zhang


Android developer



Lilli SzafranskiLilli Szafranski

Software architect, artist, entrepreneur

Software architecture, mobile development, embedded development, LED wearables and installations

Lilli Szafranski is a software architect focusing on mobile and embedded development. She writes software for iOS*, Android*, and for LED wearables and art installations. Her work includes developing several open source SDKs, primarily for iOS and Android. They are now used in thousands of apps by tens of millions of users. Her most recent project, Stoicheia, is a digital stained-glass art installation that is four-and-a-half feet in diameter using 2,200 LEDs.

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Lindy WilkinsLindy Wilkins

Creative technologist, Little Dada
Toronto, Canada

Electronics, education, creative tech, and programming

Little Dada is a group of creative technologists. We are exploring the beauty and the folly of the moment.,


Lorenzo KaraviniaLorenzo Karavinia

Hardware and software developer
Rome, Italy

Electronic engineering

Started with small-scale circuits then continued with complex modules. At the moment, I am working at the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics while carrying on with my studies, which are always related to this field of technology. Moreover, I am currently working in collaboration with EWE Industries.



Luwei Zhang Luwei Zhang

Data scientist, LinkedIn
San Francisco, California

Luwei grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and majored in economics at the University of Chicago. In his spare time, he enjoys experimenting with machine learning, especially building artificial intelligence bots that play games and use reinforcement learning to improve the gameplay.


M.Arun MageshM. Arun Magesh

Independent maker
Bangalore, India

Internet of Things, wearables, and neuroscience

I’m an electrical engineer by qualification, human by birth, maker by profession, and doer by heart. Exploring my love for problem solving and challenges.

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Macy KuangMacy Kuang

Toronto, Canada

Gaming, virtual reality, IoT, and robotics

Macy is a producer and host of her own YouTube* technology tips and tricks show, CodeToCreate, and is also the founder of Miaomiao Games. She is on the organizing committee for AndroidTO, the annual Android conference in Toronto, and the co-organizer of the Toronto Google Developer Group. Macy is also a Google Developers Expert for wearables, and an IoT pioneer.

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Maksim MasalskiMaksim Masalski

Founder of Maxxlife Robot and robotics store
Minsk, Belarus


Fields of research are robotics, biomechanics, mechatronics, virtual reality, IoT, and e-textile. Since childhood, I am interested in technics and technologies. I'm a founder of an IoT and robotics laboratory in Minsk, and with my team we produce educational robotics kits, Maxxlife Robot.

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Manindra Manindra Majumdar

CEO, Gofind
San Francisco, California

Manindra Majumdar is founder and CEO of Gofind, which builds AI solutions for retailers and media companies to enable visual searches for shopping. Prior to Gofind, Manindra worked for IMI plc (a UK-based FTSE 100 company) on several projects across 15 countries, focusing on data warehousing, supply chain, and search engines. Born in India, Manindra taught himself programming, earned his bachelors degree in business management from Edinburgh Napier University (Scotland), and his master's degree in business administration from Hult International Business School in San Francisco.



Manisha BiswasManisha Biswas

Independent developer and application developer
Kolkata, India

IoT, Intel® RealSense™ technology, augmented reality

Manisha is a passionate software developer and blogger, who is always ready to learn and explore new technologies. She is an IoT enthusiast, .NET developer, and works on Intel RealSense technology.

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Marc PousMarc Pous


IoT developer



Marcelo HernandezMarcelo Hernandez

Android developer



Marcelo QuintaMarcelo Quinta

Goiania, Brazil

Mobile Architecture (Android and iOS) and UX

Professor in Software Engineering, related to a lot of Brazilian social and community groups.

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Marco Cerutti Marco Cerutti

Chief technology officer and cofounder, DragonFlower
Sandton, South Africa

Marco is a generalist and all-around engineer whose motto is “just say yes!” He is the cofounder of DragonFlower, an AI-focused consultancy for customers in the insurance industry in South Africa. Previously, Marco led the data science group for global markets at Standard Bank where he created a data science community. This community was dedicated to training domain experts from various backgrounds to use machine learning. He has several years’ experience working as a trading systems implementations consultant. Marco earned a degree in electrical engineering from the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.


Marco Dal PinoMarco Dal Pino

Freelance consultant, software engineer
Tuscany, Italy

Intel® RealSense™ technology, IoT, Windows*

More than 20 years in IT, Microsoft MVP, Intel® Black Belt Software Developer and Intel® Software Innovator, Nokia* DevChamp, freelance consultant, mobile and embedded app developer, trainer and speaker, team and program manager.

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Marco MinervaMarco Minerva

Company owner, software developer and architect
Taggia, Italy


Marco Minerva has been working with .NET since its first introduction. Currently, he works as freelance consultant and designs and develops applications based on the .NET framework, which includes Windows*, Xamarin*, IoT and web solutions with ASP.NET, web API, and Azure*. He organizes and holds training courses on these topics. Marco is co-founder and community leader of DotNetToscana, the .NET user group of Tuscany, Italy. He is speaker at technical events and writes articles for magazines. He is a Microsoft MVP for Windows development.


Martin FörtschMartin Förtsch

Principal consultant at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH
Munich, Germany

Agile software development mainly in Java*, databases, information retrieval, 3D cameras like the Intel® RealSense™ camera, Leap Motion or Kinect, augmented reality and telepresence robotics.

Martin Förtsch is an IT consultant at TNG Technology Consulting GmbH in Munich, Germany. As an Intel Software Innovator, Intel Black Belt Software Developer, and JavaOne Rockstar, he is strongly involved in the development of awesome showcases and open-source software for gesture control with 3D cameras like the Intel RealSense camera. Furthermore, he gives many talks on national and international conferences about Internet of Things, 3D camera technologies, augmented reality and test driven development as well. He is an author for the technical blog,

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Martin WojtczykMartin Wojtczyk

Founder, Cubotix*
Berkeley, CA

Android on Intel® architecture: Creating and interfacing smart, autonomous robots with smartphone technologies. Intel® Perceptual Computing: Creating interactive, smart, autonomous robots and connected devices. Internet of Things: Creating smart, autonomous, robots and connected devices.

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Massimiliano TorregianiMassimiliano Torregiani

Monza, Italy

Performance optimization of Android NDK applications for Intel Atom® processor-based devices.



Massimo BonanniMassimo Bonanni

Software senior architect, team leader, eXagile S.r.l.*
Rome, Italy

Perceptual computing.

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Matteo ValorianiMatteo Valoriani

Doctor, independent developer, Fifth Ingenium*, Politecnico di Milano
Milan, Italy

Intel® Perceptual Computing and Internet of Things: I combine the latest ambient and wearable technologies with the gesture-based interaction to experiment with new amazing experiences and create unique applications for marketing, tourism, and healthcare.

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Matt PilzMatthew Pilz

Founder, linkedPIXEL*

I develop a wide variety of games, applications, and conceptual prototypes for many purposes while also performing related freelance work. I have released apps for a diverse set of platforms including iOS*, Android, smart TVs, Web, Windows* 8, All-In-Ones, specialized touch devices.



Matt Rubashkin Matthew Rubashkin

CEO, LexiconAI
San Francisco, California

Matthew is the CEO and cofounder of LexiconAI where they are developing an intelligent, voice-based operating system for clinicians. Their first product, LexiconMD, empowers doctors and nurses by providing them with an intuitive user interface that is hands and eyes free, and integrates directly into medical record systems. With LexiconMD, users can complete their documentation at the point of care instead of at the end of the day, at twice the speed of typing. This enables health systems to process more claims for reimbursement for the care that is delivered.


Michael SchlohMichael Schloh

CEO, Europalab Networks*

Internet of Things, embedded design, and network security

Michael Schloh von Bennewitz is a computer scientist specializing in network engineering, embedded design, and mobile platform development. Presenting and teaching frequently at research events for companies including Cable and Wireless Communications, Nokia, Mozilla*, Ubuntu*, ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers), Droidcon, AstriCon, MINIX*, Mobile* World Congress, DockerCon, and FOSDEM. Michael's technology knowledge profits from years of work at telecoms and relationships with industry leaders.

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Michele TameniMichele Tameni

Independent developer and CEO at
Milan, Italy

IoT, mobile and Intel® RealSense™ applications

An unconventional software engineer, interested in research and development of innovative apps, experimenting on emerging technology and interaction methods. A contributor to some open source projects, some for work, mostly for passion. When not at a keyboard, Michele is usually travelling around the world, taking photographs, or writing about adventures.

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Mihai TodorMihai Todor

Senior software engineer, Nitro Software
Dublin, Ireland

Mihai is a senior software engineer with over 10 years of experience in both industrial and academic organizations. He has deep technical skills and enjoys finding new challenges in the fields of machine learning and large-scale computing.

LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub


Mike DiGiovanniMike DiGiovanni

Emerging technology lead, Isobar*
New York

Android* and virtual reality (mobile and room-scale)

Continuing Android* application development while socializing and educating other developers about Android devices with Intel® architecture and software.



Mike KasprzakMike Kasprzak

Owner, lead developer, Sykhronics Entertainment*
London, Ontario, Canada

Working on a silly multiplayer game for multiple platforms, including next generation Intel®-powered Android devices.



Minsung KimMinsung Kim

WeAreDev Co.,Ltd.
IoT, Intel® RealSense™ apps

I develop IoT solutions using Intel® Galileo and Intel® Edison boards and other devices. And, I study gesture recognition using Intel® RealSense™ technology.



Mohammad ShojafarMohammad Shojafar

Researcher, Center of National Consortium Inter-Universities in Telecommunications (CNIT)
Research associate, Sapienza University
Rome, Italy

Mohammad is a CNIT senior researcher at the University of Rome Tor Vergata working on European European Horizon 2020 project, Superfluity. Simultaneously, he is collaborating with the Sapienza University of Rome on two ongoing Italian projects funded by the Italian MIUR named PRIN and V-FOG. Recently, he completed an Italian project, SAMMClouds, which addresses some of the cloud open issues related to the Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) systems supported by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, Modena, Italy.

He completed his PhD in Informations and Communications Technologies (ICT) at the Sapienza University of Rome in May 2016. His current research focuses on Green communication, computing, and networked systems, network function virtualization (NFV), and software-defined networking (SDN) using mathematical and artificial optimization.

LinkedIn, Website


Mohammed YaqoubMohammed Yaqoub

Developer, BrightUp LLC
Khobar, Saudi Arabia

IoT, robotics and drones, mobile apps, game development



Moheeb ZaraMoheeb Zara

Community manager, Octoblu

Moheeb is a community manager at Octoblu, a Citrix* company. He is a board member for HeatSync Labs. As well, Moheeb is a co-founder of the Southwest Maker Festival.

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Monalisa ArcellaMonalisa Arcelia

Developer Relation,
Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Internet of Things (IoT)

I am a girl and also an IoT enthusiast. I describe myself as a person who doesn't easily give up when seeking knowledge, and now I am focused on learning the Internet of Things.

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Mythili Vutukuru

Assistant professor, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay
Mumbai, India

Research in networked systems, network function virtualization (NFV), software-defined networking (SDN)

Mythili has been an assistant professor at IIT Bombay since 2013. She has a bachelor degree from IIT Madras, and MS and PhD degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

IIT Bombay, Developer Mesh


Nada El Husseiny

Machine learning engineer, Xtrava
Nasr City, Egypt

Nada graduated from Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering, where she majored in biomedical engineering before starting a post as a research and teaching assistant at Nile University. At Nile University, she worked on projects that focused on medical image analysis using image processing and machine learning techniques. Nada then received her master's degree in medical informatics from Nile University. Currently, she works as a machine learning engineer at Xtrava, and is working on a wellness application for infants. This application collects sensor data from infants, and then alerts the parents if something is wrong, such as the baby stopped breathing during sleeping.


Nader RahmanNader Rahman

Mobile developer and software engineer at ESPRIT
Tunis, Tunisia


Nader is a software engineer specializing in mobile development. He is also a teacher-researcher and head of the IoT module at ESPRIT.

Facebook, LinkedIn


Nadhir KhayatiNadhir Khayati

Software engineering professor, senior software consultant
Montreal, Canada

Android, game development, Intel® XDK, IoT, and wearable technologies

Nadhir is a senior software consultant in an IT company specializing in healthcare. Previously, Nadhir was an associate professor at ESPRIT, a university in Tunisia. He is a member of the Google Developer Group for the Tunisia community, and a member and cofounder of TUNTIZEN Community.

Facebook, Google+*, LinkedIn


Nagasai Arun Panchakarla

Co-organizer at IoT Bangalore
Bangalore, India

Evangelizing the Internet of Things (IoT) in India.

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Narenda WicaksonoNarenda Wicaksono

Jakarta, Indonesia


Strong mobile development experience as application architect and game publisher. Experienced in producing quality applications and reached a million downloads in the global market.

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Neil RoodynNeil Roodyn

Director, nsquared solutions
Sydney, Australia

Windows, artificial intelligence, mixed and augmented reality

Dr. Neil Roodyn is a founder, entrepreneur, consultant, trainer, and author. He travels the world working with technology companies.

Twitter. LinkedIn


Nelson GlauberNelson Glauber

Mobile software engineer, Android*
Recife, Brazil

Nelson is a software development engineer for mobile and wearable devices. Author of the book, Dominando o Android, do básico ao avançado (in Portuguese), Google* developer expert in Android.

Twitter, Google+, GitHub, Web


Nile MittowNile Mittow


IoT developer

Nile is an embedded software developer, maker, and lead innovation engineer at the Hacker Lab maker space in Sacramento, California. He teaches classes in everything from wood and plastics fabrication to digital logic, C, and small electronics prototyping.

Google+, Developer Mesh


Nishant Srivastava Nishant Srivastava

Lucknow, India

Nishant is an Android* engineer and open source enthusiast who spends his time doodling when not hacking on Android. He is a caffeine-dependent life form and can be found either talking about Android libraries or advocating at community gatherings that coffee is the elixir of life. He has been part of two startups in the past, as a founding team member at OmniLabs, Inc. and one of the first employees at Silverpush. He has experience in Android SDK engineering and audio digital signal processing (DSP) on Android. While working at his past company, Silverpush, he developed the company’s patented Unique Audio Beacon (UAB) technology.

GitHub, Blog, Twitter, Medium, SpeakerDeck, Patent 1, Patent 2


Olivier ChironOlivier Chiron

Paris, France

IoT developer


Olivier GonthierOlivier Gonthier

Freelance Android developer, Lasius*
Paris, France

Freelance Android developer currently working on Libon*, a messaging/calling app. Apart from that, also editor on InfoQ-France* and blogger.

Twitter, Developer Mesh


Oluwatobi OyinlolaOluwatobi Oyinlola

Embedded system engineer, rLoop Incorporated


Oluwatobi Oyinlola is an embedded systems engineer, inventor, IoT evangelist, and technical speaker with extensive experience in embedded systems design, IoT, robotics, and firmware engineering. He is a passionate member of IoT Europe and was featured on World IoT Day representing Africa where he spoke about how he used IoT to solve some critical challenges faced by the continent. Recently, he has been working in the avionics systems with rLoop Incorporated—a company sharing the dream of realizing the fifth mode of transportation initiated by Elon Musk, that is, the Hyperloop.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook


Omar BarlasOmar Barlas

Independent developer, cofounder of Orbii

Intel® RealSense™ technology, IoT, Intel® Joule™, robotics, artificial intelligence (AI), software development

With over 12 years of experience in software application development, Omar has created several web applications. He is currently working on two IoT projects: The first is Orbii, a driveable, modular IP camera in a robotic ball. The second is a smart doorbell that uses the Intel® Joule™ development board, which uses facial recognition to unlock a door or ring a bell.

Website, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Developer Mesh


Omar Isaac Omar Isaac

Chief crazy officer, Crazies and Co.
New York, NY

Omar is an entrepreneur and investor who sold his last agency to WPP (a communication services group), raised millions in crowdfunding, and is now running an incubator for crazy ideas.



Omkar KhairOmkar Khair

Cloud consultant
Pune, India

IOT, cloud, machine learning

Building machines that make smart decisions.

Twitter, Website, Developer Mesh


Orlando HoilettOrlando Hoilett

Founder and owner, Calvary Engineering LLC
West Lafayette, Indiana

Gaming, IoT, mobile, robotics, wearables

Orlando is a graduate research assistant at Purdue University interested in wearables and telemedicine. He also designs and builds hardware and software tools for biomedical engineering education as the founder and owner of Calvary Engineering LLC. In his free time, he’s an avid electronics hobbyist.

Twitter, Instagram


Pablo Farias NavarroPablo Farias Navarro

Founder of ZENVA*
Brisbane, Australia

JavaScript*, Node.js*, HTML5 game and app development, Cordova*, Intel® XDK

Software developer and entrepreneur. Pablo is passionate about education and teaching coding skills.

Homepage, Blog, Twitter, Facebook


Paulo Gurgel PinheiroPaulo Gurgel Pinheiro

Independent developer
Campinas - São Paulo - Brazil

Robotics, AI, Intel® RealSense™ apps

With a PhD in Computer Science, Paulo is the CEO and co-founder of HOO.BOX Robotics, and an expert on robotics and assistive hands-free interfaces. Paulo is the research leader of Wheelie, the first hands-free interface generation that uses Intel® RealSense™ technology to control intelligent wheelchairs.

Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, HOO.BOX Robotics, Developer Mesh


Paolo MoroPaolo Moro

CEO, Business Research Srl
Padova, Italy

IoT, coding, cloud

Paolo has been working with cloud technologies since 2000. Two years ago, he decided to open a Fab Lab in Padova, because the future is in sharing skills with open knowledge. Paolo manages an important software company that builds custom products with high value added especially to IoT solutions, digital transformations, and cloud services.

Website, Facebook, LinkedIn


Peach PellenPeach Pellen

CTO of Platino
Mobile, IoT, gaming
San Francisco, CA.

Eccentric Gaming, Apps & Mobile Frameworks Professional. Providing resources for devs and making apps since 2008. IoT enthusiast.

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Developer Mesh


Pedro GalvanPedro Galvan


Intel® RealSense™ developer



Pedro Monteiro KayattPedro M. Kayatt

Co-founder of VRMonkey*
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Pedro is a virtual reality innovator with a strong passion for games. He mixes many technologies such as Intel® RealSense™ technology as an NUI to improve interactions with the virtual world. By developing some educational tools in virtual reality (VR), Pedro believes we can change the world, for better.

LinkedIn, Facebook Twitter, GitHub, Developer Mesh


Pedro QueriozPedro Querioz

Independent game developer, Intel® RealSense™ technology, RA and VR enthusiast

Always looking for different ways to use new technology. Intel® Perceptual Computing Challenge 2013 winner. Intel® RealSense™ App Challenge 2014 TrailBlazer. Last research was to create games and applications that can be controlled completely with facial recognition. Evangelizing Intel RealSense technology in Recife.

LinkedIn, Twitter, Developer Mesh


Penelope LopezPenelope Lopez

Cofounder of CyberCode Twins

Civic tech, virtual reality, Internet of Things

Penelope is on a mission to make communities safer through wearable tech and virtual reality.

Twitter, Facebook


Peter MaPeter Ma

Independent developer, founder of Grindbit*
San Francisco

Intel® RealSense™ technology, IoT, Android*, iOS*, augmented reality (AR), wearables, Node.js*

Peter has been a software developer for more than 12 years. He was involved in many start-ups and projects that pushed the envelope of innovation. His accomplishments include speaking about mobile apps at TEDGlobal 2010. He also won the 2015 AT&T Developer Summit grand prize. In 2016, Peter gave Secretary of State John Kerry a demo of Anti-Snoozer, a drowsy detection system that leverages both Intel® Edison™ board and Intel RealSense technology. That same year, he won the IBM Global Mobile Innovator Challenge.

Peter is currently working on a start-up called Grindbit, a headband that tracks teeth grinding at night. You can usually find him at local hackathons in the San Francisco Bay area helping different teams build IoT projects.

LinkedIn, Website, Twitter, Developer Mesh


Peter O'HanlonPeter O'Hanlon

Managing director, independent developer
Newcastle, United Kingdom

Introducing gesture and voice recognition into standalone desktop apps, as well as integrating perceptual computing into Microsoft Office*.


Phil JohnstonPhil Johnston

Cofounder and CEO, VIRT*
Las Vegas, Nevada

With a background in business consulting and process improvement, Phil approached VR with the mindset of creating solutions for business. He saw a need for an easier and cheaper way to create VR walkthroughs, so he made the world's first 360-degree video rover.



Pooja BaraskarPooja Baraskar

Independent developer
Madhya Pradesh, India

Technical Focus: Internet of Things, Intel® RealSense™ technology

Pooja Baraskar is an Intel Software Innovator, Microsoft MVP, an author, and a passionate software developer. She specializes in Internet of Things, C#, XAML and Intel® RealSense™ technology.

Twitter, Facebook, Developer Mesh


Prajyot MankarPrajyot Mankar

Founder and director, Androcid
Goa, India

Android, App performances, IoT

In love with mobile engineering and have been working on Android development. Passionate about mobile app performance, loves to help developers create magic with programming.

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Qinshan ChenQinshan Chen


Android developer



Randall ArnoldRandall Arnold

Designer, developer

Working on wildlife monitoring using Intel® Galileo technology (IoT).



Reinaldo SilottoReinaldo Silotto

Android developer
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Web development, Android*, Microsoft Windows* developer. Created online course about Intel® XDK: Série - Intel XDK - Crie Aplicativos HTML5, CSS3 e JS.

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Renato HaddadRenato Haddad

Independent software developer in .NET
Florianopolis, Brazil

Intel® Perceptual Computing

I am a developer of applications using sensors in Windows 8.1 and Universal Apps. I have been helping Microsoft Brazil and some customers show and create training with these resources (sensors such as GPS, Accelerometer, and Geofence in Windows Phone 8.1).

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Rendra ToroRendra Toro

Application development manager, OLX Indonesia, PT.
Bogor, Jawa Barat - Indonesia


I am a geek from a small town called Bogor. I hold a monthly meet-up for IoT. I am also a mobile applications developer in my town of Bogor. As the community manager of this developer community, I have helped a few rookies publish their apps and push their product to the customer. I have a passion for mobile technology and IoT, and am still wondering how far it will help our daily activity.



Rick WaldronRick Waldron

Open web engineer, Bocoup*
Boston, MA

Creator of Johnny-Five, a JavaScript framework for hardware programming on the Node.js platform and working towards establishing standards for general hardware APIs. Currently supporting Arduino, BeagleBone, Raspberry Pi, Pinoccio, Spark-Core, Light Blue Bean, Intel Galileo and Intel Edison boards. His work was recently highlighted at IDF 2014.



Rishabh BangaRishabh Banga

Independent developer
Noida, India

Android*, Drones, Internet of Things, Intel® RealSense™ technology

Rishabh Banga is an Intel® Software Innovator, moderator for Microsoft Virtual Academy, blogger, and a passionate software developer. He specializes in Internet of Things, Android*, and Intel® RealSense™ technology. He loves developing industrial level and home-automated IoT solutions using Intel® Galileo boards, Intel® Edison boards, and other devices.

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Rishal Hurbans Rishal Hurbans

Founder, Prolific Idea
Solutions architect, Entelect
Centurion, South Africa

Rishal is currently a solutions architect at Entelect. He is involved in ideating, designing, and developing solutions for various national and international blue chip clients while actively growing thought leadership capabilities within the company and tech community. He has a passion for software engineering, digital architecture, mobile development, design thinking methodologies, and artificial intelligence. Rishal founded Prolific Idea in 2015 to cultivate innovation through research and technology. Prolific Idea has released a collaborative productivity platform, Rishal has a keen interest in community involvement and development. He runs the Artificial Intelligence South Africa (AI ZA) monthly hackathons and is an active speaker at user groups and conferences.

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Rishi BhatnagarRishi Bhatnagar

Independent developer
Bangalore, India

Rishi is a full-stack developer. He loves building things, cares about design, and is excited about security.

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Ritik PatnaikRitik Patnaik

Independent developer

IoT, Intel® Real Sense™ camera, Intel® Edison board, Arduino* 101 platform, TinyTILE platform, and Intel® Curie™ platform

Ritik is a high school developer who is making a difference. He integrates the newest developer technology from Intel for cost-effective solutions to today’s problems. He builds medical, IoT, or just plain fun applications with the help of the community at Intel. Ritik has always loved sharing his innovations with the entire world (especially at science and Maker fairs).

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Robert HoggRobert Hogg

Managing director, Black Marble
United Kingdom


Microsoft MVP and regional director, community advocate for IoT, UWP and innovative technologies.

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Ron EvansRon Evans

Developer, The Hybrid Group*
Los Angeles, CA

IoT, robotics

Ron is an open source software developer, businessperson, author, speaker, and an iconoclast. He created Cylon.js, Gobot, Artoo, and KidsRuby. He is also ringleader of The Hybrid Group.



Rosemarie DayRosemarie Day

IoT devops engineer, iDevices—a Hubbell Company
Hartford, Connecticut

Rosemarie is a developer focused on IoT and data analytics. Her research focus is on home automation, environmental analytics, and user interaction with the home.

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Ryan MeaselRyan Measel


Spatial mapping, mixed reality

Ryan Measel received his BS in computer engineering (2011), MS in electrical engineering (2011), and PhD in electrical engineering (2015) from Drexel University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Ryan cofounded in 2014 and currently serves as the Chief Technology Officer.

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Salvino FidacaroSalvino Fidacaro

Marketing and developer specialist, Goowai Edit*,
Sant'Agata di Militello (Me) IT

Using the Intel SDK, I developed "Public Search" for Android. Here is the app:



Sam WarnerSam Warner

CEO, Well Told Entertainment
Orange, California

Virtual reality, gaming

Sam hopped right into the growing augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) movement right out of college and formed Well Told Entertainment with some of his closest friends. He relies on their awesome skills to create story-focused products for clients and consumers alike. Together they have published several apps on the market and have a game on Steam. They’re excited to share more about their next game Foglands - Long Road Home and what they're doing to make the player feel like the protagonist of a good story, well told!

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Sanju MathewSanju Mathew

CEO, Onbyz
Trivandrum, Kerala, India

IoT, robotics and bionics, hardware product design and development

Sanju has an MTech degree in electronics with a focus on signal processing and bionics. He is also an entrepreneur, speaks at national and international conferences on bionics and IoT, and is an electronics hardware engineer, system architect, and UI/UX specialist. His work includes a predictive maintenance AI system for airports in Australia, a bionic hand for the disabled, a water supply automation system for Star Hotels, and a laser calibration unit for spectroscopy units.

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Sean Oreilly Sean O'Reilly

Senior software engineer, JUMO
Cape Town, South Africa

Sean is a software engineer, researcher, and entrepreneur based in Cape Town, South Africa. His technical background is varied and ranges from financial services to robotics. He has delivered software projects for startups and multinational corporations in Africa, Europe, and the Silicon Valley. He holds a master’s degree in information technology and AI. He is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science, with a focus on machine learning, computer vision, and 3D scene reconstruction.


Sebastien BorgetSebastien Borget

Founder, Pixowl*
San Francisco, CA

I am the chief operations officer at PIXOWL, a leading mobile game studio that I co-founded with two friends. Together, we have produced the popular iOS titles, Doodle Grub and The Sandbox, both of which have generated several million downloads. Our latest project, Greedy Grub, is available here.



Sebastian MauerSebastian Mauer

Software architect, bitstars*
Aachen, Germany

Android* development, iPhone* development, HTML5/CSS, Java, JavaScript, Node.js/Express.



Sergey IvanovSergey Ivanov

Independent developer, researcher
Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Russia

I am always amazed at the ability of creative people to invent something. Ingenuity—it's always something new, always open. I always liked to invent things, create something new, and like to do things out of the ordinary. It's awesome. I love working with high technology, and I want to introduce it into daily life.

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Sergio Schiavo Sergio Schiavo

Founder, game designer, and developer, Electronic Motion Games
Igny, France

Sergio Schiavo graduated from University FUMEC (Belo Horizonte, Brazil) with a bachelor's degree in computer science. He started working with web development, mastering several languages and technologies, and then reaching a senior level of development. Parallel to his career, he worked and studied game development and new technologies such as Intel® RealSense™ technology, and participated in workshops and relevant events. After his experience working at EA (Electronic Arts), Sergio decided that with his level of experience and his passion for games, it was time to start a new path and focus on the game industry.


Sherif Abdelkarim Sherif Abdelkarim

Algorithm engineer, Valeo
Cairo, Egypt

After graduating with a bachelor of science in mechatronics engineering, Sherif participated in a research project at the Berlin University of Applied Sciences, working on a sensorless control motor shift. He completed his master’s degree in intelligent systems at Aberystwyth University. His presented his dissertation titled Visualization and Taxonomic Identification of Metagenomics Samples using Self Organizing Maps at the second Bioinformatics Student Symposium by RSG-UK in Norwich and received Best Poster Presentation Award. He currently works as a deep learning researcher specializing in computer vision at Valeo.


Shivaram MysoreShivaram Mysore

Founder, Service Fractal Inc.
San Francisco, California

Shivaram commercializes software-defined networking and security solutions at Service Fractal. He is an open-source contributor to Faucet SDN Controller. In the past, Shivaram has worked for companies such as Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, and Infoblox, and also founded three different start-ups.

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Placeholder image for Shohreh AhvarShohreh Ahvar

Institut Mines-Telecom, Telecom SudParis
PhD student
Evry, France

Shohreh is currently a PhD candidate at the Institut Mines-Telecom, Telecom SudParis, in co-accreditation with the Pierre and Marie Curie University (Paris 6) on the topic of cloud-based content delivery networks. She is also a collaborating researcher at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada, working on an Ericson- funded project. Her research interests are network function virtualization, content delivery networks, cloud computing, and wireless sensor networks.



Siddhant AgarwalSiddhant Agarwal

Ecosystem engagement manager, Beahead Private Limited
Bangalore, India

Siddhant is a design thinker at heart and a passionate UX designer who loves helping start-ups improve the UX of applications by focusing on a unified user experience. He’s a technology enthusiast who loves to work on multiple technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, Android*, IoT, and Intel® RealSense™ technology.

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Sidiq PermanaSidiq Permana

Professional Android* application developer, chief innovator of Nusantara Beta Studio, Android expert, and passionate tech mentor

Android*, backend technology, Java*, C++, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI).

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Silviu-TudorSilviu-Tudor Serban

Bucharest, Romania

Research and innovation, Intel® RealSense™ technology, computer vision, robotics, healthcare, human-computer interaction

Developing next-gen immersive applications with Intel® RealSense™ technology and Unity*.

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Sofian HadwijayaSofian Hadiwijaya

Tech advisor at
Jakarta, Indonesia

Machine learning

Sofian is a data scientist, technology evangelist, creative technologist, public speaker, and robotic enthusiast. He works with the Internet of Things, big data, machine learning, and development and operations.

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Sourav LahotiSourav Lahoti

Full stack developer
Bangalore, India

Open source and IoT

Sourav is a veteran software developer and designer. Previously at Intel, he is currently working at the start-up Babajob as a software developer engineer. Sourav graduated with a bachelor degree in information technology.

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Srivignessh Pacham Sri SrinivasanSrivignessh Pacham Sri Srinivasan

Software engineer, Juniper Networks*
Sunnyvale, California

Srivignessh is interested in the field of deep learning and AI. He develops innovative AI applications using sensors, networking, and the cloud with the Python* programming language.

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Stephan OdörferStephan Odörfer

Founder and CTO, 4tiitoo GmbH*
Munich, Germany

We create the software platform NUIA to control everyday devices and applications in a consistent and natural way based on inputs like gaze, gestures, and speech. Based on the overall context, it predicts users' intentions to enable devices to act automatically and intelligently.

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Stephen and Stacy WylieStephen and Stacy Wylie


IoT developers



Steve FavisSteve Favis

CTO, Taechyon Robotics Corporation
Sacramento, California

IoT, social robotics, and game development

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Subhajit NathSubhajit Nath

Naihati, India

Full-time game developer. Experienced in 3D animation, visual effects (VFX), and .NET technologies.

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Suelen Goularte CarvalhoSuelen Goularte Carvalho

Independent developer, entrepreneur, and instructor
São Paulo, Brazil

Native Android and Java Web

Agile enthusiast, Android expert and web and mobile full stack developer.

Tech Blog, LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium (non-tech posts)


Sufian Kaki AslamSufian Kaki Aslam

Student, Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, Illinois

Internet of Things, healthcare electronics

A passionate technopreneur, making TeleHealth affordable and reliable. Building Iron Man suit is my hobby.

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Suresh Kumar GSuresh Kumar G

Co-founder and CTO, BlueInnovations, RocketXLabs, and MacAppStudio
Chennai, India

IoT, Intel® RealSense™ apps, 2 in 1 devices, wearables and Apple ecosystem (Mac OS, iOS, tvOS and watchOS).

Visionary, explorer, hacker and an amazing designer. Dreams about making people’s lives simpler easier and happier. Loves travelling. Lives with his wife and two girls in Chennai, India.

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Tamara GagliardiTamara Gagliardi

Production engineer, Yahoo!
Los Angeles, California

Tamara is a development operations engineer by day and IoT enthusiast by night. She works on understanding various communication methods such as LoRaWan, RF, LPWan, and others. She is also a previous Intel® IoT Roadshow hackathon winner.

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Tanay PantTanay Pant

Author, speaker, developer
New Delhi, India

IoT, artificial intelligence, modern code, product management

Tanay Pant is an Indian author, speaker, hacker, innovator, and tech enthusiast. He is best known for his work on various books on computer science, open source contributions, and his talks at technology conferences.

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Tejumade Afonja Tejumade Afonja

Software developer, Advent Tech.
Lagos, Nigeria

Tejumade is deeply passionate about machine learning and experimenting with machine learning models. She has worked with classification systems like decision trees, support vector machines, and more. She likes to focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence and what it can do. Tejumade is an active member of the Women in Machine Learning group, Python* Nigeria, Google* Developers Group Lagos, and group. She also leads key technology events in Nigeria and interacts with the technology ecosystem in her community to discuss new tools, trends, and education.


Tharaneedharan (Dharani) VilwanathanTharaneedharan (Dharani) Vilwanathan

Senior staff engineer
Fremont, California

Networking, server, modern code, IoT, graphics, artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality

Dharani is a software architect with over 25 years in the software industry. He was part of Inferno* operating system, Limbo* programming language, and networking projects at Bell Labs (Lucent). He worked for Cisco on the Catalyst* 6500 (Cat6K), Cat4K, and Cat3K switches. He is currently at Aruba* (a Hewlett-Packard enterprise company) in the wireless area. He has an avid interest in networking, operating systems, and software architecture.

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Thomas EndresThomas Endres

Principal consultant at TNG Technology Consulting
Munich, Germany

Gesture cameras like the Intel RealSense camera, augumented reality (AR) and robotics with C#, Java, and JavaScript.

Thomas Endres is an IT consultant working for TNG Technology Consulting in Munich who is passionate about software development and other aspects of technology. He is involved in various AR, robotics, and gesture control projects written in Java, C#, and all kinds of JavaScript languages. Furthermore, he is an Intel Software Innovator and Intel Black Belt Software Developer, as well as a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut and an author for the technical blog,

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Thomas FickertThomas Fickert


IoT developer



Tim CoreyTim Corey

Founder, Epicross*

Founder of technical consulting agency specializing in web, mobile, and desktop software development.



Timothy PorterTimothy Porter

Co-owner at Underminer Studios
Austin, TX

Virtual reality, augmented reality, game development, mobile, Intel® RealSense technology, networking, IoT

Tim has more than eight years in the entertainment industry, a bachelor degree in computer animation, a strong foundation in art, and a mind sharp for technical details. He has used lessons learned from early-career gaming roles to develop his own methodologies for streamlining pipelines, optimizing multiple platforms, and creating tools that make teams stronger and more efficient. A partner in ownership with his wife, Alex, in Underminer Studios, Tim steers the technical side of the business.

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Tim PrinceTim Prince

Senior software engineer, Intel (semi-retired)
Hamilton, Ohio

Modern code, high-performance computing

Tim made a career in mechanical, aero engineering, and high-performance computing (HPC). Since retiring from Intel, he worked on optimization of electric power planning and other HPC-like C++ applications, as well as keeping up on testing compiler optimizations.

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Tom MurphyTom Murphy

Computer science professor at Contra Costa College
San Pablo, California

High-performance computing education, computational science education, computer science education

Computer science professor, hackathon instigator, long-time member of the parallel programming lunatic fringe (since early 1990s), computer programmer since 1965. I am one of the designers of the LittleFe computational cluster ( and I am a member of the Parallel and Distributed Working Group of the National Computational Science Institute.

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Tuan Nguyen Tuan Nguyen

Solution architect, VMware*
Palo Alto, California

Tuan focuses on end-to-end network slicing, proof-of-concept solutions development for network function virtualization (NFV) use cases, and operations management. He brings tremendous experience working with telecommunications customers and working together with the NFV product and field teams at VMware as a solution architect. Tuan worked as system solution engineer for Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent) more than nine years, beginning in Europe and then moving to the US, working within different areas of the network (VoIP, routing, and switching). Tuan holds a PhD in telecommunications from the Université Paris-Sorbonne. He also worked as a research and teaching assistant professor in Paris for a couple of years.


Ubiratan SoaresUbiratan Soares

Software engineer, Android expert
Sao Paulo, Brazil

Android applications and IoT

Ubiratan is a software engineer who works on Android applications. He is focused on getting the best performance and rock-solid code by using cutting-edge technologies on real-world problems.

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Vui NguyenVui Nguyen

Independent developer
IoT, Intel® Edison board
Denver, CO

Vui Nguyen is a long-time software developer who has worked on a wide range of applications and technologies, from web, to mobile, to enterprise. She was bit by the "IoT bug" in early 2016 and has been building IoT projects ever since.

Vui won first place in the Denver Intel® IoT Roadshow in April 2016. She was a finalist with her freezing water pipe detection and prevention system in an Intel-sponsored international IoT contest held in Beijing, China in August 2016.

She enjoys blogging and presenting on IoT, working on the next exciting IoT project, and fishing.

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Xander Horn Xander Horn

Data scientist, Tracker Connect
Johannesburg, South Africa

Xander has several years’ experience in the data science field and is actively involved in the local data science community as a co-organizer of the R users group in South Africa, Johannesburg. In addition, he has been involved in several talks and events regarding data science and the in-depth field of machine learning. He also published his own R library, which automates exploratory data analysis for classification problems in the field of machine learning.


Xiandi XuXiandi Xu


Intel® RealSense™ app and Android developer; recent participant in the Programmers' Festival



Yan XuYan Xu

Scientist, PROS*
Houston, Texas

Yan earned her PhD in electrical and computer engineering in 2015. She has developed various machine learning projects such as facial expression recognition in video, business-to-business (B2B) pricing guidance, demand forecasting, and natural language processing (NLP) solutions. She is also the founder and speaker for the machine learning meetup in the Houston area.



Yang Zhi (Jack Young)Yang Zhi (Jack Young)

Founder and CEO of CompSens (TouchAir)
Beijing, China

Intel® RealSense™ technology, IoT, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and natural user interface

Yang Zhi founded CompSens in 2011. CompSens provides creative natural interactive solutions and products. He developed a game using Intel® RealSense™ technology: Space Astro Blaster.

LinkedIn, Website


Yeser MezianiYeser Meziani

Lead automation and production engineer, MK Industrie
Tlemcen, Algeria

A tech enthusiast, a passionate coder, and roboticist, Yeser enjoys learning new technologies and applying AI to robotics and discovering how it can serve potential needs, especially in the industrial field.

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Yunfan LinYunfan Lin

Developer, The Best Sync*

The Best Sync focuses on perceptual development and augmented reality (AR) technology.



Zayen ChagraZayen Chagra

R&D engineer, mobile developer
Bizerte, Tunisia

Intel RealSense technology

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