Phase I : Stock Trading Basics

Stock Trading BasicsThe stock trading basics covered here will lead you to more advanced strategies. The topics covered here will go in depth. Learn the Breakout Theory stock trading strategies by following this tutorial in the correct order.

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Phase II: The Breakout Strategy

Phase III: Advanced Methods

Click Topics Below To Learn Stock Trading Basics

The next few topics below will give your a primer on the Breakout Theory trading system. Each topic goes in depth in explaining the process of stock trading. Stock trading basics are covered below.

Trade The Breakout – The breakout is what leads to the biggest trends. Stocks that breakout into new highs from chart patterns produce up to 300% gains, some times more.  The breakout in the point of action where you will enter the trade. Finding these stocks that are about to make a major move are simple. Breakout Theory is the proven strategy to attain the largest gains from the largest stock trends that develop in the stock market. By following the methods on this web site you will be able to trade stocks very profitably. By trading the breakout, you increase your chances of catching a major trend. Read More

Learn How To Pick The Best Stocks -You must build a watch list of worthy stocks that will produce a health breakout that leads to huge trends. There are thousands of stocks to choose from. Many traders spread themselves too thin and trade too many stocks at once. By focusing on these stock trading basics, you will narrow the market down to the best stocks. To make money in the stock market you want to focus where the big moves are.  Follow the money. The best stocks are companies that have “growth”. This involves a little bit of fundamental analysis but is a very simple and powerful strategy. Once you have your list of stocks you can then input them on a trading list with your broker. Then you can begin analyzing stock charts using technical analysis to find the breakout prices. Read More

Learn Technical Analysis – This is one of the most important subject in stock trading basics. This subject should be explored beyond this website.  Using various technical indicators you will be able to spot the breakout price. By looking at stock charts and using technical analysis, you become familiar with how the stock price behaves. Technical analysis can help you decide when exactly to buy and sell just by looking at a stock chart. Once you determine the breakout price aka the buy/sell point, you will set alerts with your broker. You will only trade when those price alerts are hit. Technical analysis will tell you if market conditions are favorable to buy breakouts. It will also spot what sectors in the economy are hot and more. All professional traders use technical analysis. Read More

Learn Bull and Bear Market Stages – This concept is life and death to a stock trader. While these are just some stock trading basics, it is a rule that should never be violated. Trade with the flow of the markets. The markets go in cycles or stages. In a bull market all stocks go up. In a bear market all stock go down.  REPEAT: ALL STOCKS GO DOWN IN A BEAR MARKET.  It doesn’t matter if the company is making billions of dollars and has negative debt etc. The market forces as a whole are more powerful than one single stock. Only buy breakouts in a bull market. Only short sell stocks in a bear market. Always know what stage the market is in. Using just some simple technical indicators you can spot what the market conditions are. You always want to trade in the direction of the prevailing trend. Read More

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