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IEEE PES Region 7 (Canada) Chapters’ Report

The PES Region 7 has seen a very active year with numerous technical seminars, conferences, tutorials and other events hosted in 2019.
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Voice of the Governing Board

Nouredine Hadjsaid, Treasurer, IEEE PES

The last IEEE PES Governing Board meeting was held in Atlanta, GA, USA, where various operational and strategic issues of IEEE PES were discussed and relevant decisions and actions were taken.
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PES eNews Update

WiP Member Emma Burke Shares Her Motivation for PES & WiP

Emma Burke, a new WiP member and a graduate of Northeastern University, Boston, USA shares her motivation for PES and WiP.
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Updates from PES CSAC

At IEEE PES ISGT Latin America in Gramado, Brazil, apart from regular technical activities, a PES Lighting for Humanity event was successfully held.
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Update: PES Corporate Engagement Program

With the theme ‘More Power to the Future’ IEEE University of Asia Pacific student branch celebrated IEEE PES Day 2019.
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Grid Architecture: Shaping Our Energy Future

September/October PES Magazine

Grid Architecture: Shaping Our Energy Future

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