Setup in 2003 Tuts 4 You is a non-commercial, independent community dedicated to the sharing of knowledge and information on reverse code engineering in many of the subject areas it spans, across the many different operating systems, platforms, hardware and devices that exist today.

Tuts 4 You takes pride in knowing that it has been able, for over a decade, in uniting talented people from all corners of the reverse engineering community and enabling them to develop their skills, share ideas, promote and kickstart projects that have helped to shape the reverse engineering community. It's with this knowledge that Tuts 4 You continually strives to be used as a conduit to push the reverse engineering community to new heights and new goals.

We invite all visitors in to our community, to browse and download files from the site and to participate or ask questions on any aspect of reverse code engineering in the Community Forums.

We encourage those people who have written a paper, dissertation or essay and who would like to see it published on Tuts 4 You to click through to the Contact Us page to forward on to us.