D I S G A E A : H O U R   O F   D A R K N E S S


A breathtaking and defining strategy RPG from the masters of the genre!

The sensational strategy role-playing game from Japan, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness comes to North America on the Playstation 2, courtesy of Atlus U.S.A., Inc., the publishers of last year's award winning Tactics Ogre™: The Knight of Lodis.

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Key Features:
  • Unleash over 100 mind-blowing spells and special skills to lay waste to your enemies!
  • New Formation Attack System allows up to 4 of your characters to do quadruple the damage on one enemy!
  • Customize your army with over 150 character classes and monsters!
  • Dynamic battle system allows you to actively switch your characters in and out of battle to take on the toughest opponents!
  • Never before seen gameplay elements add a new dimension of strategy! Throw enemy or friendly characters to achieve a tactical advantage over your adversaries! Use the environmental Geo Panels to decimate an entire army!
  • Open a dimensional portal into the Item World and do battle there to increase the power of your weapons!
  • Over 40 Hours of gameplay with multiple endings!

The official Disgaea: Hour of Darkness Strategy Guide can be purchased at: http://www.doublejumpbooks.com/disgaea

Hear what others had to say about Disgaea: Hour of Darkness!

"...Disgaea is a masterpiece..." – 10 out of 10 – Gamesarefun.com

"...an instant cult-classic-Disgaea is so creative, challenging, and funny that it totally deserves the attention of RPG gamers." – EGM

"...hardcore gamers may never need another strategy RPG ever." - GamePro.com

"...filled with plenty of cheeky humor, some likable characters, a number of intriguing gameplay elements, and a many, many hours of turn-based combat." - GameSpot

This is one of the best strategy RPGs to come down the pipe in a long time. It’ll keep you engrossed for months." – Game Informer

"...good, solid fun." – Play Magazine

"Combining a level of depth rarely seen in games, along with a fun story and quirky cast, Disgaea is definitely worth it." - 95% - Gamevortex.com

"...Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is a fantastic game that’s worth every penny." – 9.4 out of 10 – GamingWorldX.com

"Said simply, Disgaea is one of the best new PS2 RPGs on the market." - 96% - Just RPG.com

"Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is the best strategy game on the PlayStation 2..." – 9.2 – Video Game City

"The Next Generation of Strategy RPG" – San Gabriel Valley Examiner

"Disgaea is simply the best SRPG I’ve seen since Final Fantasy Tactics. – MysticCollector.com

"...a top-notch tactical game that fans of the genre will be please with." – 4.5 / 5 Stars - etoychest.org

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