SHL digital humanities research lab
LPM live performers meeting
FLxER live video network and software
EDINBURGH HACKLAB hackerspace scotland
DORKBOT ALBA people doing strange things with electricity


MA DIGITAL MEDIA University of Sussex, Brighton UK //in progress
BSc COMPUTER SCIENCE & AI Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh UK
GAME DEVELOPMENT Högskolan på Gotland, Visby Sweden
FINE ARTS Leith School of Art, Edinburgh UK



pureData-driven AV live act @ LUMA Live film scoring – Brighton, UK

Contra-control Structures: Hacktivism, Cyberactivism and Women, Talk – Brighton, UK

Beyond Numbers: Ada Lovelace Day @ Brighton Digital Festival – Brighton, UK

Hear Me – Queer in Brighton oral histories collection as AV live act – Brighton, UK

MusicMakers Hacklab Opening Performance @ CTM Festival – Berlin, Germany


Anonymity Online, Talk @ LPM 2016 – Amsterdam, Netherlands


Online Anonymity and Encryption Tools, Lecture @ Regent’s University – London, UK


Digital Artists Voice in the Age of Mass Surveillance @ Scope Sessions – Berlin, Germany

Gegen Emotions – Live visuals – Berlin, Germany

Digital Artists Voice in the Age of Mass Surveillance – Discussion – Vilnius, Lithuania

Audiovisual Platforms and Freedom of Expression – Talk – Vilnius, Lithuania


Satta Outside Festival – Live visuals – Šventoji, Lithuania

LPM Live Performers Meeting XIII Edition – Rome, Italy

Movement and gesture patterns database and visualisation – Residency – Visby, Sweden

Creative Coding – Introduction to Processing workshop – Budapest, Hungary

pureData-driven av live act @AV Format v2.0 – Berlin, Germany

LPM Live Performers Meeting XII Edition – Mexico City, Mexico


pureData-driven av live act – Scope Sessions @Panke – Berlin, Germany

av live act – Noise at Raum – Berlin, Germany

Trion X – av live @ 10th anniversary of Salon Bruit – Berlin, Germany

LPM Live Performers Meeting 2012 – Rome, Italy

LPM presentation @ Salon Pro Vision’r Festival 2012  – Paris, France

Ladies night – av live act @ Salon Bruit – Berlin, Germany

Artificial Rat Project talk at Scope Sessions – artist talks & media salon NK – Berlin, Germany

Edinburgh Hacklab + The IET presentation – Edinburgh, UK

Short film Ferment @ MINDSCAPES – San Francisco, USA

FLxER workshop @ Where Are The Deleted Files Hidden – Budapest, Hungary

transmission: frozen @ Where Are The Deleted Files Hidden – Budapest, Hungary

AV Node presentation @ AV Node + Visual Berlin Lounge @Transmediale – Berlin, Germany


LPM Team @ Freemote Festival – Utrecht, Netherlands

Short film “Ferment” @  Female Transmission Festival 2011 – Krakow, Poland

Short film “Ferment” @ MINDSCAPES – Las Vegas, USA

LPM Live Performers Meeting 2011 Minsk Xth Edition – Minsk, Belarus

ReOnion – an Interactive Installation @ The Burning Man 2011 – Nevada, USA

Artificial Rat Project: a Study of Human – Machine Interaction: Publication @ IOS Press 2011

Artificial Rat Project: a Study of Human – Machine Interaction @ The 7th International Conference on Intelligent Environments – IE’11, Scientific Theatre SciT’11 – Nottingham, UK

Short film “Ferment” @ DIY Film Fest – Gdynia, Poland

Short film “Ferment” @ DIY Film Fest – Minsk, Belarus

transmission: frozen @ Mapping Festival 2011 – Geneva, Switzerland

transmission: frozen @LPM Live Performers Meeting – Rome, Italy


Free VJing for all – FLxER – VJing workshops streaming

Live Performers Meeting at Cinetrip VJ Torna 2010 – Budapest, Hungary

Edinburgh Hacklab – Grand opening – Edinburgh, Scotland

Experimental short film – Artistic residency – Academic Film Center – Belgrade, Serbia

Live media and FLOSS extended production seminary – performance – Litro – London, UK

Ferment” @ [self]~imaging – Video Channel Cologne 2010 – Cologne, Germany

Pd aka Pure Data intro – Workshop – CCA, Electron Club – Glasgow, Scotland

Ferment” presentation – Festival Images Contre Nature – Marseille, France

Ferment” video installation – K3: International Short Film Festival Villach – Treffen, Austria

Artificial rat – Presentation – AVLAB meeting: LaptopsRus @Medialab Prado – Madrid, Spain

Live video performance – LaptopsRus @ Matadero – Madrid, Spain

LPM 2010 Live Performers Meeting – Rome, Italy

FLxER workshop at Mapping Festival 2010 – Geneva, Switzerland

Ferment” presentation at EMAF – European Media Art Festival 2010 – Osnabrück, Germany

Experimental short film “Ferment” screening – OFF  Revija Amterskog Filma – Zagreb, Croatia

Experimental short film “Ferment” screening – Kinoklub Gromka – Ljubljana, Slovenia


Award for the short film “Ferment” – Alternative Film/Video Festival 2009 – Belgrade, Serbia

Installation – Mapping motion Visual Research Centre – Dundee, Scotland

Artistic residency – Mapping motion w/ Hrynczenko, Donnarumma – Gotland, Sweden

Workshop – Pure Data – Institute for New Media and Technology – Visby, Sweden

Audio-visual performance magnifik animalaz. projekt – LPM’09 – Rome, Italy

Live visuals – LadyFest – Rome, Italy

Audio-visual performance Ex Klangst Schwartz Swan – Vision’r – Paris, France

Audio-visual live act  Kuoyah & Deftoo – Bristol, UK

Live visuals – “Wdechy 2008” – Warsaw, Poland


Audio-visual live act w/ Wiracki – Warsaw, Poland

Theatrical play – Werther in New York, Teatr Wytwórnia – Warsaw, Poland

INCA Project – Benevento, Italy

Audio-visual performance – Vivisesja Festival – Poznań, Poland

Workshop – Creating content for VJing – University of AV Communication – Xalapa, Mexico

Audio-visual performance – LPM MEX – Xalapa, Mexico

Live visuals – Global Gathering Festival – Poznań, Poland

Talks – AVIT VJ Talks – Rome, Italy

Audio-visual performance – Live Performers Meeting – Rome, Italy

Video-art projections – Cracow Screen Festival – Kraków, Poland

Audio-visual performance – Vision’r Festival – Paris, France


Live visuals – LPM – Rome, Italy

‘Polish Art Scotland’ Exhibition – Group show – Edinburgh, Scotland

Live visuals – Al Fatnujah Tour – Poland