The National Association of Landscape Professionals (formerly PLANET) is the voice of more than 100,000 landscape and lawn care professionals. Join us!

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    Beth Berry training on motivational tools at sponsored by and

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    Thank you for sponsoring the Account Manager Excellence workshop hosted by Ken Thomas and Ben Gandy!

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    Thank you for being the association partner for this year's Snow & Ice Summit at !

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    Thank you for sponsoring this year's Irrigiation Summit at ! Thank you for being our association partner for this event. We appreciate your support.

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    Pre-conference workshops kick off at 9:00am! Thank you to for sponsoring the Landscape Management Specialty Summit.

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    Thank you to for sponsoring today's Lawn Care Specialty Summit! This event wouldn't be possible without you.

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    It's pre-conference workshop day at LANDSCAPES 2019! The Design Build Specialty Summit kicks off at 9:00am. Thank you to for sponsoring this event!

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    Thank you for being our keycard sponsor!

  9. 10월 12일
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    Hop in the car or grab a last-minute flight to Louisville, Kentucky! LANDSCAPES 2019 is North America’s preeminent learning and business event for landscape industry pros like you, and you don’t want to miss this year’s fantastic lineup.

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    "When we interviewed property management pros on what they value most in an account manager their top 4 responses were: 1. Trust 2. Proactive Service 3. Effective Communication 4. Expert Advice -Ken Thomas, Envisor Consulting

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    Join NALP Young Professionals Reception sponsored by an AriensCo on Wednesday evening, Oct. 16. You will have a chance to win a Yeti Tundra 45 cooler and be entered to win a Gravely Pro-Stance mower!

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  14. 10월 10일

    We've partnered with to have our Landscape Technician Training Manuals made into online classes. If you're looking for a way to train your technicians or you're wanting to become a Landscape Industry Certified Technician - check it out!

  15. 10월 10일

    LANDSCAPES 2019 is next week! Have you signed up for a specialty summit yet? We offer a full day of specific education in one of five core landscape industry niches-- irrigation, lawn care, landscape management, snow & ice and design/build. Register here:

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    According to industry consultant Chris Darnell, a company’s website should be one of the biggest focuses for driving leads—and if it’s lacking, then your leads will be lacking, too.

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    Join NALP Breakfast with Champions sponsored by an AriensCo on Wednesday, October 16. You will have a chance to win a Yeti Tundra 45 cooler and be entered to win a Gravely Pro-Stance mower. Sign up to receive our newsletters and get a free cap at indoor booth #7120

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    There are still seats available for CEO Forum and the OSHA-10 Hour Construction Safety Course at LANDSCAPES. Reserve your spot today!

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    Pricing is one of the most common objections, and there is a formula you can follow when a prospect says your price is too high. Learn more:

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    The Landscape Management Apprenticeship Program™ provides structure for the education most needed by industry technicians through a combination of on-the-job training, classroom instruction, & professional development to earn a Certificate of Completion.


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