Porn in Massachusetts Schools

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In recent years, public schools have been exposing children to more and more graphic, often sexually explicit pornography, including homosexual pornography. Psychologists tell us that very sexually explicit materials can have terrible and lifelong effects on children, adolescents, and teenagers whose minds are still developing. If an adult gave this material to your children, he would likely be arrested.

Unfortunately, there is a loophole in the Massachusetts law that exempts schools (also museums and libraries) from the dissemination of "matter harmful to minors." And parents have been powerless to do anything about it.

Bill H1282 would close that loophole regarding schools. The bill has co-sponsors among its co-sponsors in the Legislature. Read more about H1282 HERE. We came armed with testimony that would make it crystal clear to the Committee why this bill was desperately needed. [See Brian Camenker's testimony here.]


Testimony by Amy L. Contrada

Joint Committee on the Judiciary – May 7, 2013

I’m speaking in support of House Bills 1282 and 1477. Both bills would block the

dissemination of “matter harmful to minors” in schools. Current law (Chapter 272,

Sections 28 and 29) actually exempts schools, museums, and libraries and their

employees from criminal prosecution for dissemination of such harmful materials.

Current Massachusetts law (Ch. 272, Section 31) defines “matter harmful to minors” as

“obscene, or, if … it describes or represents nudity, sexual conduct or sexual excitement,

so as to appeal predominantly to the prurient interest of minors.”

I will present just one example of harmful material now in many Massachusetts schools.

This [show It’s Perfectly Normal] is a book used in health classes and available in school

libraries (where parents would have no knowledge of its contents, or ability to restrain

their child from taking it off the shelf).

It’s Perfectly Normal is a sexuality education book meant for ages “10 and up.” It is

filled with watercolor illustrations of nude children and adults, showing adults engaging

in sexual intercourse, teens masturbating, a boy putting a condom on his erect penis, a

girl bent over with her naked bottom fully exposed to the viewer (as she studies herself in

a mirror).

The book is a prime teaching tool of Planned Parenthood. While such groups wish to

dismiss objections to the book, the most telling recent challenge may be that the

Washington Post and New York Times both rejected an ad that included illustrations from

the book because the images were “too graphic” or “shocking” for their adult readers.

Yet this material is available in elementary school libraries and classrooms in


Clearly, the illustrations in this book would “appeal to the prurient interest” of

elementary-age or older students. The schools and staff using these materials are engaged

in emotional and psychological abuse of young children captive in our schools.

I do not ask the legislature to challenge parents’ rights to show this material to their own

children. But it is another thing altogether for a school to present such images to children

as part of the “health” curriculum or school library offerings.

I am leaving a copy of my testimony along with several illustrations from It’s Perfectly

Normal for the Committee’s consideration.

Thank you for your attention to this serious problem.

[See attachments HERE.]

Photo below: Contrada & Camenker signed in early, then waited for hours at the hearing, but did not get to testify in person.
Our testimony was submitted in writing. Will the Judiciary Committee give it any attention?

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