Green Dev – Pyrolysis and Distillation systems

Green Dev company is purchasing, building and furthermore maintaining pyrolysis equipment in free trade area in Serbia- Smederovo.

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  • Fixed interest, % 19
  • Running time, months 24
  • Goal, € 720.000
  • Already invested, € 532.233

Why invest in Green Dev (Key advantages):

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    Income opportunities

    19% fixed annual interest rate, 2 year maturity with monthly interest payments.

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    Machinery is built and maintained by certified engineers.

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    Unique location

    Great location allows to benefit on tax/tariffs. Both customers and suppliers of materials and products are located at the same free trade area.

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    Other advantages

    Kuetzal Care and Investment Buy-Back applied.

About Green Dev

Green Dev is located in Smederevo - free zone, which provides various geographical and financial benefits, including but not limited to exemption of VAT, withholding taxes (e.g. WHT on lease payments for movable equipment to non-residents, etc.).

Company has a demo-machinery unit already running in Smederovo, team members have gained experience in renewable energy projects in Asia, Africa and South America. Company decided to focus directly on current project due to economical and geographical advantages therefore sufficiently increasing volume in Smederovo.

demo version of destillation plant in China

About pyrolysis and distillation

Pyrolysis is a process that thermally decomposes biomass by heating it at elevated temperatures under controlled inert conditions (i.e., very little O2 or under an inert gas atmosphere such as N2).

Pyrolysis is distinct from gasification in that no oxygen is used for the thermal conversion (as opposed to partial oxidation in the case of gasification). Heat is applied externally causing the breakdown of fuel into a gas, a liquid, and a residual char. The exact thermal conditions dictate the proportions of these components.

Pyrolysis systems therefore require efficient transfer of heat into the fuel. Three configurations are standard: rotary kilns, fixed bed vessels, and vessels containing a heat transfer medium such as sand. Typically, these systems require separate combustion to provide the necessary heat. Fast pyrolysis (or flash pyrolysis) is a somewhat different proposition, where the system is designed to produce mainly bio-oil – up to 75% by mass. The process involves rapid heating to a temperature of 450–600 °C followed by rapid quenching of the pyrolysis vapors - this is the chosen process in our case. Two key drivers for pyrolysis to liquid are the production of bio-oil as an intermediary for subsequent gasification or as a bio-oil for direct upgrading to a liquid fuel product.

The process of Pyrolysis has duration of 4 to 12 hours, depending on the quantity and size of waste. During the process different vacuum values are applied in pre-determined temperatures and in different phases. Different gases are obtained and the condensed gas is stored in tanks as a Fuel-Oil (Furnace Oil).

Main advantages of pyrolysis plants:

  • Purest quality of pyrolysis oil (Furnace oil) as good as finished product
  • The only commercial ‘waste’ tyre process that in reality removes both worn/waste rubber tyres ‘waste’ chain, in this process achievement will have significant environmental and profitability impact
  • Both rubber tyres & plastic can be used as raw material but not simultaneously
  • Continuous and batch type of pyrolysis process
  • Breakthrough technologies used to improve safety, profitability & ease of operation
  • More than 90% of machinery parts are non-moving: this reduces the recurring maintenance.

Requested funds planned distribution

  • 540000 75% Machinery units purchase
  • 105000 14% Purchase of sub-components
  • 75000 11% Warehouse, operating area installations

Market overview

Worldwide green energy trend and along with wisely chosen geographical area are making a project extremely attractive for society. According to IRENA, renewable energy market shows more than 35% growth every year since year 2015, and the trend shows that market is about to grow even faster. Green Dev has received a confirmation for it’s activities on the governmental scale, this creates additional safety for suppliers, customers and investors.

While similar business in any of the EU countries would require additional licensing, financial contribution, bureaucracy etc; Smederovo zone allows the project to be feasible today.

Full list of benefits of Smederovo Free Zone:

  • Unlimited production activities and services are allowed in Free Zone
  • Raw materials imported for production and business facilities construction in the area of the Free Zone are not subject to customs duties and other import duties
  • Doing business under the Zone regime results in operational savings
  • Import of goods and provision of transportation and other services in the Free Zone is exempted from VAT
  • Goods that are imported or exported from a Free Zone shall be treated as customs goods
  • Control of goods in the Free Zone shall be carried out by customs authorities; the user of the Free Zone is required to enable implementation of customs control measures and to keep proper records.
  • The goods from Free Zone released into free circulation in the territory of Serbia shall be subject to customs duties and other import duties


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Slobodan Mitrasinovic

CEO at “Green Dev”

Slobodan has sufficient experience working in tire recycling plant and participated in many projects, connected with recycling products. He is associated with Smederovo free trade area for many years and has proven himself as reliable and trustful partner.

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