Paving & Milling

The milling process is the controlled removal of asphalt or concrete pavement to a predetermined depth, slope and/or specified thickness. This process is often used to improve drainage flow and remove pavement irregularities. It is also used to remove deteriorated pavements for patching, overlaying or to re-establish proper profile for the existing and/or new concrete curb and gutter.

Rosemar’s milling projects vary from parking lots to highways. We are known for our high quality work, neatness, and high production rate. Each milling crew is accompanied by the appropriate support equipment and is capable of completing any project large or small.

Rosemar is one of the most versatile milling companies in the region. Projects include the removal of asphalt, concrete and aggregate bases varying in depth from 1/4″ minus (referred to as profile milling) up to 12″ in one pass. The asphalt materials that we generate from milling are recycled and used to create new asphalt which helps keep project costs down.