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Welcome to issue 421 of Python Weekly. Let's get straight to the links this week.
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Thank you, Guido
An announcement that Guido van Rossum is leaving Dropbox and heading into retirement. Thank you Guido for everything you have done for Python community and best wishes for whatever you decide to do during your retirement.

Articles, Tutorials and Talks

Ask the Ecosystem: Lessons from 200+ FOSS Applications 
This talk looks at over 200 of the most-successful open-source Python applications to distill real-world advice on building effective software to reach the masses. Architecture, testing, licensing, packaging and
distribution, these projects hold lifetimes of work and wisdom, waiting to be learned!

Griffin, an anti-fraud risk rule engine making billions of predictions daily
This post highlights Grab’s high-performance risk rule engine that automates the creation of rules to detect fraudulent activities with minimal efforts by engineers.

How The New York Times is Experimenting with Recommendation Algorithms
Algorithmic curation at The Times is used in designated parts of our website and apps. We use it to select content where manual curation would be inefficient or difficult, like in the Smarter Living section of the homepage or in Your Weekly Edition, a personalized newsletter. Personalization algorithms are used to complement the editorial judgment that determines what stories lead our news report.

Brain Computer Interface w/ Python and OpenBCI for EEG data 
Learning how to read EEG data in Python for the purposes of creating a brain computer interface with hopes of doing things like controlling characters in a game and hopefully much more!

Python Range Tutorial: Learn to Use This Helpful Built-In Function
In this detailed guide, we will walk you through the workings of the range function using examples, and discuss its limitations and their workarounds. Although range is useful for a broad variety of Python programming tasks, this guide will conclude with a couple of data science use cases for the range function.

Build your own Static Site Generator using Python
Are you curious enough to build your own Static Site Generator? In this article, you'll learn how to build your own Static Site Generator using Python, create a blog and host it on Netlify for free. 

Looping Music Seamlessly
I wrote a Python script that lets you loop .mp3 files seamlessly, forever, based on a loop point determined automatically. This means that you can now listen to your favorite video game music on repeat, forever, sounding just like it does in the game! This post is a longer explanation of why I did this and how it works.

Python Array Explained and Visualized
In this tutorial, we’ll delve into how Python arrays work, what their limitations are, and how you can use them to maximize their efficiency. 

How to Create a Keylogger for Linux using Python?
Do you wonder how the hackers manage to discover valuable data so easily, what are their secrets and their techniques and the most importantly how to prevent our personal data to be stolen? In this article we will focus on the Keylogger and how to create such a program in a very easy way using Python programming language. 

Make a Branded QR Code in 5 Min using Python 
In this video learn how to brand your own QR codes and use them on business cards, promotional material or your online social media network. 

Deep Learning Memory Usage and Pytorch Optimization Tricks
Mixed precision training and gradient checkpointing on a ResNet.

Async Python Tutorial: Web Scraping Synchronously versus Asynchronously (10x faster) 
Are you new to asynchronous programming? Are you past the novice python material and looking to increase your knowledge and experience of python in a variety of contexts? You've come to the right place. This tutorial builds on the foundations of Async Python we learnt in the first tutorial demonstrating how to write a synchronous and an asynchronous web scraper.

Planning to Travel Around the World, with Python? 
How to use Basemap and Networkx packages in Python to plan your around the world itinerary.

Cleaning Up Currency Data with Pandas
This article includes tips on how to clean up messy currency data in pandas so that you may convert the data to numeric formats for further analysis.

How to Broadcast SMS Text Messages from Python 3 Django Web Applications
Learn how to broadcast multiple SMS text messages from a Python 3 web application built with the Django web framework in this code-first tutorial.

Adding charts to Django admin
Django offers a functional admin UI out of the box with CRUD interface for db management. This covers most use cases for basic content and user management systems. However, it doesn't have exploratory views that show summaries or historical trends which is something you'd expect from an admin dashboard. Luckily, the django admin app is extensible and with a few tweaks we can add interactive Javascript charts to the admin.

Tracing a Python performance bug on App Engine
In this article, I'll talk about how we used traces and logging to find the problem, then monkey patched Google's code to fix it.

Faster ZIP Decompression
This post presents the findings for the fastest ZIP file decompression method the author has been able to find.

Keep your privacy with DNS-OVER-HTTPS: Introduction and Python Implementation

How to Build a Django and Gunicorn Application with Docker

5 learnings from making a chatbot count free parking spots through cameras

Weird things you can, but probably shouldn't do in Python

3 ways to create a Keras model with TensorFlow 2.0

Obfuscating Python


Python & OpenGL for Scientific Visualization
The goal of this book is to reconcile Python programmers with OpenGL, providing both an introduction to modern OpenGL and a set of basic and advanced techniques in order to achieve both fast, scalable & beautiful scientific visualizations.

Interesting Projects, Tools and Libraries

A cross-platform, fast, feature full, GPU based terminal emulator.

Train an artificial intelligence to play tinder for you.

BrachioGraph is an ultra-cheap (total cost of materials: €14) plotter that can be built with minimal skills.

Download pictures (or videos) along with their captions and other metadata from Instagram.  

Find the dominant colors in any image.

PySlowFast is an open source video understanding codebase from FAIR that provides state-of-the-art video classification models, including papers "SlowFast Networks for Video Recognition", and "Non-local Neural Networks".

A demonstration of best practices for a large Flask API project.

Slightly modified clone of Pong classic game implemented with Python.

A fast, interactive, multi-dimensional image viewer for python.

Simple program that parses a .txt exported from Whatsapp and extracts the emojis to generate a bar chart of their occurences (using matplotlib). 

Upcoming Events and Webinars

PyCon Canada 2019 
Immerse yourself in two days of fantastic talks, special keynote speakers, incredible sponsors and other like minded Pythonistas. Want to go deeper? Join us Monday and Tuesday (November 18-19) for development sprints, where you and your fellow Python enthusiasts can work on open source and personal projects in a fun group atmosphere. 

Effortless REST W/ Flask - Charlotte, NC
Are you new to Python and looking to build something cool and call yours? Are you wondering what it takes to build a real production ready API? Do you have questions on how to serve your latest idea via an API? Are you wanting to do it in under 45 minutes? If so, this talk is for you!
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