The Right Voice: Episode CXLVII (147) 10/30/19

In this electrifying episode, @KAlexanderAdams is our special guest at 26:06 mark, sharing his experience with TPUSA/Charlie Kirk in an infamous Q&A segment, his activism, education, political experience, and more! At 2:23:00, a South African Groyper joins in to add his experiences/thoughts on current events. This is a GREAT episode-PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable.


The Right Voice: Episode CXLIII (143) 10/9/19

In Marie’s absence, Mr. Red from Stormfrontactionradio is co-host with Chris discussing issues affecting our People! Early on (about 22 minutes), Jacob Goodwin’s Parents join to share the true story of their Son being held in jail as political prisoner due to Charlottesville, VA communist/anti-White setup. Smartphone/PC compatible, downloadable.


The Right Voice: Episode CXLII (142) 10/2/19

Another “politically incorrect”, intellectually honest, entertaining show with Chris & Marie! Special guest, Chester of Dahlonega, GA. shares his experience with communism vs patriotism in a historically traditional Southern town joining at 28:45 mark! Later on, Kevin Goudreau, Canadian Nationalist, updates us on Canadian happenings also affecting our People, joining at 2:03:40 mark. PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable!


The Right Voice: Episode CXLI (141) 9/25/19

Chris & Red-human rights activist, discuss issues affecting our People. At the 20:37 mark, the parents of Jacob Goodwin join (Jacob is a political prisoner due to the Charlottesville, VA demo/controversy/set up) to share their experience with all of this. It’s an enlightening, informative discussion! PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable.

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The Right Voice: Episode CXXXVIII (138) 7/17/19

A great, informative, entertaining, politically “incorrect”/intellectually honest episode! At 24:05, Rose from voice of NS Reason joins, and at 54:20 Harry Hughes, border patrolman/human rights activist & John De Nugent, Author and European activist join to share their knowledge & experiences affecting our People! PC/Iphone compatible/downloadable.


The Right Voice: Episode CXXXVI (136) 6/26/19

In this unique, informative episode, Gregory Malchuk: anti-circumcision advocate, joins Chris & Marie at the 40:25 mark after Chris & Marie have covered current issues as well as new words/phrases, and thoughts on “LQBTQ/GSPM”. Mr. Malchuk provides a comprehensive summary of the history, ills, complications, and more regarding the seldom discussed subject of circumcision. PC/smartphone compatible, downloadable!


The Right Voice: Episode CXXXV (135) 6/19/19

Special guest-Arnel of joins Chris & Marie at the 45:20 mark to discuss current events, his works, and issues affecting our People. This is an extremely entertaining, informative, enlightening, “non-PC” episode wrapping up with an inspirational, morale boosting message!


The Right Voice: Episode CXXIV (124) 3/6/19

Chris & Marie discuss current events affecting our People in an informative, entertaining, race realist, NON-”PC” manner. Later Ms. Limerick of Ireland calls in to speak with Chris and describe Ireland as of now..Smartphone/PC compatible, downloadable. Have a listen!