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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order giveaway contest! (XBOX One and PC only)

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Sep 21, 2019
Please read entire OP:

In anticipation of and for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order I'm holding a giveaway! There will be 3 winners in total, with 2 Xbox One digital codes and one PC code to give away. To enter, just write about your favorite and most memorable moment or emotions from a classic Star Wars Legends/Expanded Universe material game from the heyday.

Entries must be no less than a paragraph long, any length from a few sentences (2-3 minimum) or much longer, and have visible effort put in for consideration. Not just a single, simple one word answer or similarly low effort entries.

Codes will be given 11/15-11/16 via announcement and PM to ensure they get to the winners. Bonus points if you name your favorite Star Wars film as well! Please be sure to include your preference for the platform too, at the end.

Deadline: November 14, 11:50 PM EST!

May the force be with you.
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Oct 25, 2017
I really have good memories of playing as Jaden Korr in Jedi Academy. I loved slowly gaining more force abilities and lightsaber styles as you progress.

I always made Jaden a female Twi'lek. Purple skin, black clothes. Dual lightsabers. Gold and purple.

I recently downloaded the PC version so I could play with dismemberment. Man, I hope we get a Star Wars as good as this again.
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Oct 25, 2017
User warned: accusations of shilling
My favorite moment is when Sheev tries to sell Anakin the dark side without revealing that he is Darth Sidious, kinda like you trying to advertise games without revealing you’re a marketing rep.


Oct 27, 2017
My favorite/most memorable moments in star wars was playing galaxies as a zabrak onn the kauri server. Spending 3+ years and unlocking force sensitivity was one of the best feelings I have ever had. The fun of farming krayt dragons for pearls only to discover they were good instead of perfect or flawless was some of the best times I have ever had. The short lived expansions before the NGE and CU were also awesome, I was a huge fan of the raid against N-K Necrosis for bane's heart.

My favorite film is a new hope, but I know I'll get flak for saying I didn't hate phantom menace, something about Darth maul was just magical.

Edit: I just saw the portion about mentioning which platform. I would like PC.
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Oct 25, 2017
During Kotor after you meet Bastila but before you leave Taris. Specifically the optional dialogue with her and Carth when she has to admit that she lost her lightsaber. The jedi were always portrayed as powerful beings so it was fun to see one behave in a rather childish style.
A non-game moment is probably the battle between Obi-Wan and that tentacle bounty hunter in the old Clone Wars cartoon.


Oct 29, 2017
Knights of the Old Republic was amazing because it was really the first Star Wars game to let you choose between light and dark. There were so many great characters and a vast amount of lore to discover. It being set thousands of years before the movies allowed it to create its own story without being bound to what had happened in them and while there were plenty of familiar concepts this really made it stand out to me compared to other Star Wars games and even other expanded universe content like books. Plus the big reveal of who you were is still one of my favorite moments in gaming. I honestly had no idea that was coming. Looking back in subsequent playthroughs it was pretty obvious but still, that twist really got me the first time I played it.

Thanks for this cool idea! Xbox would be my preference.


The Fallen
Oct 25, 2017
The Research Triangle
I was at a coffee shop in Queens way back in 1997. I was nine years old and -- not fishing for sympathy points, this is simply how things were back then -- I was homeless. My mom and I were drifters of a sort back then and one of the only constants in my life was my young love for Star Wars. Space captivated me. Heavens know I looked up at the stars from cold benches more than enough nights. Even in the smoggy New York air, I knew whenever I gazed upon those pretty little white dots in the sky that I was in pure awe. I was also in pure awe the day that a friend of my mother's brought me over to her house so that I could play Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire on her son's Nintendo 64. My mom, truly bless her, arranged for me to spend the day doing what I loved while she was out looking for work. So mom was job-hunting and I was Dash Rendar, taking on bounty hunters.

It was a hard day, but not in the same way that most days were. Rather than wondering where I'd sleep for the night, I was finding out just how rough the N64 controller could be on my palms! I had a blast. The friend's son, Devin, kept jumping up and down giddily whenever I defeated an enemy. We downed more coca cola than ought to be legal in the state of New York and ate more breadsticks than I should care to remember whilst I went head-to-head with swoop gangs and IG-88 and the dark Prince Xizor himself. It was a glorious time and while better games have came and went I'll never, ever forget that day. It's got to be my favorite retro Star Wars game memory.

As for my favorite film, how about I rank 'em? :P

10. Attack of the Clones
09. The Phantom Menace
08. Solo
07. Revenge of the Sith
06. Rogue One
05. Return of the Jedi
04. The Last Jedi
03. The Force Awakens
02. A New Hope
01. The Empire Strikes Back

I pretty much love them all, though. (Even the bad ones...)

Oh, and Xbox One, please! Thanks for doing this. May the Force be with us all.


Oct 27, 2017
Thanks for doing this! I don’t know if I should specify... but either Xbox or PC works for me.

anyways, I wanna write about Battlefront 2 for PSP. At the time of its release, all I had was a PSP and a GameCube, and the fact that battlefront 2 didn’t release on GameCube absolutely killed me. Even then, being able to play something with near-console graphics in my bed blew me away. Galactic Conquest is still something I wish they would add into newer Battlefronts. I had enjoyed the prequel movies as a kid, but Battlefront 2 PSP is what really drew me into the world of Star Wars from that point to now.


Nov 27, 2017
I will never forget how real and smooth felt Star Wars Rogue Squadron in 1998 with my 3DFX. Now that I look at it, graphics were so bad, but back then, going around the legs of the Walkers with the Snow Speeder was magical and surreal.

Favorite movie? The Empire Strikes Back, no contest.

PC :)


Oct 24, 2018
My favourite moment was on PC playing Rogue Squadron when I was able to destroy the AT-AT on Hoth with a snowspeeder when I was kid. Miss that game. Oh and uh being amazed at the destruction caused in Kotor 1 when the main bad guy's ship wipes out the city.

Favorite movie is Revenge of the Sith...


The Fallen
Oct 27, 2017
One of my favorite Star Wars moments was when I first played the The Force Unleashed. Getting to the level of the Star Destroyer, I see it on the background and thinking "Oh crap, I'm fighting a Star Destroyer". When I saw the prompt to start pulling it into the ground, it was one of the most mind blowing moments ever. Up to this day I get chills on that level, absolutely loved feeling so damn powerful. As a bonus Dash Rendar's true ending in Shadows of the Empire was badass too.

As far as my favorite film goes, it would have to be Episode V: The Empire Strikes back, followed by The Phantom Menace (I know! I know! haha), but Episode I has a special place, I enjoyed it and also loved playing the PSX version of Episode 1. I played the heck out of that Duel of Fates music video included in the game :)

Xbox One for me!

This is awesome and thanks for the giveaway!


Oct 31, 2017
One of my best memories is Rogue squadron (64)

For somereason, the stage on Corellia, with the city lights and all, always got stuck in my mind. It's a fun stage, and it was the closest to a Coruscant scene we've had


Oct 27, 2017
I was so impressed playing Roque Squadron II on Gamecube for the first time! When I flew over the death star and entered the ditch

...then I played the second Level in space with this beautiful background and was amazed that it got even more beautiful. The original star wars music and voice samples were the cherry on the cake!

I really loved Episode one for its immsersive pod race. The sound helped to bring this part of the movie to another level!
hope my english is good enough. I have a faily decent PC :)


Oct 25, 2017
The entirety of SWG will always be burned into my heart, I haven't enjoyed an MMO as much as I did that one, I probably poured a thousand or more hours into it lol.


Oct 25, 2017
New York
Too many moments from the games actual stories themselves to recount, but I still will always remember installing copies of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy on my high school's PCs and playing with a ton of friends over the LAN. Massive matches of us all just going at each other with lightsabers, holding little tournaments and just having a great time.

Another was probably the first Star Wars game I played, which was the original Arcade game Star Wars ('83) but the Mac port in middle school when I was supposed to be taking typing lessons. It was just the most basic wire frame graphics, just plain white lines for everything, and well over a decade after the game was released, but that feeling of going into the Death Star trench run and blowing it up felt so real to me at the time. It was so much fun.

Empire is still my favorite film.

PC version, thanks.
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Oct 27, 2017
Ohhhh boy! Thanks for the chance!

So my best Star Wars memory was when I was in college back at ECU. My roommates and I would go and smoke pot with this guy we knew that sold out of his apartment. We would get high and take turns playing Super Star Wars “Empire Strikes Back” (my favorite movie) on the super nes. I can’t tell you how many times we had to start over in that game. It was sooooo hard, and being high didn’t help!

I would love an Xbox copy. Thanks again!


Nov 1, 2017
The first time I played Jedi Outcase, Kyle Katarn became one of my favorite characters in Star Wars Legends. A mix of the roguishness of Han Solo, the brashness of Luke and the versatility of Mace Windu (dude practically can wield light and dark force at the same time), what's not to like? Also, still one of the best lightsaber gameplay ever.

Favorite movie should be The Empire Strikes Back.

My preferred platform is PC.


Nov 1, 2017
Shadows of the Empire for the N64, the game was hardly the best but it had a certain stage. I speak of the famous battle that takes place new the beginning of the Empire Strikes Back, the best Star Wars movie may I add. Yeah you got to blast stormtroopers but you got to fly a snow speeder. It was beyond awesome because that stage was truly something we never had before in such detail or capacity. It felt like you were playing something right out of the movie. You blasted the smaller forces but you got to trip the AT AT's. With the N64 controller it was perfect. It was what we wanted more of.....and in time, we got it.

My preferred platform is PC.
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Jan 24, 2018
Marathoning the animated series that used to air on Cartoon Network.

I didn't watch any of the movies but that series was enough to get me hooked to eventually watch the entire series the summer before university. That was just before VII was about to come out. A new hope is actually one of my favorite movies ever, Luke meeting Han is forever the best movie sequence for me.
I'm actually playing Kotor right now on android and it's my first star wars game. Star Wars RPG just feel right.


May 2, 2018
I think my whole experience with SWG will be some of my favorite Star Wars related memories. That game was there for me when I was in middle school and high school when my mom was very sick and on chemo (She is fine and kicking ass now though!)

I loved my Guild in that game so much. From chilling in the Mos Eisley cantina after RPing a patrol to having wild dog fights in space so I could be come an Ace Imperial pilot. I loved my time with SWG and my guild so much I wrote 2 embarrassing stories for my english class at the time about them and the game. I'll have to find that awful 7th/8th grade story sometime when I go home.

My favorite star wars movie is Empire Strikes Back.

My favorite new movie is Rogue One

Great idea for a thread, OP!

Edit: Forgot to say Xbox would be my preferred platform


Oct 27, 2017
This is a pretty cool idea OP. Thanks for the opportunity. :D

I don't have much experience with the original (or current, honestly) extended universe, but I had a blast playing the original Battlefront II as a kid with a friend of mine. He had the game on Xbox, and I'd go to his house every now and then and we'd play it together. I can't remember which modes we usually stuck to, but running around and trying to kill each other as the different heroes and villains was pretty fun, even if the game was unbalanced as hell. I was also really into the fact that it had a lot of prequel trilogy content to go through, since those were the Star Wars movies I was growing up with at the time.

As for my favorite movie, I'd probably say The Force Awakens. People usually give it hell for being so much like the original trilogy, and while I understand being disappointed by it not deviating much, I personally didn't mind it. The callbacks and similarities were neat to me since it was the first movie in the series in over a decade. Seeing the returning characters interact with the new ones was fun (especially Han and Rey + Finn), and I also really liked the new designs for pretty much everything. And I don't think I need to say much about the duel between Rey and Kylo Ren.

I'd prefer PC if I'm chosen. Thanks again for the chance!


Oct 25, 2017
I loved Jedi Knight. Playing as a generic shooter for a few hours and then finally getting your hands on a lightsaber and the game actually takes off. Force powers, saber battles, the whole shebang. I told my buddy to play it and he gave up when he saw the shooter beginning...I told him "no, just stick with it, it'll be worth it" He did and ended up totally agreeing with me.

My fav SW film? Return of Jedi has always had a special place purely for the music in the final throne room battle.



Oct 25, 2017
all interactions with hk-47 were pretty cool. (xbox)

EDIT: oh, any length but must be a paragraph long? effort?

EDIT 2: thank you!
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Apr 26, 2019
Count me in for the PC version, fingers crossed and thanks for the chance

I have so many great memories of Star Wars games i love it, one the best memories was the Revan plot twist in KOTOR that was just insane, and all the conversation with your crew members.

Also love the Republic Commando intro when you are introduced to your brothers and the music plays, too damn good.

Also love playing SWTOR, played it for 1 year none stop and now play it on and off, one of the best moments was doing my first ops and beating SOA (i'm usually a single player person but SWTOR is the exception, it was great doing my first operation and i ended up in a raid team and done Hm and Nim mode ops it was great :D)

Edit: as for films i love all the films really :D but my favorite are Revenge of the Sith and Rogue One


Oct 25, 2017
Jedi outcast has a special memory to me as this was the first online PC games my high school buddy and I played together with other people in our IRC chats.

Fun times dueling each other!

My fave movie is still empire strikes back

PC is my preferred option
Apr 14, 2018
The best EU moment is the sage of Luke, Luuke and Luuuke Skywalker. Wow, you thought Spider-Man's Clone Saga was bad? It was! And so was this. Luuke was commissioned by Admiral Thrawn and grown in a tube by the evil wizard C'Baoth who attacked Luke and Leia while they were on a double date with their spouses. Luuuke was another clone and replaced Luuke in Thrawn's army. He eventually went back in time to attack Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Clone Wars. The End.

This all inspired the nonsensical plot of The Force Unleashed II -- but of all the people to clone, you pick Starmaster? Sunkiller? The Prison Break guy instead of a Skywalker? Nonsense, Sheev, that's just nonsense

PC code please


Oct 28, 2017
Gonna add my favorite experience alongside my favorite moment:

So, when I was ten in 2005, I had just come fresh off of seeing Revenge of the Sith at midnight. That was an amazing experience of its own (I brought my own portable DVD player because we showed up hours early and these grown men were crowding behind me, watching Empire Strikes Back on my screen, a lot of great conversations I still remember) but it left me wanting more. That June, I stayed with my cousins for two weeks and were both really into Star Wars. My uncle bought us an X-Box to play this little game called KOTOR. Our minds were blown over how interactive this game was, all the decisions you could make, all the party members. We both loved Final Fantasy and this seemed like the Star Wars equivalent - we were in love with it almost instantly. For two weeks, we played constantly and stayed up way later than we were supposed to, finally beating it.

My cousin came to visit a few more times that year and we would start new playthroughs, trying all the different alignments. The next year, I came over for that summer and he had a surprise for me: KOTOR II. The cover art for this game was incredible, instantly drawing us in and really excited about this supposedly darker sequel. We were both hooked once more, though for different reasons. Him for The Handmaiden and me for Kreia.

Kreia from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II - The Sith Lords is not only one of my all-time favorite Star Wars characters but also one of the best characters in gaming. Kudos to Chris Avellone for writing her and kudos to Sara Kestelman for giving her a voice. I was a big fan of KOTOR (and always a fan of Star Wars, as you can tell) but this game opened up my young mind to just how complex the world can be and how the smallest things can have the tiniest shade of grey instead of the standard binary of good and evil (although Empire Strikes Back was my favorite Star Wars movie, so clearly I had an interest in that). Most players would probably pick her lecture at Nar Shaddaa, where you are given such a binary choice, and she chides you either way and explains how every act you do, there is a consequence that goes alongside it.

The moment I chose is probably the most compelling moment in the game, where the climax finally comes to a head. You've found all the Jedi Masters and they reveal to you just how blind they've always been - and Kreia enacts her revenge against them, against the Jedi, against the Force. Kreia has a tragic backstory where she was blamed for Revan's fall by the Jedi and then betrayed by her Sith students and she chooses to take out her anger on the Force itself.

It is a really powerful moment that the whole game was building up toward - and her theme is just as chilling now as it was then.

I am a PC player.
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Cream Stout

Oct 28, 2017
when you tie up the st st legs with the rope from ur ship in shadows of the empire. and when you meet the st st in that hangar and it fucks you up. good times

xbox code :3


Oct 26, 2017
Star Wars Trilogy Arcade. That shit was so cool for it's time. And if you played long enough (more quarters!) you'd get to the fight with Darth Vader. I think I spent maybe $15 or so to get to that and it was worth it. In drew in a small crowd of people because no one has seen the fight. Complete total feeling of being a badass after winning the fight cause it got people to clap. Good times of the arcade days.

PC code would be neat :D


Aug 15, 2019
Umm, does Force Unleashed count? Haven't played any of the other Legends games unfortunately. Worth a shot I suppose.

I don't remember much about these games (iirc they weren't that great), but seeing the Sith Rule of Two in full effect for the first time (for me was pretty cool. The ending of the first game was basically the only significant choice in the game, but it's a pretty clear depiction of a common Star Wars motif and Darth Sidious' general ruthlessness. An obvious parallel to RotJ, really, but with the option to actually kill Vader.

My favorite Star Wars film is the Last Jedi. Sue me.

Hope that at least counts. Thanks for doing this OP! My platform preference is Xbox


Oct 25, 2017
My favorite Star Wars moment will always be the first time I played KoTOR, the opening, the graphics... I remember being blown away at the time on how good the game was, still a magical moment for me after all these years.

As for movies, my top 3 is EP V, EP IV and EPVII.

Boots The God

Oct 28, 2017
Has to the Reven reveal in KOTOR. The game as a whole is a classic for me as it was the first I got to be a civilian turned Jedi, learning about the history of the order, deciding what class to be, and gathering the materials to build my lightsaber (purple ftw). Maybe I was just young and dumb, but I honestly didn’t see the twist coming lol.


Oct 27, 2017
Does Jedi Power Battles count as EU/Legends? Because, damn if it wasn't a good time playing it with a friend. It honestly feels (or felt, back in the day) like you were in a swashbuckling adventure, just two Jedi Knights tearing up through the galaxy (and the movie's continuity). It always baffles me why it took so long for anyone to go back to making games such as that.

Of course, there was The Force Unleashed as well, and that game was a valiant attempt to capture the feeling of giving players Force-powered excitement in planet-hopping adventures. I actually like those two games a lot, too, though the sequel is a lot weaker IMO. I'm not overly fond of the real over the top stuff they use the Force for, but damn it if that wasn't a big spectacle too.

Anyway, if my entry counts, I'd love for a PC code.

Edit: for my bonus points, let me add my favorite Star Wars movie is probably The Last Jedi. Empire is great and all, but TLJ is the one movie that gets to the core of what the Jedi are. Plus, Kylo Ren is great in that movie.
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Oct 27, 2017
Favourite memory is getting an N64 for Christmas 1998 I think with Turok, Mario 64 and Star Wars Shadows of the Empire. Me and my brothers used to watch my dad play games on the Amiga and he loved addictive shoot em ups and uh James Pond.

Well when the N64 came out with the analogue stick he just couldn't really understand it and to this day he's never tried a game again. Mario and Turok didn't impress him but when we got to Hoth on Shadows of the Empire and struggled to take down AT-AT's he kept barking at us to slow down turn then boost into it until he finally just grabbed the controller from us and completed the mission and I could tell he enjoyed it.

Whenever I play those AT-AT missions in Shadows of the Empire or any Rogue Squadron I always hear him giving us advice and they are always my favourite missions.

PC code please if I'm lucky enough.


Oct 27, 2017
(You said not less than one paragraph, don't hit me)

"Wars not make one great."

A single line uttered by a artificial puppet that perfectly encapsulates the counterculture spirit that inhabited the franchise from its inception. The line is almost thrown away at our plucky young hero on his quest to find a "great warrior." Unbeknownst to him (and the audience) he is face-to-face with the revered mystic, but his preconceptions with strength and The Force, which of course mirrors our own preconceived notions of such concepts, cannot allow him to see this truth yet. Wars do not make an individual great, conflict does not breed glory and reverence. As the identity of the shrunken green hermist is revealed to the hero, so is the reality of The Force, a reality that should always remain at the core of the series. "A Jedi uses The Force for knowledge and defense, never to attack." And there at last, the philosophy of the Jedi is laid before us, simple and bare. This is the ideal hero of the franchise, one who eschews a gun. A weapon that can cast down enemies from afar, but at most a lightsaber. A weapon that can only be used in close proximity, when lethal defense is the only option.

The Jedi is the antithesis of the prototypical Hollywood hero. And as the most powerful and wise Jedi, Yoda's small frame and fail manner visually represents the scope of The Force and its quintessential adherent. For a Jedi, victory is not achieved through the literal application of force. Violence is not the means by which they count success. The doling of death is not how they accumulate respect. The prototypical action hero is all these things, cloth in the knowledge that righteous violence results in might over the violence of evil. The means through which either side achieves victory is not a debate, only their rationales. For the Jedi, the very means through which you battle evil is the struggle. It is the victory to be own. "A Jedi uses The Force for knowledge and defense, never to attack."

"But tell me why I can't..."

"No, no, there is no why. Nothing more will I teach you today.Clear your mind of questions."

This is not a debate. This is not a grey area that requires exceptions and pontification. The Force is for knowledge and defense. It should never be used to attack, non-violence should always be the first resort and only discarded after the last full measure has been taken. In the end, the OT concludes not on a physical victory, but a philosophical one. The struggle Yoda instilled into Luke in that moment when he first uttered that, "Wars not make one great." His physical victory was complete, his foe was vanquished. But, he was on the verge of losing the true struggle of a Jedi and the franchise. The struggle with oneself and of violence. Here, the student becomes the Master as he discards his weapon, placing faith in the internal good of his wayward father. Trusting in The Force. And, it is only by throwing away his weapon is the final victory achieved.

Again, these ideals and themes that reside within the core of the series reflect its counterculture spirit as a rebellion against the studio system. A system that worshipped the Hollywood Action Hero and the new cynical view of the world. Recall Dirty Harry, the foul talking, rebellious, anti-authority cop who resolved every dispute with the barrel of his gun, rights be damned. Audiences cheered as he blasted away thugs who were far too low to ever be deemed worthy of a trial, cussed out the political hacks who dared try to reign him in or criticize his tactics. This is the American Hero...until Star Wars. Here, the series presented a new hero. Unfortunately, over the years the flashy visuals and whiz-bang sci-fi action tends to cloud over the crux of the series. Too many moments are spent dreaming of battles between iconic characters, power levels are discussed, lightsabers measured. Yet, too often is forgotten that the true battle in all Star Wars is fought internally and through the philosophical means by which the characters seek to achieve victory. That the best battle, is the one that never has to take place.

In the end, the Master will recall upon this most important lesson again as he gives A New Hope to an entirely new generation of the galaxy.

Favorite Film: Empire Strikes Back

mr teaspoon

Feb 22, 2018
I mean, my favorite Star Wars book is the Tales of the Bounty Hunters anthology, but trying to tie it into videogames, I think the Shadows of the Empire rollout was the best time I've had.

I was 11 years old and way into Star Wars and video games, so the N64 launching with Shadows was huge. I can't remember if I had read the novelization before or after playing the game, they're so blended together in my mind. I remember there being a big media push of the whole Shadows of the Empire story, it felt like a big deal. And it is a good story! But I had so much fun with that game, even the bad parts. People usually think of the awesome first level on Hoth, but what's burned into my brain from the game is the Gall Spaceport level. I remember loving everything about that level. The design, the music selection from Empire (which is my favorite of the films), shooting Stormtroopers into bottomless pits, the AT-ST, Boba Fett!

Preferred platform: Xbox One


Oct 29, 2017
This is so kind of you, thank you :)

One of my earliest gaming memories was my Dad bringing home a magazine which had a demo CD featuring nearly a dozen Star Wars game demos.

This thing had so much on it - Dark Forces 2, Rogue Squadron, YODA STORIES. I sunk hours into this demo disc, but there was one game I played more than any - Droid Works.

There was something about Droid Works that affected me in a number of ways. This was one of the first games where I got to customise a chatacter; choosing the parts that made up my Droid was new and exciting and despite the limited parts available I was thorough in trying out all permutations to be sure of my choice.

Then the adventure began. I was tasked to explore a big canyon and find specific parts to power a big piece of machinery that would allow me to progress. Simple concept now, but to my five year old mind the canyon was HUGE! There were secret, obscured tunnels, switches that automated platforms and numerous areas that I couldn't access with my current build of Droid.

But nothing stuck with me more than the atmosphere. There was something... creepy... about wandering this empty canyon alone. The music was strange and alien, the wind and diegetic sound added to the feeling of being in a vast canyon and every now and then, to my terror, the cries of Tusken Raiders would sound.

This creeped me OUT. I hadn't experienced such isolation in a game before, being used to games that hand-hold younger players and encourage them to continue.
Now I was confronted with... lonely emptiness, my own sense of adventure being the only thing driving me on. Sure, there were tutorials and tips, but I was having too much fun exploring of my own volition to follow the path ahead.

Despite not fully understanding all I was doing in the demo, I spent hours in it - finishing it and restarting it over and over. I was entranced. The following three birthdays and Christmases I asked my parents for the full version but we never did find it anywhere so to this day I don't know how the rest of the game goes.

Another quick story - the first time I booted the Dark Forces 2 demo I was similarly wandering around a canyon. At one point I entered a hangar and came face to face with 5 stormtroopers. This was HORRIFYING. I screamed and quit the game and only came back to it weeks later.

I miss fearing Stormtroopers. Simpler times.


Thanks again for running this competition :) PC would be my preference if I were a winner.

Also I genuinely loved Attack of the Clones as a kid. Jango was awesome and the arena fight at the end was amazing. All the clones just destroying the Trade Federation was so bad ass.


Sep 21, 2019
Seeing and reading all of these entries is wonderful. So many great stories, anecdotes, and experiences. This is what it's about. I had to comment because damn. 👏


Oct 27, 2017
Playing the Star Wars Arcade machine or cockpit as a kid in the 80's was amazing. I really felt like I was in a galaxy far away. Empire Strikes Back is my favorite movie.

Xbox One code please.


Oct 31, 2017
Not America
Firstly, thanks for holding this giveaway and good luck to everyone participating.

Favourite moment:

For me, I draw favourite moments from feelings the settings' ambiance and characters within give me. Examples:

1. The first time the exile landed on Korriban in KoTOR II, if the player goes to the edge of the cliff towards the statues, they can hear this howl of the winds cutting across landscape and its architecture:

Between the dusk time lighting and the ambiance the entire atmosphere was unbelievably eerie. I stayed for the feels.

2. Again, KoTOR II, the ambiance of the rebuilt Jedi enclave on Dantooine- The soundscape painted my view of the world. It is absolutely serene.

3. Going back to KoTOR, the game that made me obsess over "what if this or what if that were co-opted into Star Wars" had a few similar locales- The first of which was Kashyyyk- The scenery composition of inhabiting between a network of thick, tall and old trees reminded me of my childhood when I used to imagine having a treehouse like Dennis the Menace.

4. Remaining on Kashyyyk, one of my most fond character related moment was when I discovered the Jedi, Jolee Bindo, who was a regular chap with regular person's sensibilities and force powers. My mind was blown at the "wait a minute, this seems reasonable enough" concept of force users who were neither sanctimonious pious folks nor utter psychopaths. Plus, he was the only other saucy fellow besides that sentient assassin droid.

5. Tatooine Desert from KoTOR- I have a special place in my heart for Tatooine because it features my favourite audio and visual moment from any SW movie to date - Luke looking at the setting binary stars against John William's Binary Sunset theme. I literally roamed across the desert for hours without any purpose soaking in the ambiance - I made myself (my avatar) manifest into a place I had wanted to go ever since I first saw A New Hope.

6. Of course, it does not hurt that another very memorable character also happened to be on Tatooine, at Anchorhead- One of the most endearing assholes in any game- HK-47. His character was in stark contrast to the rest of the crew I had assembled. Direct, murderous, sentimental, murderous, more murderous. Rehabilitating an assassin droid was only ever going to see limited success and that bastard enjoyed killing, "meatbags" as an expedient way of solving disputes and he would always be utterly forthcoming about it. Often I would judge my capacity to make paragon-esque decisions by saying or doing opposite to what HK would advise me. He was my moral nadir.

So, much like the Force, my connection to the favourite moments in SW expanded universe comes from reminiscence of feelings of being part of the SW world.

As for favourite film, mine is A New Hope.

Hope you enjoyed reading this.

Thanks again.

PS: Platform of choice is Xbox One.

Edit: Fixed the links
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Shpeshal Ed

Oct 25, 2017
Melbourne, Australia
Despite my age, my favourite Star Wars game/moment is playing through Force Unleashed on 360. It was the first time I got to play a game where I felt like I was actually playing as a kick ass Jedi with a full suite of powers available to me.

Loved it.

Xbox One


Dec 2, 2017
When I was first getting into PC gaming and gaming in general I remember my cousin/best friend introducing me to Republic Commando, it was my first SP FPS that I've ever played through and is by far one of those hidden SW gems out there, I remember being so hyped after the cliffhanger ending (too bad we never got a sequel). But the biggest reason that memory comes up is that I get so nostalgic thinking about those day, us sitting in his room, me watching him play, thinking "This is how things will always be.", fast forward to now, he's in Vienna, I moved to NY, I'm happy if we manage to jump on a Skype call once a month. We were both discussing how Fallen Order might finally be a great game! :D
Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone!
I prefer the PC code if I'm lucky :D


Oct 30, 2017
I love playing as Darth Vader's wingman in X-wing vs. TIE FIGHTER. Palpatine was being kidnapped and it was up to both of us to rescue him.

Those Tie Defenders were so OP.

Xbox version would be great :)


Oct 25, 2017
probably getting the concussion rifle in dark forces. i didn't understand how it worked but watching a giant blue flame burst out of the ground killing everything in it's way was great. i mean the lizard people use it so it has to be pretty good, right?

getting it on ps4 so no entry. i just wanted to talk about the gun
Oct 25, 2017
Kotor was my jam back in the day. I remember deciding to play through on the dark side and making the wookie kill his best friend to fulfill his life debt to me, good times.

Rogue One is great.



Oct 27, 2017
My favourite moments are probably exploring the sith temples in the Jedi Knight expansion mysteries of the sith. Lots of sith enemies and lightsaber action.

PC code preferably but I'll take an xbox one too.