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“ATC Is A One Stop Solution Provider For Quality Surface Finishing”

ATC has grown to create a tradition of complete customer satisfaction. ATC offers metal finishing services including plating of zinc, nickel, chromium, gold, silver, chrome, various type of anodizing for aluminium, conversion coating such as passivating and phosphating. We also provide powder coating and wet painting services.

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  • Cleanroom HVAC systems control humidity at low levels.
  • Compliant with AMAT 0250-70351 / AMAT 0250-20000 requirements (for Component Cleaning and UHV Clean Components).
  • Aqueous cleaning compliant with Agilent medical specifications.
  • Brand new set up in KL (4 NADCAP accredited facilities in Singapore and Malaysia).

Plating Services

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  • Performing high quality and durable plating
  • Enhance capability to plate within few microns tolerance
  • To invest in advanced technology so as to gain competitive advantage
  • Focus on high end sector business
  • Support customer with worked out solutions


With our vast experience and modern facilities, ATC can support various of surface finishing process such as anodizing, conversion coating, passivation and electroless nickel provide for thorough surface protection.

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