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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Ryan Dean: Sentencing Scheduled for April 16

ARC has learned a bit more about Ryan Dean's conviction for assaulting his former partner as well as the allegations concerning another assault against a woman. Sentencing in the first case is scheduled for April 16, though he is waiting to have a pre-sentence report. ARC also learned that Dean had a second court date on February 1. His second assault ended up taking a peace bond in an effort to simply be rid of him and it doesn't look like the second case will go to trial unless Dean does something especially stupid.... and given this is Ryan Dyan that might not be so far fetched.

The boy does seem to have some difficulties with anger management and impulse control, that's for certain:

In the meantime, Dean has continued his attacks against current members of the Canadian Combat Coalition, the group he founded and lead but was rather unceremoniously dumped because he is (1) an asshole and (b) allegedly skimming donations off the top:

Dean has also expanded the circle of groups and individuals he feels have wronged him in some way. Of course he continues to have a beef against the CCC and we had learned he wasn't fond of the Soldiers of Odin or Storm Alliance who he suggested should be subservient to him and his group.... whatever he decides to name "his group" on that particular day:

In addition to these groups, he now seems to have a beef with the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam which used to be Walmart to his MacDonalds (this was a REAL comparison Joey Deluca had made as a compliment because of course he did).

First Jesse Wielenga, who now claims to be back in the movement after briefly stepping out, made a misogynistic comment about women which Dean replied to:

I might be inclined to almost agree with Dean if it wasn't for the MASSIVE case of throwing rocks in glass houses that he exhibits here considering he will soon be sentenced for his domestic abuse conviction.

He has also been quite critical of Joey Deluca's efforts:

Oh, now The Clann is the leading activist club in Canada apparently. Well if posting poorly designed memes on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter is activism, he may have a point.

Then again Dean also continues to change the name of his group more often than he changes his tighty whities.

Gone is The Clann it appears. In it's place....

.... or is it:

Dean is currently in the process of organizing a Canada-wide rally against the Trudeau government and Islam:

He seems to be of the "Field of Dreams" school of political organizing in that if he says it will happen, people with little to no connection to him will make it happen. ARC will have more on this later but suffice it to say, Ryan Dean is really bad with keeping quiet about details he wouldn't want his detractors to know about.

Finally, Dean has decided to comment on the shooting of Colten Boushie.

You aren't going to be surprised:

In another subsequent argument, Dean continues to show the content of his character:

Considering the wealth of information Ryan Dean has left online regarding his anger issues, threats, and general assholery, I'm guessing the pre-sentencing report may prove to be especially interesting.

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