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BUMPUS* RESEARCHERS WORLDWIDE (including wills and other data)

* (including variant spellings)

  • Section 1: Family Codes linked to identified family groups. 

  • Section 2: Researchers.

  • Section 3: References to Bumpus (& variant spellings) in public documents.

  • Section 4: Useful genealogical research links.

  • Section 5: Rosie Wells's family tree (Stretton-on-Fosse and Birmingham).

  • Section 6: just for fun!





*(including variant spellings)

 I: The early Bumpas families of Aston sub Edge, Weston sub Edge, Bredon...

 II: The Bumpus families of Stretton, Stow, Shipston and Stratford

 III: The Bompas family - Medicine, the Law and the Church  

 IV: The Bumpus booksellers of London

  • Family history with details of their bookselling business in the early days
  • The Bumpus bookselling business in the twentieth century

 V: The Bumpus Slateworkers of Stonesfield

      (incl Combe, Long Compton, Witney, Oxford, London)


BUMPUS* Publishing

*(including variant spellings)


  • Photographs and illustrations of premises

  • The booksellers' policy and aims