Who's this Athik charged millions from UNP for Public Surveys?

Who's this Athik charged millions from UNP for Public Surveys?

14 February 2018 11:11 am

Based on surveys conducted by the UNP so far, it was very confident of winning all the local government bodies at the February 10 polls, till the Official Election Count Process began as UNP's victory was confirmed by those surveys all the time. 

UNP has paid milliions of Rupees to the firm which conducted its surveys prior to elections. But the expected results never happened and was completely different what came out from said surveys making millins of Rupees paid by the party a waste.  

Athik's 'Pepper Cube
It is reported that all those surveys conducted by a company named Paper Cube reportedly owned by Mr. Athik who is a close friend of Deputy Minister Harsha de Silva. Also, Mr. Athik is a share holder with  10% ownership of a business owned by Harsha de Silva and therefore they are business partners as well. 

It is now very clear that this Athik has delivered a hanky-panky which resulted UNP lost 'village power' while governning the country.

Moreover,  for certain surveys conducted by Pepper Cube, UNP has paid over 5 million rupees for some surveys carried out by the paper Cube Company and all this has been done through the coordination of Deputy Minister Harsha De Silva.

Millions for Advertisements
A converse has started among the party due to the failure of the Propaganda campaigns.

Despite the party has spent millions of rupees on the campaign and newspaper advertisements it has failed to succeed its pre-election campaign. All those decisions regarding the pre-election campaign have been coordinated by Minister Harsha de Silva and minister Eran Wickramarathne. Also, they have introduced two persons named Mr. Subash Pinnapola and Mr. Harsha Rajamanthree. The party has been blaming them too regarding this.

Media Propaganda
Mr. Gairuka Perusinghe, an expert in the media was the responsible person of UNP media campaign. Although it is reported that he hasn't been provided even a table or chair by the party to complete his duty.

As one of the main political parties in this country, UNP was been behind even small parties. It has been failed its media campaign of this election due to the appointments of various officers for the media campaign by wasting millions of rupees.

In such a situation all the responsible members of the party should consider this failure of how to face to a highly competitive election at least now, after this defeat.