Gender Inclusive: Essays on Violence, Men, and Feminist International Relations


Essays on Violence,
Men, and Feminist

Adam Jones

Gender Inclusive offers a
challenging and
unconventional reinter-
pretation of gender and
mass violence. It compiles
essays and excerpts drawn
from nearly two decades of
writings on gender and
politics by Adam Jones --
recently selected as "one of
fifty key thinkers in
Holocaust and genocide

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Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction


Adam Jones

2nd ed., Routledge 2011

"This is the best
introductory text
available to students
of genocide studies.
Written in clear, elegant
prose and supported by
a wealth of authoritative
A Comprehensive
Introduction is
likely to be come the
gold standard by which all
subsequent introductions
to this enormously
important subject will be
   - Kenneth J. Campbell,
University of Delaware
Author of
Genocide and
the Global Village

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table of contents.

Gendercide and Genocide


Edited by
Adam Jones

The most wide-ranging
book ever published on
gender-selective mass
killing, or "gendercide,"
this collection of
essays is also the first
to explore systematically
the targeting of non-
combatant "battle-age"
males in various wartime
and peacetime contexts.

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and a full
table of contents.

Updated October 15, 2013

GENDERCIDE WATCH seeks to confront acts of gender-selective mass killing around the world. We believe that such atrocities against ordinary men and women constitute one of humanity's worst blights, and one of its greatest challenges in the new millennium.

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