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Many sites would carry a warning: NUDITY! Keep away if you're under 18! We don't believe in that. Women's breasts bother no one except those who have unfortunately been trained to be embarrassed by them.

So if you're under 18, go ahead and view our photos. Besides, women who are bare-breasted in public places aren't nude! Are bare-breasted men nude? These women are exercising their right to the same topfreedom as men have had for decades.

Warning: you may encounter images of people wearing clothes!

Below we present photos (and some drawings and paintings) of topfree women (and occasionally men) in portraits and "in action." It is forbidden to reproduce any photograph on this site in any location or in any medium or format without the prior written consent of TERA.

There are more photos in the articles area.

Got a photo you'd like to share? Contact us at the Topfree Equal Rights Association.

Here are three cartoons from Hathor the Cowgoddess. Lots more on her site!





Alabama activist Whitney McCleskey has sent us many photos of herself, of which the following are a selection.



Above left: Pregnant in the last trimester, 2001.
Above right: Very first feeding of Victoria Eve, less than an hour old, January 24, 2002.





The above four pictures of Whitney are from 2003.
Upper left: That's Victoria Eve, aquatic expert!

In September 2005, Kay Lussier of New Hampshire kindly sent us the following three recent pictures of herself. She's 56, been married 33 years to Bob Lussier (who supports her topfreedom wholeheartedly), and has a son 21 and daughter 19.

Left: in the woods in the Lussiers' backyard. It's not a large area but a pleasant place to go topfree, a buffer between a baseball field and an elementary school.

Middle: in a secluded location about 23 km from their house. The Lussiers like to spend time walking the trail.

Right: hiking on a warm day with a light breeze. When she hikes in the summer, unless it's a very crowded Kay always goes topfree. She has been approached only once about her state of undress.

Kay has discarded all her bras (as a fair number of women have). On a hot day in late summer, while out in the car with Bob with the air conditioning broken and windows down, she enjoyed taking off her top: "I felt great about what I was doing."

In September 2005, Juan Miguel Jansen wrote us from Colombia and sent these photos of women breastfeeding in Bogotá. Despite a few objections from women of a religious group to the situation on the left, the police have recognized breastfeeders' right, "because fortunately there is no law prohibiting this in public." Juan Miguel is involved in keeping that right (also in preserving the ability of women to bathe in rivers and other waters with exposed breasts), and in showing that other parts of the world are equally interested in doing that---namely North America!




Below is what Juan Miguel had to say about the situation. (For those who don't read Spanish, the essence is stated above the pictures. He also noted that women breastfeed their children there until they are 2 or 3.)

Yo también coordino y asesoro en lo posible a mujeres que desean amamantar en público en todo Colombia, o quieren bañarse en los rios o costas con los pechos descubiertos. En Colombia, afortunadamente, la mayoría de madres amamantan a sus hijos hasta los 2 o 3 años, a veces en tandem.

Las fotos fueron tomadas recientemente en Bogotá, la capital de Colombia, y como podrá ver, la madre más joven está amamantando a su hijo en público y fueron objeto de críticas de unas señoras resanderas de una congregación religiosa que les trataron de tapar los senos porque dizque "era penoso mostrar los pechos y la leche saliendo de ellos en público," a lo cual respondimos enérgicamente con un No rotundo. La policía nos halló la razón, ya que no hay ley que prohíba esto en público afortunadamente.

Nosotros celebramos reuniones para explicar que no se debe cubrir nada y que las mujeres son libres de alimentar a sus niños en donde y cuando ellos quieran.

En los climas cálidos de Colombia las mujeres a veces llevan sus senos a la vista y estamos defendiendo ese derecho.

Tricia Bird sent us this photo from when she was out for a walk with her husband and their dog on trails in Rocky Point Park, Port Moody, British Columbia, on May 30, 2009. "It was a hot, sunny day, and I certainly wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to excercise my rights," she noted.


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