International Parties

Start your own Internet Party to connect with Internet Party People around the world.

How to get started

1 - Review our Constitution, and check we’re on the same wavelength.
2 - Review our International Guidelines.
3 - Email to express interest in starting your country’s Internet Party. We’ll either help you get rolling, or connect you with an existing Internet Party in your location.
4 - Register a website domain and establish your social media channels.
5 - Connect with other people in your country and bring them onboard. (We will forward you expressions of interest from your country, and offer as much support as we can).

It's so important to us that people have their own decentralised, autonomous spaces in which to organise for their countries and communities.

There has been overwhelming international interest in establishing Internet Parties around the world, so we’ve created a framework to help new Parties get started and grow.

Key resources:
  • Track our threads on Loomio.
  • Come chat with us on Discord.
  • Branding: We’ll provide templates as needed.
  • Websites: We’ll provide a subdomain of or

If you’d like to volunteer with Internet Party NZ you can do so from anywhere in the world! Our international team works together online, as well as on the ground. Please email your details - including your location, availability, relevant skill-set and experience - to

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