A Proof has recently appeared that cash attached to Hillary Clinton and George Soros was utilized to pay ladies to make-up false claims that President Trump sexually attacked them, as per a report in the New York Times.

Writing for TheHill, analytical columnist John Solomon, uncovers that payouts were made by lawyer Lisa Bloom to ladies who were willing to lie and act in public that they were sexually attacked by now President Donald Trump. The cash was attractive, so they decided to do it.

As indicated by the report, one of the accusers had the mortgage on her home paid off, while the other was offered cash amount of $750,000.

The names of two of were uncovered by the NY Times and both are attached to the evilness. Guess who? George Soros and Hillary Clinton.

Right after that, it was uncovered that Soros invested an astounding $3 million into the New York Times by taking up a lot of the organization’s stocks.

Could this action be a method for controlling the publication’s account on such stories on in the near future? Well of course!

The New York Times named David Brock, a George Soros partner in crime, and Clinton’s long-term companion Susie Tompkins Buell, who controlled countless dollars in order to fight Trump’s campaign before the presidential election.

David Brock not just has connections to Hillary Clinton and George Soros, he is the Resistance, not exclusively to Trump however to Fox News also.

That’s the story of our country folks… Soros and the Democratic Party spending millions of dollars to oppose Trump and the good of our nation. Why they are doing this? It’s more than obvious! They are too scared that Trump will expose their criminal history. And believe me he will, It’s just a matter of time!

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        • Exactly! We keep reading about all this proof, with no follow-up, yet we have to sit here and listen to hearsay that is taken as factual, to impeach our president.

          • The worst part the fact they’re doing this on the taxpayers money. Pelosi should have to pay for this. She claims she prays for PT. What a liar and so vindictive😡

          • One of Hillary Clinton’s major campaign donors paid $500,000 in an attempt to fund women accusing then-candidate Donald Trump of sexual misconduct, according to a New York Times report on Sunday.

            Susie Tompkins Buell, a friend and longtime donor to the Clintons, gave the $500,000 to celebrity lawyer Lisa Bloom. Clinton operative David Brock was reported to have added an additional $200,000 through a nonprofit organization he founded.

            Lisa Bloom is a lawyer known for representing celebrity clients, including Harvey Weinstein and Kathy Griffin. Bloom is the also the daughter of celebrity lawyer Gloria Allred, who represented one of the women who accused Roy Moore of sexual assault.

      • This story is quite old, but there is no shortage of media that covered this story. Did you look it up or are Bloom, Allred, Clinton and Soros the source of your sexual satisfaction?

      • You’re just pissed because trump is stopping your supply of little girls and boys an you had to go back to sniffing little girls bicycle seats!

      • Hey Reid it’s not possible that U R that dam dumb. But , I guess being a Democrat , U could be too stupid to know U R stupid

        • Larry Herring, let me explain why I’m so repulsed by you ignorant Teabaggers.
          You people drop out of grade 10 and spend your entire lives shovelling shit for minimum wage. Then you blame everyone else for the way that your lives turned out. You blame the Democrats, the liberal media, immigrants, unions and affirmative action for the way your lives turned out.
          You pay a pittance in taxes compared to the rest of us, but all you do is bitch about the way that YOUR tax dollars are spent.
          I’m sick of supporting you people.
          You’re a bunch of fucking losers.

          • Are you kidding me, LOL, you are hilarious. First of all I can see you made every attempt to sound intelligent and above whoever it is you are arguing with. I don’t even know what you are arguing about, but if by you making more and paying more taxes has you convinced you are better or smarter than someone else haha that in itself speaks volumes.

          • Shut the fuck up lying shit stain.
            We blame Democrats for the high taxes and overreaching regulations they impose on businesses that thwart growth. The liberal media is nothing but liars and propagandists that parrot anything the left says.

            And we don’t have issue with immigrants. It’s illegal aliens sneaking over here and working jobs for a fraction of our wage. Something any union wouldn’t allow period.

            And I don’t need to pay a union so I can make a living, or to control the rate of my compensation.

            And we don’t need affirmative action.
            You.should be hired or accepted on your worth or your merit.

            So take your CNN talking points and poke them.up your ass one at time fucktard.

            And BTW, they may start out at minimum wage shoveling shit, but like myself, who worked their way to owning their own construction business, not only do we most likely pay shit tons more in taxes than your peon ass, but also create more jobs for people to work. And they have the same opportunity.

            The next time you pay the plumber think about what he made of your ass amd how long it took. I’d be charging your ass like everyone else. $150 an hour.

          • Bill Reid. I’ve probably got more education than a knucklehead like you.You’ve never spent a dime on me but I’ve been paying your way for a long time.

          • Trump 2020.. why are you all bashing each other ? WoW it’s funny because this is about politics not who’s smarter than whom. I graduated, I work hard for my family I pay taxes as well and you idiots are fighting over an artical. Good one. Grow up. Yes i called you idiots do you see what you all are doing ? Maybe state some facts instead of throwing hate around, throw some real hard fact and maybe you will get an intelligent answer.

          • The meek WILL inherit the Earth. We are humble and love our God. We know that good always wins over evil. Try to learn some other big words to replace the F word. God bless you.

          • I really thought you meant the Democrats! The DIM Party “Leaders” and cult followers are eternal malcontents who need to tell Americans how much soda they can drink, as just a tiny example of their purview over how we should live and pursue happiness. We should all be glad they are committing political suicide. So busted!

          • You ignorant racist,fascist,socialist/communist, supremist, HITLER, baby murdering, perverted EVIL SATAN WORSHIPPING liberal democrats are the problem with this country!!! First and foremost I own everything I have because I paid cash for it!! I don’t have nor ever had a credit card in my life!! My husband owned his own company until he retired due to illness…we pay high taxes where we live…we do NOT live above our means and we do NOT expect others to pay for us or give us free stuff!! I was pulled out of school after the 10th grade by my parents because as my dad told the principal ” a woman doesn’t need an education to stay home and take care of the house and children” but I took my dad’s college books and taught myself algebra and beyond, I taught myself how to type and a lot if things from all his college books then I went and got my GED AND I HAVE A VERY HIGH IQ!! UNLIKE YOU!!! I’m an independent that always votes for the best candidate and I used to lean towards the democrats on some issues but NEVER ABORTION OR ANY OF THE PEREVERSE THINGS THEY SUPPORT!!!! Now after watching them and listening to all the EVIL SPEWING FROM THE DEMOCRAT PARTY I WILL NEVER EVER LEAN THAT DIRECTION EVER AGAIN!!! THEY HAVE TAKEN GOD OUT OF EVERYTHING AND THAT WAS THEIR BIGGEST MISTAKE!!! Trump has brought God back to the White House and that is the best thing he could have done because this country was founded in GOD!! I WILL ALWAYS VOTE ON THE CONSERVATIVE SIDE FROM NOW ON!! I CAN’T BELIEVE I WAS EVER FOOLISH ENOUGH TO EVER LEAN TOWARDS THE DEMOCRATS EVEN A LITTLE BIT!!! PRAISE THE LORD MY EYES ARE OPEN TO THE TRUTH OF THE EVIL PARTIES OF THE DEMOCRATS AND THE LIBERALS!!! As for immagration you democrats are extremely ignorant and deff we have never said we don’t support immagrants!!! We have always said we DONT support ILLEGAL IMMAGRANTS!!! THERE IS A HUGE DIFFERENCE!!!! LEGAL IMMAGRANTS CAN ONLY COME HERE IF THEY CAN FINANCIALLY SUPPORT THEMSELVES AND THEIR FAMILY while ILLEGAL IMMAGRANTS SNEAK HERE ILLEGALLY AND EXPECT US TO PAY FOR EVERYTHING!!!! THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE ARE AGAINST!!! ILLEGAL IMMAGRATION!!! Do it legally and we welcome you to our country!!! Do it ILLEGALLY and we say GO HOME!!! Can you understand the words that I am saying????

    • Absolutely there the whole reason that all this bull shit is happening they started it but it looks like the lies and cheaters are about to take a hit from the republicans and it’s time to wipe out the garbage GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP FOR 2020

  1. Lisa Bloom and her spotlight crazy mother, Gloria Allred, are despicable characters, always grabbing for the camera and supporting heinous cases. Lisa seems even more corrupt than her mother. This is not unexpected information!

    • +They remind you of Hillary Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea, who is noted for saying even more stupid things than Hillary herself. Apples do not fall far from the trees.

    • No surprise. Just more confirmation of the liberal socialist lefts, dirty dealings. When do we ever get satisfaction and see these criminals behind bars?
      The odd thing is, if I were a liberal, I’d be madder than hornet at these lying, cheating cretins who treat their constituents and supporters like dumb cattle. Go figure.

        • This refers to partisans who unsuccessfully tried to pay women to come forward. Facts matter, you can’t just change them to say what you want.

      • They nastier the better, if you are a Democrat. I cannot be convinced otherwise after these last 4 years. If I think about it, maybe it’s been a lot longer. We just waited patiently to exercise our right to vote for
        OUR PRESIDENT, unlike the Dark Side!

        • When our Nation was formed, I do not believe the “Devil was running our America!” Right now, reading the past comments, I am assured that that evil is running the Demoncrats from foot to head! I have a very great education so I do not have to use evil language to explain that “My PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP” is being a ‘God fearing man of integrity’ and has done more for America than the (Clinton Cartel or the ‘African born Obama!’ When America relies on corruption as do the Democrat leaders, America is being led by filthy money from an evil outsiders and we are not being led by “God”! We better get back on our “Prayer Bones” and plead for “God’s Grace” other than use filthy language, and support Satanistic Democrats in DC! The “Handwriting is on display!” Read and pray or go down with the “Liars in DC!

    • I completely agree. There are so many instances of awkward syntax. In one case almost the entire 1 sentence paragraph……”David Brock not just has connections to Hillary Clinton and George Soros, he is the Resistance, not exclusively to Trump however to Fox News also.”
      This might make sense to a non-native speaker, but its not fooling us.

    • There’s the left attack dogs now!!! Seems they always rise to the occasion to attack the messengers. I wonder if you pay as much attention to the total LACK of evidence there was during the Impeachment Inquiry?Trial??

      • Prove them wrong by providing a link to the alleged New York Times article.
        It doesn’t exist.
        Surprise. “Fake News” swings both ways.

        • Snopes even tried to cover, but this was in their report: The lawyer Lisa Bloom seized on the political potency of sexual harassment charges against Mr. Trump not long after he clinched the Republican presidential nomination. She said she reached out to a pro-Clinton “super PAC” — though she declined to identify which one — for money to help her vet a sexual misconduct claim against Mr. Trump.

  2. Can you please send me the original NYT article that affirms Soros and Clinton behind Sexual Harassment claims against Trump. I have many people interested in your article but they want original source link…Thank you

  3. Let’s get them locked up and I guarantee the Demos will fall all over themselves trying to keep from going to prison. Telling everything they know. Lol let’s do it!

  4. I can’t believe this article actually contains the truth! They are criminals and are trying to bury the evidence of their crimes. Our President has been chosen by godly people to come forward and be the one to take them all down off their criminal perches. There is nothing that will convince me otherwise.

  5. If Thomas Jefferson were still alive, Hillary Clinton would be six feet Under. She has been involved in everything from selling plutonium to third world countries, illegally selling weapons to Iraq and Iran, sexual scandals, bribery, murders, conspiracies, and manipulating the United States medical system by having FDA sell drugs to Americans that do not need it and making millions a dollars off this scheme. She has the FBI and CIA killing their own people for her own political agenda proven that these two organizations have no loyalty to their own.

  6. Thank you president Trump for working to clean house! May the Trump dynasty and America be blessed and prosper and continue for years through your family!

  7. It’s not that difficult to fact check this story…for the good of all, please fact check all stories, left and right leaning, if you really want to know the truth…if you really want to know the crooks are deep on both sides.

  8. Gitmo is getting ready for an influx of
    Scumbag Democrats, keep your eyes on spring, the American people will be
    Realigned when all the truth come out.

  9. And where are your embedded links to the claimed articles proving your assertions? I don’t see them, and searching I don’t find them. This makes me think you are lying – and that’s a LOUSY way to do politics, unless of course you are a Russian agent, and don’t give a f*ck about facts or truth.

  10. That may be the dumbest, most poorly-written piece of Russian-troll-inspired mis-information I have ever read. Seriously, pure garbage.

  11. This article would not persuade any but the most hopped up bullshit conspiracy loving Trumpophile Simps. This kind of crap is cause for a serious look at an all inclusive First Amendment being checked by consequences for uttering outright lies that have damaging social impacts. This didnt even deserve fact checking.

  12. They are all scared because they know Trump is draining the swamp, these are Satanic, adrenochrome drinking, child eating pedophiles.

  13. Michael Moore is a waste of oxygen and can get on his knees and lick the sweat off my balls. It’s reporters and people like him in the media that are responsible for Veterans like myself having to live on the streets, in storage sheds in the woods, with no automobile, no income and having to go through numerous surgeries because our VA and State medical benefits were cut off. Michael Moore, given the chance, would sneak down to the VA hospital at night and take the bolts out of the Veteran’s wheelchairs.

  14. It is irresponsible to provide information like this and not qualify it with links to the sources you speak of. If what you say is true, you’ve confirmed it before publishing it and it is journalism 101 to provide where and how you got your information. There is so much fake news and half-truths in the news that you need to be better than the liberal press. Step it up, man.

  15. I don’t think there is going to be a lot of surprised people anyone with a brain knows the Clinton’s are as CORRUPT as Al Capone And A Giant Portion of Democraps are taking money from Lobbyists THATS what Obama said he was going to get rid of maybe we can get President Trump to

  16. Go, after the weak links, the ones who received the $$$, paying off mortgages, $750,000 to the other, they need to explain where that $$ came from, or subpoena all their financial records, and find out the info through the courts.

  17. I¡¦ll right away grab your rss feed as I can’t to find your email subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please let me realize so that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

  18. Regardless of the verity of the articles content, the writer needs to go back to grammar school and learn how to write a grammatically correct sentence. This article would earn a failing grade in any class, not for content but for grammar.

  19. Trumps grasping at straws now . It’s funny how everything Trump is being accused of him and him and his stupid followers want to turn around and say it’s Hillary or bill or democrats but in reality it’s trump and his people committing the crimes and are know sexual assaulters and even if Hillary did do something like this she still didn’t win so who really cares . Trump and all of his followers are delusional , racist scum and should all be locked up for voting for that piece of crap in the first place

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  22. #LovingImpeachment. If it’s finally passed, we will then go to trial and Team Trump will bring everyone up on the stand, under oath. Hillary and the balance will only take the 5th because otherwise, they will commit perjury, which means PRISON… Oh, I love this impeachment process. Trump2020!!!! Yea America! We’re GREAT AGAIN!


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