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Winter 2018 Contest: How I Choose to Hibernate WinnerBury Me by Ariana Townsend:


The shortlisted authors are:

Ariana TownsendBury Me
Martha WarrenWake Me
Edythe Anstey HanenShelter Me
Bill EnglesonWinter Road Song
Coranne CreswellUntethered












2018 BC Short 
Short Story Contest

Winner: Chelsea Comeau

The short list is:
David Reichheld for “Let Morning Bring Me”
“Club Laundro”
Jeanine Manji for “Lucky Day”
KT Wagner for “Cabin Fever”
Chelsea Comeau for “Badlands”
Susan Smith-Josephy for “Daddy’s Game”
Derek Hanebury for “The Mercy of Saints”
Jim Bottomley for “Running with Salmon”
Sheila Thomas for “Rewind”
Glenn Mori for “One More Day”
Natalie Southworth for “Microburst”
Abhishek Manilal for “June 23, 2014”


2018 Literary Writes Poetry Contest

Winner: Barbara Black, from Victoria, with her poem “Child Bride, Hawkesbury, Ontario, 1918.

Three honorable mentions–these are in no particular order:

“Waiting for the Ferry” – Derek Hanebury, Port Alberni


“Postcards from the Shadows” – Leanne Boschman, East Vancouver

“The Buck” — Susan Braley, Victoria






The Short List (no particular order)

Postcards From The Shadows, Leanne Boschman, East Vancouver

On Being Two Months Married, Charlene Kwiatkowski, Vancouver

Bee,  Kelly Madden, Comox Valley

We Strive to Dismiss Their Prejudices,  P. W. Bridgman, Vancouver

If You Think Of Death, Andrew Brown

The Buck, Susan Braley, Victoria

Child Bride, Hawkesbury, Ontario, Barbara Black, Victoria

Waiting For The Ferry,  Derek Hanebury, Port Alberni

Summer Island,  Judith Stouffer, Denman Island

As If Penelope, Michelle Brown, Victoria



2017 Summer Contest:

Winner of the 2017 Summer Contest: Nonetheless – Romney Grant! Congratulations!

Short List for the 2017 Summer Contest:

What a Croc! – P.C. Vandall
Nonetheless – Romney Grant
Evacuated – Vanessa Winn
It Won’t Last – Carol Garvin
Security Line – Anne Hopkinson
Slip Sliding Away – Neil McKinnon
Sole Survivor – Virginia McKinnon
Shoreline – Karin Hedetniemi






2017 Literary Writes Contest:

Winner: Postcards & Prose: Bench Canoes of the Salish Sea – Tatjana Mirkov-Popovicki,

Winner: Creative Non-Fiction: Mr. JR Pickwell – Annie Siegel

Honorable Mention: Postcards & Prose: Wiley Ho – One Fifty 




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