Bayesian Statistics Group


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These pages provide information about the BSG research group at the Department of Mathematics at University of Helsinki. We do research on theoretical and applied machine learning, biometry, bioinformatics and forensic statistics. More detailed information about us can be found from the links above. The BSG group is part of the COIN centre of excellence.

MSc thesis projects available! If you have a solid background in statistics, mathematics or computer science, and are interested in putting your skills to test within real research projects, contact Jukka Corander. There are possibilities for arranging financing for most MSc thesis projects.


Group Leader:

Jukka Corander, PhD.

Professor at University of Helsinki and at University of Oslo (for my Oslo website, see here). PhD degree from Stockholm University year 2000. PhD thesis about Bayesian learning of graphical models. Scientific areas of particular interest: statistical genetics, bioinformatics, graphical models, stochastic simulation, machine learning, theory of classification.

other Group Members:

PhD students:

Tuomas Salonen, Ville Parkkinen

Post Docs:

Johan Pensar, Santeri Puranen, Maiju Pesonen, Yingying Xu, Ulpu Remes, Umberto Simola

Msc students:

Aleksi Sipola

Former PhD students:

Pekka Marttinen, Jing Tang, Rossana Moroni, Jukka Sirén, Lu Cheng, Paul Blomstedt, Riku Hakulinen, Henrik Nyman, Väinö Jääskinen, Jukka Kohonen, Jie Xiong, Elina Numminen, Mikhail Shubin, Johan Pensar, Minna Vehkala, Alberto Pessia

Former Post docs:

Jarno Vanhatalo, Luca Martino, Lu Wei, Michael Gutmann, Zhirong Yang