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Work-life balance
Challenges in VIS careers
Reviews that are supportive
Rejections & how to deal with them
Endurance & keeping motivated
Uncertainties & career prospects
Coping mechanisms
Role of VIS community
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Panelists' Statements & more

Carla Schubert (psychologist/therapist/yogist)
Sheelagh Carpendale (InfoVis)
Niklas Elmqvist (InfoVis, VAST)
G. Elisabeta Marai (SciVis)
John Stasko (VAST, InfoVis)
Daniel Archambault (InfoVis, VAST)
Helwig Hauser (InfoVis, SciVis)
Share experiences
Learn how to handle challenges 
from peers and seniors
Voice your opinion how community 
can help and what to change
Start a support network
Discuss threats and coping mechanisms with a psychologist and diverse VIS researchers
Collect your anonymous experiences and opinion on how our community can help
Present collected feedback to VIS committees to contribute to its restructuring
Initiate a support network specifically for VIS researchers at all levels
Identify training events for researchers to cope with academic pressures
Identify training events for group leaders to nurture a healthy work environment
Maintain a website with relevant information, as a reference point for our community
Luana Micallef
University of Copenhagen
lm (at) di.ku.dk
Tatiana von Landesberger
Technische Universität Darmstadt
tatiana.von.landesberger (at) gris.tu-darmstadt.de

Special Acknowledgements: (a) Helen Purchase (University of Glasgow) for the punchy webpage headline and her encouragement for our initiative; (b) all panelists, particularly Carla Schubert who is coming to VIS 2018 specifically for this panel and meetup; (c) IEEE VIS 2018 for giving us the opportunity to run these first events on this topic in our community; (d) Pierre Dragicevic (Inria) for his support and comments; (e) all participants and attendees.

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