Light Saber Breakdown

The new Star Wars movie is almost here, so I decided to make this simple light saber effect breakdown.

The major part of this effect is done through a vertex shader with a strength value that goes from zero to one, and multiply the strength of all effects. 

In the vertex function the Z position of the vertex is multiplied by the strength value, this way the size of the light is animated.

There is also a time based vertex distortion to give the illusion of instability that we can see in the movies:

This is done by the following code

This same distortion is applied on the final color, as a way to add distortion to the bloom effect.

This effect is then added to the base color:

The small sparkles are done by a simple particle system, that are controlled by a script in order to scale with the light.

The light saber model used was from Robin Butler under CC license.

  • If you are a +5$ Patreon you can download the source project here.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask

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