How Matt Does JACK Audio in PCLinuxOS MATE

How Matt Does JACK Audio in PCLinuxOS MATE

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Some of these packages may install with others, so forgive any duplication – I wasn’t tracking when I did it last.

1) Install jack, cadence, ladish, lib64flowcanvas, lib64qtcore, lib64qtgui, qjackctl, calf, pulseaudio-module-jack.

2) Open qjackctl, Setup. My setup was as follows, yours will differ:

Interface: hw:MobilePre


###Qjackkit Options

On Startup:

pactl set-default-sink jack_out

Then Quit qjackctl.

3) Add yourself to the audio group as shown in the video.

4) Create this script, make it executable.


sleep 25

pulseaudio &


Add the script path you created to your Startup Application preferences – enable it, close then reboot.

5) Open Cadence, Configure, Driver, make sure the devices reflect the correct input and output as seen in the video.

6) Start JACK from Cadence front page., tab over to Tools at the top, select Claudia. If Pulse and JACK are both running, you’ll see your input,  PulseAudio JACK Source, PulseAudio JACK Sink and Hardware Playback. Use the video to learn how to add extras like Calf, OBS, etc to the left panel. Once added, you can start the apps in the left panel by clicking on them once, then right clicking to Start.

7) Once you have Calf, etc setup – save your Calf, OBS and Claudia configs to save yourself the hassle next time.

PCLinuxOS MATE Review

PCLinuxOS Review

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PCLinuxOS MATE Review.

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