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Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert adds words like "Truthiness" and "Wikiality" to the TV lexicon; plus, Elton John issues his hip-hop producer wish list.

Colbert's 'truthiness' strikes a chord

"Truthiness" and "Wikiality," two words popularized by political satirist Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central's The Colbert Report, were named the top television buzzwords of the year Sunday. The word-trend group Global Language Monitor, in its annual survey of words from TV that had an effect on the language, defined truthiness as meaning "truth unencumbered by the facts." Wikiality, derived from the user-compiled Wikipedia information website, was defined as "reality as determined by majority vote," as when astronomers voted Pluto off their list of planets last week. The survey also cited the words "Katrina," referring to continuing stories about the hurricane's destruction; "Katie," a reference to Katie Couric's move into the nightly news anchor role at CBS News; and "Dr. McDreamy," a nod to a character on the breakout hit Grey's Anatomy.

Elton wants to march to 'hip-hop beats'

Elton John going hip-hop? "I want to bring my songs and melodies to hip-hop beats — a bit like No Diggity by Blackstreet," John said in excerpts from an interview on Rolling Stone's website. "I love those beats, but I have no idea how to get them." John said he wants to work with Dr. Dre, although he hasn't approached him. "I want to work with Pharrell, Timbaland, Snoop, Kanye, Eminem and just see what happens. It may be a disaster, it could be fantastic, but you don't know until you try." John's next album, The Captain and the Kid, is due next month.

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