ToorCon TwentyOne
The Point
1010 Santa Clara Pl
San Diego, CA 92109

Training: Nov 4-7th, 2019
Blue-Day: Nov 8th, 2019
Red-Day: Nov 9th, 2019
Fun-Day: Nov 10th, 2019

We started ToorCon in 1999, back when dial-up and floppy disks were widespread, and Defcon was still in its early years. At the time, hacker conferences were one of the only places you could learn about cutting edge research and learn what other hackers were up to. Now a day, there’s nearly unlimited content and courses on hacking and hundreds of hacker conferences covering nearly every day of the year. After 20 years of running ToorCon, we decided that the industry has drastically evolved and we should too! This year, we’re reinventing the conference to focus on the aspects of the event that you can’t get anywhere else and create a more unique and fun experience for everyone!

UPDATE: You can now book your fun day activities, book them ASAP before they sell out!

Hacker Jeopardy teams SIGN-UP is live and accepting teams! Space is limited, so please sign-up now!


The Venue

We’ve spent too many years in Downtown San Diego cooped up in the convention centers and hotels, so this year we’re moving the event to the beach! Located on a peninsula in the middle of Mission Bay, we’ll be having ToorCon 21 at The Point -- an event space that will let us highlight the unique San Diego experience and we’re encouraging everyone to stay in beach houses nearby.


One Track, Short Talks, Limited AttenDAN


Because endless information and commentary on new techniques and attacks can be found online, we are condensing our lineup to be one track of 25-minute talks, with a Blue Team focused track on Friday and Red Team focused track on Saturday. If there’s additional content, we’ll be distributing whitepapers to the audience for them to study before the talk, and speakers will be available immediately after the talk for hands-on demonstrations and detailed Q&A. We’re also limiting attendance for this first year to 200 people, so we can ensure that everyone gets a high quality experience.



Out of all the events we’ve organized, we believe our biggest value to the community is creating life-long friendships and connections between the brilliant people that come to our events every year. To focus on this aspect of the conference, we’re dedicating Sunday to activities that will be moderated by our Speakers. Here’s a small sample of the activities you’ll be able to choose from:

Sail Boat Races, Jet Skiing, Hot Tub Boat Cruising, Micro Brewery Tours, Escape Rooms



Over the years we’ve tried to keep ToorCon inexpensive so everyone can afford to come, but typically inexpensive conferences do it at the expense of the Speakers — requiring them to pay for their travel to the conference. Speakers spend so many hours researching their topics and figuring out the best way to present it to the world, and so we believe it’s our duty to give back to them as much as possible. To that end, we’ll be hosting all of our Speakers in beach houses near the event and pairing them with the Sunday activities to make the event as enjoyable as possible for them.



We’ll also have our usual Trainings during the week, Capture the Flag, Lockpicking Village, Badge Hacking, Hacker Jeopardy, Evening Parties, and other extracurriculars that you’ve come to expect from ToorCon.

We’ve put a lot of thought into how to reinvent the hacker con, and we truly hope you have an amazing experience with us this year!

Pass Pricing

Red Blue l33t Double l33t Speaker
Total Passes 50 135 10 5 24
Price $163 $353 $1337 $2674 Speak
Red Track (Sat)
Blue Track (Fri) -
All Add-ons - -
4 Nights at a Hacker Beach House - - -

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