This is a sad day for team Kontena. We tried to build something amazing but our plans of creating business around open source software has failed. We couldn't build a sustainable business. Despite all the effort, highs and lows, as of today, Kontena has ceased operations. The team is no more and the official support for Kontena products is no more available.

For the time being, all open source software is still available via GitHub repositories. However, CDN services and image repositories used by most of the Kontena open source build pipelines will be shut down. This means it is no more possible to install Kontena products using the official installers or guides. We (the team) are hoping to find a sponsor for build pipeline (compute), CDN and image repositories to keep the open source products available via installers, but can not guarantee anything at this point.

Kontena Account service is still operational but it is important to migrate any products or services depending on Kontena Account away to some other auth backend as soon as possible. Kontena Account service will be shut down (most likely without a notice) in the near future.

We want to thank all the people who have supported us during the past years. If you have any questions, please contact which will remain active through the end of the business’ shutdown process.


Team Kontena

Photo by Joe Leahy on Unsplash