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2019 Nov 28 Dotclear 2.15.3

Une new minor release which fixes some issues: Avoid weird side-effect of JS minifier Insertion of default type media (non image/audio/video) in XHTML entries Cope with old themes for 'remember me'...

2019 Oct 1 Dotclear 2.15.2

A new release which fixes: saving of files in theme editor when using syntaxic coloration; video insertion with the two editors badge position for dashboard modules counters...

2019 Aug 29 Dotclear 2.15.1

A small update that should fix the problem of modifying pages and posts in a language different from the interface language, when using CKEditor. It should also solve the problem encountered when...

2019 Aug 12 Dotclear 2.15

A very new version of Dotclear, focusing on code robustness, there is no more inline javasript and it's better for security; the backend is a little bit more comfortable with responsives lists and...

2018 Sep 26 Dotclear 2.14.3

A little update which fix a configuration problem, experienced at least on some 1&1 servers, with a memory_limit value (in PHP.ini) set to -1 (unlimited)....

2018 Sep 4 Dotclear 2.14.2

A little update which fixes some problems as: Security (two minor vulnerabilities) Syntax coloration with the theme editor Template filters attributes Note: Some web browser extensions, as ad...

2018 Aug 17 Dotclear 2.14.1

A little update which fixes some problems as: The wizard installation script The default font size in user preferences The compression of js scripts...

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